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50 Sexiest Accents In The UK

The Top 50 Sexiest Accents In The UK – Ranked

For something called Standard English, it’s actually not so standard. Whether the voices of the Gallagher brothers do it for you or you’re more of a Sean Connery fan, it’s true to say that some UK accents are saucier than others.

There’s very few other English-speaking countries with as many varieties of accents and language in such a small space, making the British Isles uniquely diverse when it comes to dialects.

In fact, there’s a huge 56 recognised accents across the UK and Ireland.

We looked to our audience to find out the sexiest – and least sexy – accents in the UK.

Consider yourself very lucky if your accent is among the Top 10…

Here are the top 50 sexiest accents in the UK

50th. Brummie

No accent is treated as unfairly as that of England’s second city. Deserved? If it’s good enough for Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders…

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49th. Gloucestershire

A variant of the West Country dialect, this didn’t rate too highly with Big 7 Travel readers.

48th. Hull City

It’s fair to say that the Hull accent is unique. Think ‘owld’ and ‘cowld’ instead of old and cold.

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47th. West Country

Brace yerselves – the most gert lush (amazing) accent? Apparently not.

46th. Wolverhampton

Part of the Black Country, it’s often indistinguishable from the Brummie accent but it is different. Quick speech and blended words.

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45th. Bristolian

The Bristol accent is what’s called a ‘rhotic’ accent: you say every ‘R‘ you see. It’s almost Germanic at times, with a long ‘a’.

44th. Cornish

With Poldark popular on TV, the Cornwall accent is gaining traction. Cornish English is similar to other accents in the South West of England, but has its own distinguishable tone.

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43rd. Cheshire

The Cheshire accent is a little softer than the typical Northerner accent, with often tones of Scouse popped in.

42nd. Salford

Pro tip: don’t confuse this with a Mancunian accent. Those from the Salford-way speak slightly more flat and dull.

41st. Sheffield

Yes – there are several different types of Yorkshire accent. In the Sheffield dialect many words are dropped or shortened.

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40th. Leicester

Unique with its clipped vowels and ’ey up me ducks’, this accent has some brilliantly peculiar phrases.

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39th. Hampshire

The traditional Hampshire accent is rarely heard in the county’s towns and cities nowadays, and is quite a rural accent.

38th. Durham

Often described as being “half-Geordie, half-Teesside”, Pitmatic is the dialect of the former mining areas in County Durham.

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37th. Devon

Devon speakers talk slower than in other areas of Britain, and you’ll probably only distinguish it from other West Country accents if you’re a local.

36th. Coventry

Not quite Brummie, but not quite Southern – if you’re not from Coventry you’ll never be able to imitate it quite right.

35th. Cumbrian

Listen out around the Lake District for dropped vowels and commonly used words such as ‘larl‘ (little) and ‘yam‘ (home).

34th. Nottingham

Ay up miduck! The Nottingham accent is fast-paced with slang words that have European influences.

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33rd. Manx

The intonation of Manx is very difficult to reproduce for those who don’t live on the Isle of Man. So don’t even try it.

32nd. Bolton

With a strong Lancashire identity, the Boltonian accent is much broader. Think of it like this: “book” becomes “booook.”

31st. Preston

Similar to the Blackpool accent, it’s pretty much Lancashire but not as broad. Subtle, but officially less sexy.

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30th. Crawley

Near Gatwick in West Sussex, the Crawley accent is often confused with Croydon, but make no mistake, they’re different.

29th. Norwich

A smooth accent, truly local speakers in the City of Norwich drop the ‘h’ and will say ’ammer and ’ouse.

28th. Sunderland

Definitely not to be confused with the Geordie accent, the Mackem accent is smooth and vastly different to places just miles away.

27th. Bradford

Often considered to be just the same as the general Yorkshire accent, our readers certainly don’t think so. Bradford – or as locals would call it, Bratford – didn’t impress much.

