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Here Are The Best Pizzas In The World

The 50 Best Pizzas In The World

While Italy is the home of pizza, countries across the globe have followed suit. And in some cases, they’ve mastered the art of pizza making – even the most critical of pizza connoisseurs will be satisfied. We’ve searched high and low and listened to our readers to create this year’s ultimate guide to the world’s best pizzas. From Naples to Japan, here are the top 50 best pizzas in the world for 2023.

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50. Pizza Massilia – Bangkok, Thailand

To kick start our top 50, we're heading to a destination you most likely wouldn't have expected to host some of the world's best pizzas. Those seeking an exciting fusion of Italian traditions with Thai flavours, need to look no further. Whether you're craving a classic Margherita or a unique Thai-inspired creation, Pizza Massilia delivers an exciting twist on traditional pizza. It’s a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts in Bangkok.

Pizza Massilia – Bangkok, Thailand

49. Napoli on the Road – London, England

London is a melting pot of diversity with cultures from across the globe calling this thriving city home. So, it’s no wonder that one of the world's best pizzerias in the English capital. Customers are offered an authentic taste of Naples, Italy through this food truck turned pizzeria. They specialise in Neapolitan-style pies, popular for their soft, chewy crust and high-quality ingredients.

Napoli on the Road – London, England

48. Pizza Belga – Hanoi, Vietnam

Could this be Vietnam’s best pizza? This popular pizzeria in Hanoi is not just a haven for homesick Westerners, it’s an authentic taste of Naples. The wood-fired oven cooks the Neapolitan pizzas in seconds, topped with the freshest, natural ingredients. The Pizza Emilio is a must-try – goat cheese, pancetta, mushrooms, and garlic make flavours to remember. And you can wash it down with a selection of Belgian beers.

Pizza Belga – Hanoi, Vietnam

47. Motorino – Hong Kong

Motorino honours the time-old traditions of Napoli in two stylish Hong Kong settings. Pizzas here are thin and crispy, baked in a custom-made Stefano Ferrar oven at burning hot heat for less than 90 seconds. Gourmet toppings range from the traditional mozzarella di buffalo to Hong Kong-inspired pork belly.

Motorino – Hong Kong

46. Ops – Brooklyn, New York

Named after the Roman goddess of the harvest, Ops is the perfect neighbourhood restaurant. Pizzas are puffy and chewy, loaded with locally sourced ingredients and classic Italian toppings. Come with an appetite – the pizzas are huge.

Ops – Brooklyn, New York

45. nNea – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Crafted with precision and high-quality ingredients, nNea is renowned in Amsterdam for its exceptional Neapolitan-style pizzas. The light, airy crust is a result of Italian imported flour and a natural fermentation process. The base is coated with juicy San Marzano tomatoes and mozzarella, then decorated with unique toppings such as homemade sausage or seasonal ingredients. Their creativity and commitment to the art make their pizzas a delight to bite into.

nNea – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

44. Al Taglio – Sydney, Australia

Set in sunny Surrey Hills, Al Taglio serves up gourmet pizzas with an emphasis on fresh, sustainable produce. Head chef and flour technician Enrico Sgrarbossa has won first place at the Rimini Giro Pizza European Championships. He serves his creations in ready-cut wedges to emphasise the crispy crust and flavour-packed toppings. Vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free customers are well-catered for too. The Autunno, made with a pumpkin puree base, mixed mushrooms, Tuscan cabbage, and heaps of provolone cheese is a big hit with carnivores and veggies alike.

Al Taglio – Sydney, Australia

43. Massimo’s – Cape Town, South Africa

At Massimo’s, the pizzas are Roman-style with ultra-thin and crusty crusts, topped with seasonal ingredients and served with a smile. Many of the dishes are inspired by Massimo’s hometown in Piemonte, such as the Alba, made with garlic butter, soft cheese, mushrooms, and truffle cream. There are at least ten vegetarian and vegan pizzas, as well as all the classics. If you’re travelling with little ones, there’s a separate kid’s menu and a jungle gym outside, so you can tuck into your pizza in peace.

