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21 Pizzas In New Zealand You Have To Eat Before You Die

21 Pizzas In New Zealand You Have To Eat Before You Die

New Zealand pizza is among some of the very best on the planet, so to celebrate the tastiest Kiwi crusts in the country, Big 7 has rounded up the best of the best to give you all a serious treat.

Whether you’re a thin base believer or a lifetime fan of a Neapolitan-style chewy dough, there’s a slice to suit everyone across NZ.

You’ll want to bookmark this list, call a friend and start eating your way through them one at a time.

21 Pizzas In New Zealand You Have To Eat Before You Die, How do these rankings work?

1. Non Solo Pizza – Auckland

1. Non Solo Pizza – Auckland

Since opening the doors in 1997, NON SOLO PIZZA has been a Mecca for pizza lovers. Sure, there are plenty of other great dishes on the menu, but to miss out on the pizza would be a travesty.

2. Pizzeria Napoli – Wellington

2. Pizzeria Napoli – Wellington

A delightful Italian restaurant located in the heart of Wellington CBD specialising in wood fired pizza and delicious pasta dishes. Their pizzas are simple, made without fuss and utterly delicious.

3. Bella Cucina – Queenstown

3. Bella Cucina – Queenstown

Bella Cucina is located in a character building in Queenstown’s Brecon Street Dining precinct. The focus of the room is a huge wood fired oven where they churn out perfectly thin and crispy pizzas which will blow your mind.

4. Dante’s – Auckland

4. Dante’s – Auckland

They now have four locations and the quality is equally high in all of them. Sitting outside on the terrace in the summer with friends, one of their terrific pizzas and a cocktail is one of the great pleasures in life.

5. Epolito’s – Auckland

5. Epolito’s – Auckland

They make all of their own dough and sauce, and use a few family secrets when it comes to the meatballs and sausage. All ingredients come locally from New Zealand, so nothing has to be imported. As soon as you taste a slice you’ll be hooked for life.

6. Mizzoni Woodfired Pizza – Hamilton

6. Mizzoni Woodfired Pizza – Hamilton

As they say about their own pizzas, they’re “hot, fresh and fast”. That means only the best ingredients, cooked for less than two minutes in a 400 degree oven and served up like molten lava. Beyond delicious.

7. Pizzeria Da Francesca – Dunedin

7. Pizzeria Da Francesca – Dunedin

They opened their doors in 2012 and since then have been wowing their customers and gaining a huge and passionate following. They use only the best local and freshest imported ingredients. The result? A pizza that is as close to perfection as you could ever wish for.

8. Sal’s Authentic NY Pizza –  Christchurch

8. Sal’s Authentic NY Pizza –  Christchurch

A true institution all over New Zealand, serving up what has to be the best New York style pizza outside of New York itself. It was started by two long time friends over 15 years ago and is still going from strength to strength. The key is in their incredible consistency. You’ll never get a bad slice here.

9. Pekaren – New Plymouth

9. Pekaren – New Plymouth

Pekaren are probably best known for their cakes and sweet treats ,but when you have such good bakers working here, pizza isn’t a stretch. It’s wonderfully inventive with great toppings and specials and if you get a seat outside when the sun shines, eating here is one of life’s great pleasures.

10. Farina – Auckland

10. Farina – Auckland

The place was designed and created for Sergio Maglione – of Toto Restaurant and Toto Pizza by the metre fame – to show off his genuine Italian street food, homemade pasta and Napolitano wood fired pizza in funky modern surroundings. Many say this is the best New Zealand pizza and it would be hard to argue with them.

11. Pizza Pomodoro – Wellington

11. Pizza Pomodoro – Wellington

They are famous for their hand Neapolitan pizza which is hand rolled and baked fresh in their wood-fired oven, certified by Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana. You could easily imagine yourself sitting in Italy while eating here.

12. Salva D’or Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria – Tauranga

12. Salva D’or Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria – Tauranga

An absolute gem of a find, the locals who eat here swear by its truly authentic Italian food. The staff are what make the place super special but the pizza is still the true star of the show.

13. That’s Amore – Auckland

13. That’s Amore – Auckland

Open since 2008, That`s Amore is an Italian Pizzeria where you can have Neapolitan Pizza made with Italian and New Zealand products of the best quality. They keep things simple and don’t fuss around with the toppings – because when something is this perfect, why try to complicate it?

14. Stefano’s Pizzeria  – Nelson

14. Stefano’s Pizzeria  – Nelson

As they say themselves, this is “real Italian Pizza made by real Italians”. With 17 options on the menu and wonderfully fresh toppings there is something to suit everybody. An absolute joy of a room with a constantly buzzing atmosphere.

15. Avenue Pizza – Tauranga

15. Avenue Pizza – Tauranga 

Wonderfully authentic and simple pizzas that focus on the pure freshness and quality of the ingredients they use. Perfectly crispy yet fluffy crusts make these an absolute joy to eat, and their side dishes are well worth ordering too.

16. Al Volo Pizza – Auckland

16. Al Volo Pizza – Auckland

Onwer Luca grew up in Fondi, Italy where he loved watching his Nona cook; from there the Italian culture around food was heavily ingrained in him. The result is a wonderful New Zealand pizza with Italian influences that is fresh, crispy and delicious.

17. Ms White – New Plymouth

17. Ms White – New Plymouth

Authentic Italian pizza served in a brilliant beer garden where you also have over 40 craft beers to choose from. This is one of those places that just ticks every single box when it comes to a chilled place out to hang out with your mates. Sheer perfection.

18. Fat Badgers- Queenstown

18. Fat Badgers- Queenstown

Fat Badgers is the place to come on the list if you have a serious appetite because their pizzas are absolutely massive. It started as a small idea about big pizzas which popped into the heads of two brothers in Queenstown, five years ago and has been going strong ever since.

19. Zucchini Bros – Dunedin

19. Zucchini Bros – Dunedin

Using fresh and healthy seasonal ingredients, quality local wines and craft beers and friendly service, both locals and visitors rave about this place. The pizzas have a thick chewy base and crust which match perfectly with the delicious oozing toppings.

20. BASE Woodfired Pizza – Christchurch

20. BASE Woodfired Pizza – Christchurch

BASE has some super exciting topping combinations and even a vegan pizza which will appeal to many. Their food truck is the ultimate treat for private parties and weddings for pizza lovers to experience something truly special.

21. Stumpy’s Pizza – Auckland

21. Stumpy’s Pizza – Auckland

The pizzas that come out of their beautiful hand crafted oven and feature the flavours of the Mediterranean will help make your meal here an unforgettable experience. They also have a food truck which can be hired for events and pops up at festivals all over the country.

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