26th. Middlesbrough

The Teesside twang is softer than Geordie, but the rich ‘Boro accent is gradually getting more standardised and Southern.

25th. Northumberland

This rich, lively accent has long vowels and is strongest in the town of Ashington.

24th. Stoke-on-Trent

A strange mixture of Brummy, Manc and Scouse.

23rd. Hebridean

The beautiful, lilting accent of the Outer Hebrides sounds more Irish than it does Scottish, yet is distinctively different than both.

22nd. Surrey

Although not many still speak with the traditional vocabulary of Surrey, the accent remains – not super posh, but not not posh, either.

21st. East Anglian

The East Anglian accent is very distinctive and often poorly imitated by actors who put on a bizarre West Country accent instead. Can’t quite picture what it sounds like? ‘Naked’ becomes ‘naykuhd’.

20th. Kentish

Head just south of London and the accent changes – not that many people would be able to tell it apart from standard Estuary English. Listen for the long ‘a’.

19th. Highlands

The melodic lilt of the Highlands accent is best heard from Caithness down to the Black Isle. “The, that, this and they” are pronounced “e, at, is and ey”.

18th. Multicultural London English (MLE)

Considering the hundreds of cultures and ethnic groups in this hugely diverse city, it makes sense that a new accent has emerged: MLE is widely spoken among young people and is moving fast beyond the city. Listen to Stormzy to hear why it’s so sexy.

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17th. Leeds

More distinctive than the general Yorkshire accent, you’ll hear people dropping the ‘h’ and overindulging the ‘u’ in Leeds.

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16th. Somerset

Officially the sexiest of all the West Country accents, the Somerset dialect could be a foreign tongue.

15th. Lancashire

Love the Lanky accent? Similar to Yorkshire, yet so, so different. Yorkshire say say ‘o’reet’, Lancashire say ‘o’reyt’. Okay, sort of different.

14th. Cardiff

The classic “Kairdiff” voice actually has slight echoes of Liverpool and Manchester in its tone. Sexy? Apparently so-so.

13th. Edinburgh

From the posh restrained accent of Morningside residents to the slang in Leith, you can hear a range of accents in Edinburgh alone, but all are considered attractive.

12th. Estuary English

Ever heard Russell Brand talk? That’s Estuary English, mainly spoken around the banks of the River Thames and its estuary. Drop the ‘t’ in words and you’re halfway there.

11th. Norfolk

The Norfolk accent has a distinctive rhythm and vocab that will take some getting used to. Keep yew a troshin’!

10th. Cockney

Traditionally spoken by working-class Londoners, Cockney is one of the best known UK accents that’s spread throughout South-East London. Thanks for making it sexy, Danny Dyer.

9th. Yorkshire

Yorkie is one of England’s most-loved accents, where words are shortened and ‘the’ and ‘to’ is lost altogether. Case in point? “I’m chuffed t’bits!”

8th. South Welsh Valleys

Soft and lyrical, it’s a charming accent. Every word is a sing-song.

Overview – is z or Salzburg better

7th. Geordie

The Newcastle accent in England is notoriously difficult to understand. But hey, when it sounds this good, who cares what they’re saying.

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6th. Scouse

The Scouse accent is highly distinctive, with locals piling on the slang.

5th. Mancunian

Visiting Manchester? According to our poll, the sexy accent might be reason alone to stop by.

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4th. Queen’s English

Always up there when you think of the world’s sexiest accent. Clear, clipped and completely posh.

3rd. Glaswegian

Those rich sounds and harsh vowels are a big hit. You can thank Franz Ferdinand.

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2nd. Northern Irish

The Jamie Dornan-esque Northern Irish accent has our readers in love – or lust with NI. Probably just lust.

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1st. Essex

Popularised by the stars of The Only Way Is Essex, vowels get shortened – it’s similar to East Anglian English, including both the Suffolk and Norfolk dialects, but with its own super Essex vibe.

Super sexy? The people have spoken.

Now that is all sorted check out something that is just as important in the

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