Massimo’s – Cape Town, South Africa

42. Fiata – Hong Kong

Salvatore Fiata, the brains behind this popular neighbourhood restaurant, says the secret to a perfect pizza is “75% moisture, 510 degrees Celsius and 100% passion”. He’s nailed it. Pizzas here use the freshest D.O.P label ingredients imported from Italy: his tomatoes come from Vesuvius and he brings his anchovies over from the tiny fishing village of Cetara. Opt for Salvatore’s daily recommendation, the “Pizza Sasa”, and a delicious cocktail.

Fiata – Hong Kong

41. Pepe in Grani – Caiazzo, Italy

Famed pizzaiolo Franco, Pepe’s place is always busy and never lets you down. It’s considered by many to be one of the best pizzerias in the country. The team here source toppings locally and pairs them creatively, using unusual ingredients such as chickpeas, endive, figs, and lardo.

Pepe in Grani – Caiazzo, Italy

40. A Pizza Da Mocca – Sao Paolo, Brazil

You’re never far from a pizza pick-me-up in Sao Paolo – the city loves pizzerias. Out of all of them, A Pizza Da Mocca is arguably the best. The team here sources all their products from local artisans, except for the flour – which comes from Italy. The Amatriciana, made with grana Padano, pancetta, red onion and basil, is a plate of hot bubbling paradise.

A Pizza Da Mocca – Sao Paolo, Brazil

39. Pizza Delicious – New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

True to its name, the pizzas here are some of the most delicious in the country. The talented team here make a classically perfect pizza with pillowy dough, tangy sauce, and crunchy crusts, then adds a unique spin. Think sriracha pineapple and sweet peppadews. Pizzas are made from scratch using the freshest ingredients, and the menu changes seasonally too.

Pizza Delicious – New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

38. Ferdinando’s – Cape Town, South Africa

The pizzas at Cape Town’s much-loved pizzeria are wood-fired, made with Italian flour and topped with the freshest ingredients. If you’re veggie or vegan you’ll be well served here too. There are over 20 different vegetarian and vegan pizzas on the menu, including the beloved ‘Vegana’. It’s made with a thick tomato base and topped with sesame seeds, peppers, baby marrow, cherry tomatoes, avocado, aubergine, and caramelised onion jam. Sounds like an enjoyable way to pack in our five a day!

Ferdinando’s – Cape Town, South Africa

37. Pijja Palace – Los Angeles, California, United States

Pizza purists might turn their noses up at Pijja Palace’s pizzas, but more fool them. This popular sports bar serves American fare through an Indian lens. Their pizzas are served with brown, bubbling cheese and topped with curry-based tomato sauces, homemade Goan sausages, tandoori-roasted onions, and spicy green chilli chutneys. You can choose from 12″ or 16″ bases, then choose your favourite combinations of toppings.

Pijja Palace – Los Angeles, California, United States

36. Forno d’Oro – Lisbon, Portugal

This Portuguese pizzeria is named for its impressive gold-lined pizza oven, built bespoke for the site. The Neapolitan pizzas here are huge, fluffy, and fabulous, made with PDO-protected ingredients flown in from the motherland. You’ll find all the classics on the menu, expertly made of course, alongside seasonal specials. Wash it all down with one of the restaurant’s 35 beers, including some of the hardest-to-find craft beers outside of Italy.

Forno d’Oro – Lisbon, Portugal

35. 400 Gradi – Brunswick, Australia

Owner Johnny was the first ever Australia to snag the coveted title of World Pizza Champion at Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza back in 2014, so he knows what he’s doing. It just takes one bite of their Portofino pizza – made with San Marzano tomato, Fior di latte, cherry tomatoes, marinated garlic, chilli and oregano prawns – to fall in love. Did we mention you can get bottomless pizza, wine cocktails and soft drinks too?

400 Gradi – Brunswick, Australia

34. Sotto Pinsa Romana – Valletta, Malta

The pizzas at Sotto Pinsa Romana are simple, but far from slap-dash. You can almost taste the love and passion. Roman-style pizzas are thin, long and crispy, topped with fresh ingredients like creamy buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, and locally cured meats. Even Trip Advisor agrees: Sotto Pinsa Roman is the top restaurant in the city and has a mighty five score scoring from over 2,114 customers too.

