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Cheapest and Most Expensive Fuel Prices

Compare the Best and Worst Countries in Europe for Fuel Prices

When comparing the fuel prices of petrol and diesel across different European countries, it is handy to know that at the time of publication the average price of gasoline around the world is £0.88 (€1.03) per litre.

Countries with the cheapest petrol

# Country Price
1 Belarus £0.56 (€0.66) per litre
2 Moldova £0.77 (€0.91) per litre
3 Ukraine £0.80 (€0.94) per litre
4 Bulgaria £0.91 (€1.07) per litre
5 North Macedonia £0.95 (€1.11)
6 Bosnia and Herzegovina £0.97 (€1.14) per litre
7 Albania £1.01 (€1.18) per litre
8 Romania £1.01 (€1.18) per litre
9 Andorra £1.05 (€1.23) per litre
10 Poland £1.05 (€1.23) per litre

Countries with the most expensive petrol

# Country Price
1 The Netherlands £1.57 (€1.84) per litre
2 Finland £1.45 (€1.70) per litre
3 Denmark £1.44 (€1.69) per litre
4 Iceland £1.43 (€1.68) per litre
5 Norway £1.42 (€1.67) per litre
6 Greece £1.42 (€1.67) per litre
7 Portugal £1.42 (€1.67) per litre
8 Italy £1.41 (€1.65) per litre
9 Monaco £1.40 (€1.64) per litre
10 Sweden £1.38 (€1.62) per litre

The UK comes in at number 13 — £1.32 (€1.55) per litre

Ireland comes in at number 14 — £1.30 (€1.53) per litre

If your car has a diesel engine, taking a road trip through Europe will cost you slightly less when it comes to fuel. You'll find the cheapest diesel prices in the countries that also have the cheapest petrol prices.

For comparison, the average price of diesel around the world is £0.77 (€0.90) per litre.

Countries with the cheapest diesel

# Country Price
1 Belarus £0.56 (€0.66) per litre
2 Moldova £0.65 (€0.76) per litre
3 Ukraine £0.77 (€0.90) per litre
4 North Macedonia £0.83 (€0.97) per litre
5 Bulgaria £0.90 (€1.05) per litre
6 Andorra £0.91 (€1.06) per litre
7 Bosnia and Herzegovina £0.94 (€1.10) per litre
8 Albania £0.97 (€1.14) per litre
9 Romania £0.99 (€1.16) per litre
10 Lithuania £1.00 (€1.17) per litre

Countries with the expensive diesel

# Country Price
1 Sweden £1.41 (€1.65) per litre
2 United Kingdom £1.35 (€1.58) per litre
3 Iceland £1.34 (€1.57) per litre
4 Switzerland £1.33 (€1.56) per litre
5 Finland £1.29 (€1.52) per litre
6 Monaco £1.30 (€1.51) per litre
7 Italy £1.30 (€1.51) per litre
8 Belgium £1.27 (€1.49) per litre
9 Norway £1.26 (€1.48) per litre
10 The Netherlands £1.25 (€1.47) per litre

Poland just misses the top ten cheapest with diesel costing £1.01 (€1.19) per litre and so too does Estonia — £1.00 (€1.17) per litre, Malta and Montenegro where diesel costs £1.03 (€1.210) per litre.

Just missing out on a top 10 place are France — £1.23 (€1.44) per litre, Denmark at £1.22 (€1.43) per litre and Ireland at £1.21 (€1.42) per litre.

Road trips are all about fun, freedom and adventure. Travelling at your own pace to your own route is a wonderful way to see the world. However, driving can put some pressure on your pocket, especially when paying at the fuel pumps. There are plenty of destinations where you'll get more bang for your buck and litres for your Euro. From Andorra to Ukraine, here are the cheapest and most expensive places for fuel in Europe.

When it comes to the price you pay at the pumps, countries that produce and export oil usually have significantly lower prices. Generally, richer countries have higher fuel prices than low-income countries. The varying prices across different countries are also due to taxes and subsidies.

For this article, we have excluded transcontinental countries that are mainly in Asia, so that's why you won't see Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey or Georgia on the list, even though these countries have some of the cheapest fuel prices in the world.

The cheapest place to drive in Europe is Belarus. Motorists here pay just €0.66 (well, the equivalent in rubles) per litre for petrol. It is also the cheapest country in Europe for diesel at €0.66 per litre.

In Moldova, drivers pay the second cheapest fuel prices in Europe, just €0.91 or the Moldovan leu equivalent per litre of petrol and €0.76 per litre of diesel.

The third cheapest country for fuel in Europe is Ukraine. Drivers in Ukraine pay just €0.94 (or the Ukrainian hryvnia equivalent) per litre for gasoline and €0.90 per litre for diesel.

Which country has the cheapest petrol in Europe?

One of the cheapest regions in Europe for fuel is the Balkans. If you fancy a road trip to Bulgaria, you can fill up for just €1.07 per litre or the Bulgarian lev equivalent. In North Macedonia, you can fuel up for €1.11 per litre, which is about 68.37 Macedonian denar. Road tripping through Bosnia and Herzegovina is also cheap for motorists as it costs just €1.14 per litre of petrol and in Albania, it is just €1.18 per litre. These are the cheapest countries in Europe for diesel too.

Moving more into Central Europe, it's also just €1.18 for a litre of petrol in Romania, followed by Poland at €1.23 per litre. Both of these countries offer cheap diesel prices to motorists too.

Drivers in Andorra can also fill up their supercars (there are loads on the roads here) for €1.23 per litre of petrol. Diesel is even cheaper at €1.06 per litre.

Just making it into the top 10 cheapest countries in Europe for fuel is Slovenia, where it costs €1.25 for a litre of petrol and Hungary where petrol costs €1.25 per litre.

So, if you want to save on fuel costs during your next European road trip, here are the countries to visit for cheap driving.

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