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Siem Reap Street Food: 7 Delicious Dishes To Try

Siem Reap Street Food: 7 Delicious Dishes To Try

Siem Reap street food is one of the best things about this city. There’s so many delicious street vendors dotted around the city with local snacks for cheap.

Cambodia is known for its fantastic street food offerings, and Siem Reap has some of the very best in the country. From crispy insects to flavoursome skewers, you’re sure to find something tempting on every corner of Pho Langka Market.

But which are the fool-proof dishes to try? We’ve got you covered with the best Siem Reap street food spots to hit up. We recommend you book a street food tour to try all the best bits, but these are our top picks. Get ready to drool…

Siem Reap Street Food: 7 Delicious Dishes To Try, How do these rankings work?

1. Lort cha – Cambodian Fried Noodles

1. Lort cha – Cambodian Fried Noodles

This tasty noodle dish is one of the most popular Siem Reap street food dishes. It’s a stir-fry noodle dish of fat rice noodles, with broccoli, beansprouts and beef, and is then topped with a fried egg.

2. Num Pang – Khmer Baguette

2. Num Pang – Khmer Baguette

Think of this as the Cambodian-style Banh Mi. As a former French colony, you’ll see the French influence of the baguette in this snack. A soft, fresh baguette is overflowing with meats such as pate, ham or pork and cucumber, carrots, chives and onions.

3. Num Kachay – Chive Cakes

3. Num Kachay – Chive Cakes

These crispy and flavoursome savoury cakes are a must-eat in Cambodia! It’s a simple snack of fried glutinous rice cakes with chives, which you then dip into fish sauce. It’s cheap and perfect to munch on the go.

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4. Deep Fried Shrimp Cakes

4. Deep Fried Shrimp Cakes

One of the famous street foods in Siem Reap is deep fried bread with shrimp. You’ll see vendors cooking these delicious bites at every corner of the market. The fresh French-style bread soaks up all the flavour of the shrimp as it fries, leaving you with a tasty and crunchy bite.

5. Grilled Crickets, Worms, Scorpions & Spiders

5. Grilled Crickets, Worms, Scorpions & Spiders

Okay, this is for the adventurous eaters only! While scorpions and spiders are usually eaten only by tourists, crickets and worms are popular snacks for locals. The worms have a nice crunch and slightly nutty flavour, while the crickets are super crispy. It basically just tastes like BBQ!

6. Banh Sung – Noodle Salad

6. Banh Sung – Noodle Salad

This is a refreshing noodle salad of fresh rice noodles with spring rolls, greens, sweet ‘n’ sour cucumber pickles, peanuts, pork, shrimp, and a dash of lime juice and fish sauce. It’s the perfect thing to eat for lunch on a hot day.

7. Bamboo Sticky Rice

7. Bamboo Sticky Rice

Everywhere you look in Siem Reap you’ll see ladies on bicycles selling bamboo sticky rice. It’s a sweet rice dish made with black beans, coconut milk, sugar and then packed into bamboo sticks.

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