Sotto Pinsa Romana – Valletta, Malta

33. Peppina – Bangkok, Thailand

On the busy streets of Bangkok, the talented Peppina team serves traditional pizzas according to the strict rules of the Associazione Verace Pixxa Napoletana. The result? Pillow and soft fought, with a crispness at the edges of a blistered crust. There’s not a dud on the menu, but for something a little different, try the Montanara. It’s made with fried dough and topped with burrata for an ooey-gooey bite.

Peppina – Bangkok, Thailand

32. Buddy’s Pizza – Detroit, Michigan, United States

If you prefer your pizzas square with a crisp and chewy crust, get yourself to Buddy’s Pizza – they invented the Detroit-style pizza in 1946. There are now 16 locations to choose from across Detroit, so you’re never far out of reach from an ooey-gooey slice of heaven. Order the Detroiter, made with tomato-basil sauce and topped with parmesan, spices and pepperoni.

Buddy’s Pizza – Detroit, Michigan, United States

31. Dante’s Pizzeria Napoletana – Auckland, New Zealand

Dante’s Pizzeria Napoletana was founded by Kevin Morris back in 2003. Kevin named his pizzeria after his Italian grandfather Dante, who taught him the magic of Italian flavours as he was growing up in the streets of London.

All Dante’s pizzas have a super light, fluffy crust with crispy, charred bubbles. Dante’s sourdough is made exclusively with Nuvola Super Caputo flour that’s imported directly from Italy. Dante’s long-fermented and highly hydrated sourdough is baked in handmade ovens imported from Naples. The result is a pizza like no other: Light and easy on the digestive system. Dante’s Pizzeria Napoletana has 3 locations in Auckland.

Dante’s Pizzeria Napoletana – Auckland, New Zealand

30. Del Popolo – San Francisco, California, United States

Del Popolo started life as a mobile pizzeria in May 2012 but became so popular it quickly found a permanent home at Lower Nob Hill. The team here churn out Neapolitan-inspired pizzas with beautiful bubbles of charred spots and inspired flavour combinations. The Red Kabocaha, topped with caciocavallo, grana Padano, Calabrian chilli, honey, and smoked stracciatella is heaven in a mouthful.

Del Popolo – San Francisco, California, United States

29. Via Napoli – Sydney, Australia

Luigi is a third-generation pizzaiolo, who brought his traditional pizza-making experience from Naples to sunny Sydney. It was a great move – for everyone. Pizzas at Via Napoli are baked in a wood-fired, domed oven at 485°C for no more than 60 to 90 seconds. Perfection.

Via Napoli – Sydney, Australia

28. Lilla Napoli – Falkenberg, Sweden

Lilla Napoli’s charming terrace might play a big role in luring bewildered tourists here, but it’s the pizza that keeps the real foodies coming back. Falkenberg doesn’t quite have Stockholm’s culinary reputation but it does have the country’s best pizza. Fusing Neapolitan traditions with Nordic style, the pizzas are so popular they practically fly out of the oven. They’re certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza too. If you’re feeling adventurous, try one of the seasonal specials written on the chalkboard.

Lilla Napoli – Falkenberg, Sweden

27. Nonna Pizzeria – Warsaw, Poland

This relaxed, rustic pizzeria is a firm favourite with pizza purists. Even the Trip Advisor brigade can’t stop raving about it, with a near-perfect score from close to 2,000 happy customers. There are a dozen dreamy pizzas to choose from, all cooked right in front of you in a traditional wood-fired oven. Toppings range from the classic Margherita to more creative pairings, like pistachio pesto with burrata.

Nonna Pizzeria – Warsaw, Poland

26. Vinoteket – Oslo, Norway

Vinokeket isn’t your usual red-checked tablecloths and wood-fired ovens sort of pizza establishment. In fact, it’s a wine bar. But while wine might be the speciality here, they’ve mastered the art of contemporary pizza too. Unlike classical Neapolitan pizza, Vinoteket’s version is soft, airy, and cut into wedges. Ingredients are fresh and high-quality, if surprising. Think fish roe, Norwegian scallops, and Norwegian fermented trout, accompanied by several glasses of wine, of course.

