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Daily Drool #12: The 2-Foot Long New York Pizza

Daily Drool #12: The 2-Foot Long New York Pizza

There’s many things people can disagree on – were Ross and Rachel really on a break?! – but pizza being one of the greatest foods invented is fact. Now, pizza has gone to a whole new level with this 2-Foot Long New York Pizza slice.

It could, of course, only be an American invention (check out the 50 best Pizzas in America here). But we’re into it: this ginormous pizza slice is so bonkers it’s beautiful.

Daily Drool #12: The 2-Foot Long New York Pizza, How do these rankings work?

You can see the 2-Foot Long New York Pizza being eaten in all its glory here…

You’ll find the pie itself in Yonkers, New York, in a restaurant called Pizza Barn. People come from all over the country to try it so next time you’re in New York be sure to add this to your to-do list. The only question is, do you tackle it on your own or bring a friend to help?

The pizza is so big that when held up in photos online it obscures the people’s entire bodies. You can sit in and chow down at the table, or get it to take away and pig out on your own at home with that giant 2-Foot Long New York Pizza.

Maybe even have space it out over a day or two…

The interesting thing is that it doesn’t just come with regular toppings. To make it that little bit more decadent you can have it topped with pasta or mac ‘n’ cheese. As the owners say, a whole lot of love goes into every pie.

A whole lot of calories too, we say!

Daily Drool #12: The 2-Foot Long New York Pizza, How do these rankings work?

The creators of this famous pie in Yonkers, New York explain how they make it with love…

No matter what way you look at it or how you decide to tackle this pizza you are in for a serious eating challenge.

This is a challenge we would happily accept.

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