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The 7 Best Unmissable Things To Do In Sofia

Here are the Best Unmissable Things To Do In Sofia

It’s a peculiar mixture of Communist style buildings and colourful modern design, but come to Sofia with an open mind and you’ll fall in love with it. There’s a cool up-and-coming artsy scene, with stylish cocktail bars and events.

These are the best things to do in Sofia when you’re visiting Bulgaria…

Best Unmissable Things To Do In Sofia

1. Browse Bitaka Flea Market

This is a huge flea market where you’ll find all sorts of mish-mash curiosities. Nothing can compare to the madness of this hectic market each weekend, but it’s a unique experience. Keep an eye out for Communist-era collectibles.

Browse Bitaka Flea Market

2. Visit The Dolls Art House

“The Dolls” is a unique museum in Sofia, Bulgaria with over 3,000 dolls. There are porcelain, antique, ritual, modern, marionette, souvenir, vintage and collector dolls from Bulgaria and the whole world.

Visit The Dolls Art House

3. Hike Vitosha mountain

Perfect for a day trip from the city, Vitosha mountain is a popular ski resort where you can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, climbing, skiing and ski touring, snowshoeing and even paragliding.

Don’t want to move a muscle on your holidays? Simply hop in the ski chair up and enjoy the view from the top.

Hike Vitosha mountain

4. Take a free Food Tour

This free two-hour walking tour takes you around some of the best family-owned restaurants in Sofia to enjoy some traditional Bulgarian cuisine, while hearing about the some of the history and customs that helped make them become staple foods in Bulgaria.

Take a free Food Tour

5. Sample some local Rakia

Rakia is as rooted in Bulgarian history and existence as is bourbon in American. It’s a local grape or fruit brand that has been gaining popularity again as hip cocktail bars in the city have started to use it in their drink creations.

Sample some local Rakia

6. Pose outside the Snail House

This quirky snail-house in Sofia`s district of Simeonovo is one of the top local attractions. It’s made with 100% eco-materials and is five-storeys high, with small ladybugs crawling on the roof. You’ll never see a house like it.

Pose outside the Snail House

7. Explore the specialty coffee and bar scene

Sofia has a hip cocktail and speciality coffee scene, with artisan coffee roasters popping up over the city. The vibrant city also has an amazing nightlife scene, with parties that last until sunrise and creative cocktail bars. You’re sure to have a good night out.

Explore the specialty coffee and bar scene

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