Vinoteket – Oslo, Norway

25. Malafemmena – Berlin, Germany

There are no ifs and or buts about it; Malafemmena serves some of the best pizzas in the world. The chefs here know just how to balance fresh, creamy buffalo mozzarella with a lightly salted, pillowy crust. Every slice boasts the perfect proportion of toppings too, so you’ll get the perfect bite every time.

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Malafemmena – Berlin, Germany

24. 50 Kalò di Ciro Salvo – London, England

Hailed as the Master of Dough, Ciro Salvo is a third-generation pizza maker who’s truly revolutionised modern Italian food and pizza in Europe. The original location in Naples is one of only six pizzerias included in Italy’s Michelin Guide. But if you can’t make it to Napoli, you can also find 50 Kalò di Ciro Salvo’s pizzas over 1,000 miles away, in London. From the dough to the sauce, it’s pizza perfection.

50 Kalò di Ciro Salvo – London, England

23. 60 Secondi Pizza – Munich, Germany

This laid-back pizzeria regularly places in the Top 50 Pizzas in the World, for good reason. It’s earned its accolades for its authentic Neapolitan-style base, welcoming atmosphere and sparkling service. You’ll find all the usual suspects on the menu – the Margherita, the Regina, the Marinara – but the chefs excel in their modern takes on the traditional. Try the Pizza Pazza, made with burrata, honey, and walnuts, and wash it down with a German beer.

60 Secondi Pizza – Munich, Germany

22. Bæst – Copenhagen, Denmark

Browse any international list of the best pizzas in Europe and you’ll find Bæst at the near top of every list. Why? The team sources every ingredient straight from the farm, including organic meats and homemade mozzarella. Then they slide the freshly prepared pizzas into a wood-fired oven and onto your plate a few minutes later. It’s a casual dining spot, but every pizza is made with real care and passion.

Bæst – Copenhagen, Denmark

21. Restaurant 450°C – Turku, Finland

Run by Angelo Tursi and his sister Filomena, 450°C boasts some of the best Neapolitan pizza outside of Naples. Combining years of experience with uncompromising quality, the pizza here is as pillowy as any you’ll find in Italy, served with a thick crust. The Pizza Napoli, topped with tomato, anchovies and capers, is faultless. Prices are cheap and cheerful thanks to its stellar location in the beating heart of the city at Turku’s indoor market.

Restaurant 450°C – Turku, Finland

20. Fratelli Figurato – Madrid, Spain

Tuck into pillowy perfection at Madrid’s best pizza spot. Finding the mix between Neapolitan and avant-garde, this is one of the only places where lucky patrons can try different types of dough. They have long-fermented, whole grain, seeds, and five-grain. Whatever you choose, the result will be a light dough, a well-structured crust, and beautifully melted mozzarella. The toppings are great, too – from mortadella and pistachio to squash and pancetta.

Fratelli Figurato – Madrid, Spain

19. Pizza Studio Tamaki – Tokyo, Japan

The talented team at Pizza Studio Tamaki put a Japanese spin on Neapolitan classics by firing them up in a Japanese cedar wood oven to give a perfectly charred crust. The toppings are top-notch too, from freshly smoked mozzarella to sweet tomato sauce.

Pizza Studio Tamaki – Tokyo, Japan

18. What the Crust – Cairo, Egypt

What the Crust is no ordinary pizza joint. This family-run pizzeria is Africa’s first and only Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) certified pizza and also home to the first female head of Pizzaiola in the Arab world. Run by Dareen and her husband Helmy, pizzas are baked in a wood-fired oven and topped with ingredients carefully selected for quality, authenticity, and source. Dareen has also taken inspiration from her childhood to offer fillings and toppings like zaatar, labneh, and kashkaval (melted cheese).

What the Crust – Cairo, Egypt

17. Imilla Alzada – La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz is one of South America’s most exciting foodie destinations, and Imilla Alzada is a case in point. The team here serve Neapolitan-style pizzas with a modern twist – think sliced cucumbers, homemade pesto, and silky cheese. For the perfect pizza outing, wash it down with a local craft beer.

Imilla Alzada – La Paz, Bolivia

16. Rudy's Pizza - Manchester, England

Manchester knows how to do pizza, with Rudy’s being a case in point. The Northern English city is a pioneer of excellent pizza, with ever-popular Rudy’s restaurants popping up across UK cities. There are five restaurants in Manchester alone, but the flagship store is in Ancoats. Despite Rudy’s increasing popularity, the quality has never faltered. You can always expect high-quality authentic Neapolitan pizzas, made from 24-hour fermented dough, San Marzano tomatoes, and toppings flown in from Napoli. And it’s best washed down with their signature Negroni.

Rudy's Pizza - Manchester, England

15. The Dough Bros – Galway, Ireland

The Dough Bros started life as a humble food truck, but it’s since become a regular fixture on the world’s most prestigious pizza rankings. The Neapolitan-style pizzas feature both Italian and locally sourced Irish ingredients, including cold cuts and cheeses. It’s not just the critics who love their pizzas either, the restaurant has overwhelmingly positive reviews online, with many proclaiming it the best pizza they’ve ever had anywhere – Italy included.

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The Dough Bros – Galway, Ireland

14. Pizzeria Bedia – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

For years pizza obsessives would need to join the throngs for one of Bedia’s prized pizzas, served from a slice shop with no seating. Thankfully, in 2019 the team opened up a sparkling new premise a few blocks away with plenty of seats, though you’ll still need to use your elbows to get a table – it’s that popular. It’s a fuss-free menu, with just five pizzas to choose from, though you can add toppings like cremini mushrooms and pickled chillies. Standard pizza sizes are 16″ - you could technically share one, but with pizza this good, why would you?

Pizzeria Bedia – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

13. Pequod’s – Chicago, Illinois, United States

Caramelised crust. Need we say more? These buttery deep-dish pizzas are loaded with the perfect balance of gooey cheese and sweet tomato sauce, topped with spicy salamis, and finished with their signature caramelised crust. You don’t need to take our word for it, these pizzas are legendary.

Pequod’s – Chicago, Illinois, United States

12. Peppe Pizzeria – Paris, France

There are countless high-quality pizza restaurants dotted around France’s capital, but Peppe Pizzeria is something special. Pizza maestro Peppe Cutraro trained in the Spanish Quarters in Naples and then set up his award-winning restaurant in January 2020, just as the pandemic took hold. In an authentic tradition, there are only a dozen or so pizzas on the menu, all with a pronounced crust and light, chewy bite. There are inspiring flavours on the menu too, such as truffles from Molise, guanciale, and local Parisian mushrooms.

Peppe Pizzeria – Paris, France

11. Ken’s Artisan Pizza – Portland, Oregon, United States

Ken played a formative role in reshaping Portland’s pizza scene when it opened in 2006. Thanks to him, you no longer need to travel across the pond for hand-stretched mozzarella, long fermented dough, and sweet Italian tomatoes. All of Ken’s wood-fired 12-inch pizzas are topped with seasonal ingredients, like braised oxtail and fennel, and served with a beautifully blistered crust. Ken retired earlier this year, but the business is still run by a small group of longtime employees and the pizzas are just as delicious as ever.

Ken’s Artisan Pizza – Portland, Oregon, United States

10. 180g Pizzeria Romana – Rome, Italy

Kickstarting the top 10 pizzas in the world with a Roman classic. It'll be obvious why 180g Pizzeria Romana has made it to the top 10 after you sink your teeth into their meticulously crafted pies. They use Roman techniques and the finest locally sourced ingredients, creating the epitome of a masterpiece. The term 'less is more' is abided by here with the simplicity of their pizzas and classic options. They embody the essence of Roman pizza taking you on a journey through history with each bite.

180g Pizzeria Romana – Rome, Italy

9. Bottega – Beijing, China

This upscale pizzeria redefines the pizza experience in a Chinese culinary landscape. Led by Italian Chef Guiliano Dacasto, the pies are masterfully curated blending Italian traditions with local Chinese influences. The menu incorporates premium imported Italian ingredients alongside locally sourced produce. For an experience combining both Italian and Chinese culture, look no further than Bottega.

Bottega – Beijing, China

8. 50 Kalò – Naples, Italy

Those seeking exceptional Neapolitan pizza have come to the right place with 50 Kalò. Founded by master pizzaiolo Ciro Salvo, this pizzeria offers an exquisite taste of Naples' pizza tradition. With pizza dough crafted with top-tier ingredients and a menu serving classic pies, it's no wonder 50 Kalò is considered one of the city's finest.

50 Kalò – Naples, Italy

7. Seu Pizza Illuminati – Rome, Italy

Opened in 2018, this much-hyped pizzeria is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Named after its founder, Pier Daniel Seu, the restaurant is sleek, modern, and very marble. But there’s more to the restaurant than superstar good looks – the pizza here will blow your mind. There are enough classics to keep conservative pizza eaters happy, but those with a more open mind should opt for one of the more inspiring combinations. Their pizzas feature refined ingredients like lime zest and tuna tartare.

Seu Pizza Illuminati – Rome, Italy

6. I Tigli – San Bonifacio, Italy

This Michelin-starred restaurant led by Chef Franco Cimini, offers a gourmet twist on the classic Italian pizza. The thin and crispy crusts act as a canvas waiting to be painted with the most delicious toppings such as truffle cream, artisan cheeses, and locally cured meats. The ingredients are sourced from local farms making them top of the range and bringing a fresh kick to your taste buds. The beautiful blend of flavours, textures, and culinary excellence makes I Tigli a must-visit in Italy.

I Tigli – San Bonifacio, Italy

5. The Pizza Bar on 38th – Tokyo, Japan

Japan, really? While sushi may be the most beloved food in Japan, there is a mouth-watering pizza bar that seductively beckons pizza lovers from across the globe. Its fusion of Italian craftsmanship and Japanese precision is what has landed it in the top 10. Their inventive creations have created a diverse menu catering to all palates. Traditional favourites are available such as Margherita, but those who dare a new adventure can try the Japanese ingredients, such as yuzu and wagyu beef.

The Pizza Bar on 38th – Tokyo, Japan

4. Sartoria Panatieri – Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona isn’t short on award-winning pizzas, but when it comes to an organic, ethical, and sustainable approach, Sarotia Panettieri is a cut above the rest. Run by two of the country’s leading chefs, the pizza here is inspired by Naples but rooted in the region. They prize organic, locally-grown ingredients from small farms, from their organic flour to the cured pork belly. It’s a real farm-to-table experience.

Sartoria Panatieri – Barcelona, Spain

3. Una Pizza Napoletana – New York, USA

In third place, we're heading to America, where this renowned pizzeria is bringing the authentic flavours of Napoli to New York City. The celebrated pizzeria offers a simple menu with the classic Margherita and Marinara. However, each pie is a work of absolute art. The crust is to die for with its chewy texture and slightly charred edges from being expertly oven-cooked in extreme heat. The toppings are minimal but meticulously sourced, ensuring an unforgettable pizza experience.

Una Pizza Napoletana – New York, USA

2. Masanielli by Francesco Martucci – Caserta, Italy

This pizzeria is no stranger to our top 50 best pizzas. They serve up phenomenally crafted pizzas by Francesco Martucci in Caserta, Italy. This gastronomic delight features perfectly thin, wood-fired crusts, topped with high-quality ingredients. The traditional Italian techniques used to create their masterpiece all pay off when you take that first bite.

Masanielli by Francesco Martucci – Caserta, Italy

1. 10 by Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria – Naples, Italy

Still holding the number one position for the last couple of years, it's no surprise that the best pizza on the planet hails from Naples. After all, it is the birthplace of the world’s favourite dish. Naples is crammed full of award-winning pizzerias, but 10 by Diego Vitagliano offers something really special. As well as a superb Margherita and Marinara, Vitagliano injects real culinary creativity into his more contemporary iterations, with pizzas like the Pistadella, made with Fiore di latte di agerola, mortadella, and Sicilian pistachio pesto. The team here only use high-quality seasonal ingredients and there isn’t a single pizza on the menu that will set you back more than €10.

10 by Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria – Naples, Italy

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