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With you'll find it easy to start planning your trip across the UK or abroad. From London to Edinburgh, Portugal to Greece, a vivid road trip across picturesque France or a relaxing retreat in the Swedish mountains, your perfect hire car awaits with Enjoy.

By comparing respectable brands like Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Alamo and Enterprise alongside national and local ones specific to your required pick-up location, you’re going to get a full picture in just a few clicks and see the full choice at any chosen place in the world.

And things don’t stop with comparing cars at over 17,000 airports across the globe, you can compare and book your city centre car hire too, from all major cities, towns, train stations, resorts, landmarks and even suburbs.

Why would I choose to compare and book my hire vehicle?

We are a long-established car hire comparison brand, with over 12 fruitful years in a highly competitive marketplace. We're passionate about working with the best suppliers, and constantly battling to offer the lowest prices on the internet. Here’s why you can trust Enjoy with your Great British and International car hire needs:

We can offer you an amazing choice of iconic big brands and reliable local suppliers to choose from in any city centre, town, suburb, train station, airport, resort or other location because we have spent 12 years creating a deep and diverse network of local, regional and international car hire partners, above all we check prices daily to ensure we constantly offer the best car hire deals on the internet.

Our expert client contact team knows everything there is to know about cheap and reliable car hire – whether London, Devon, Yorkshire, Scotland, Europe, Scandinavia, North America or further afield, our team have the knowledge and the passion to make your rental amazing.

Where can I compare car hire and how do I get the best deal?

By searching on you can quickly and easily see all of the options for the country, city, airport or town, and dates that you need. You’ll simply select the required place and dates/times from the search box and then after a few seconds, hey presto, you get the list of results. From there you can filter out certain car types, suppliers, brands, and sort by price. Once you’ve completed your comparison and made your choice, go ahead and make the booking online to lock in the price and guarantee your car.

Whether you’re looking for the cheapest budget option available like a trendy Fiat 500, something compact and comfy like a VW Golf, a family car such as a spacious Nissan Qashqai, or something flashy like a Mercedes E-Class convertible, the one thing you can be sure of is that by comparing on the options together, across the big brands and the local ones too, you’ll find the cheapest deal to suit your exact requirements.

Which car types are on offer and how do I compare them?

Mini: The entry level car providing outstanding value for money. Generally a small car such as a Fiat500, Toyota Aygo, Hyundai i10 or Kia Picanto. You will find some staggering low prices, not to mention economic fuel consumption which having enough space for minimum 2 adults and a small amount of luggage.

7 seater and mini-bus: It's easy to find larger vehicles with 7, 9 or even 12 seats by using a good comparison site. The 9 seater Renault Trafic is popular as is the Opel/Vauxhall Vivaro.

Economy: For a little bit of extra space whilst still keeping the price to a minimum, economy types cars include the following: Ford Fiesta, Opel/Vauxhall Corsa, and Peugeot 208.

Premium and luxury cars: If you're on business or more interested in pure comfort and luxury brands, the range of premium and luxury cars will appeal to you. You can compare BMWs, Mercedes and Audis like a BMW 3-series, 5 series, or X3 to Mercedes C-Class, E-Class and GLE or perhaps a Lexus. The one thing in common is you'll always find a great price.

Compact car: If you're looking for a bit more space than an economy car, whilst still keeping the price low, you're looking for a compact which includes a bit more boot space, more space in the back for the kids and examples such as a VW Golf, Opel/Vauxhall Astra, Ford Focus and Fiat Tipo.

Family/Full-size vehicle: The full-size, also sometimes known as family or intermediate category of cars is usually a larger saloon car or SUV type vehicle. Suitable for a family of 2 adults and 2 kids, or 2 sets of adults, with much more boot space, this category includes cars such as Ford Kuga and Nissan Qashqai.

Here's a few TOP TIPs and car hire statistics to help you when considering which car to opt for

  • Popular: The most popular car is a Vauxhall/Opel Corsa with an average price of £ 24.24 per day and the cheapest recorded at £8.58 per day.
  • Cheapest: The cheapest overall car is a Toyota Aygo, with an average price of £ 16.40/day and the cheapest recorded was a remarkable 83p a day in Edinburgh Airport with Easirent.
  • Book in advance: Customers who booked 30 days in advance saved on average 51% compared to those that booked within 24 hours of their pick up time and customers who hired a car for less than £10 per day booked on average 39 days in advance of the rental pick-up date.
  • Driving in the UK is easy, in fact the UK has one of the lowest accident and fatality rates from it's roads of anywhere in the world.
  • Always drive on the left, keep left unless over-taking on the motorways, watch out for the Smart Motorways which sometimes don't have a hard shoulder.
  • Family cars: The most popular family cars include Nissan Qashqai (avg daily £ 33.01, cheapest £ 7.50), Skodia Octavia (averaging £34.13/day, best £10.54), and Ford Kuga (avg. £39.87/day, lowest £11.58)
  • The most cost-effective countries based on average per day include; Portugal with a £12.22 per day avg, Spain was £22.15 per day on average, the average for Poland was £16.19, Cyprus £7.97, Malta £11.47 and for Slovenia customers paid £13.30 a day on average.

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Car Hire FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Hire

The price of a car depends on many different factors such as the location, the type of car, the time of year and how far in advance you can book. The overall average price in the last 12 month, across all destinations was £18.90 per day, whilst the cheapest was significantly less. Looking at Europe, you can find cars in Portugal and Spain from as little as £3 per day if you book a long time in advance looking ahead to the winter.
To get the best car price, it’s always worth comparing all of the car hire options on a website like Enjoy Travel. Because Enjoy act as an agent to a wide range of different car hire brands, we can negotiate discounted prices. Booking as far ahead as you can normally help, on average customers saved over 51% by booking a month in advance.
The price of a rental car has increased significantly since Covid-19 broke back in 2020, especially in certain holiday destinations like Portugal, Greece, Spain and Italy where you may have expected to find a small economical car in the summer of 2019 for somewhere between £3 and £10 per day. The average price of a car during the summer of 2021 has been at least double this, if not more. The reason is because of a global shortage of new cars since production was cut significantly during 2020 because of Covid.
On average you can expect to pay £26.59 based on the latest statistics. Unlike holiday destinations such as Greece, Spain and Turkey, the price of a car in the UK doesn’t change so much between summer and winter. If you compare car hire across different models, the average for a Vauxhall Corsa is £24.22 per day, a Ford Focus is £25.30, the popular Fiat500 is £24.19 per day and a Nissan Qashqai, £33.01 daily. This however, is an average across the whole UK and you will most likely find cheaper deals by booking in advance and when travelling into an airport, using offsite suppliers like Easirent and Green Motion.
Depending on the location and time of year, a family car will generally be between 50% to 100% more than a small mini or economy car. Comparing the price in Majorca over the last 2 years, a Fiat500 has averaged £6.37 per day whereas a Nissan Qashqai averaged £8.78 and a Vauxhall Zafira Tourer much more with a £26.82 average daily price.
Like most of the major car hire comparison sites, if you pay upfront you will receive free cancellation up to 48 hours before the pick-up time. If you pay a small deposit only, it’s normally non-refundable so it’s advisable to take the pre-pay option and you can also opt for cancellation protection for an additional few pounds meaning you can cancel right up to the collection time on both pre-paid and deposit hire.
The biggest discounts are usually applied the further ahead you are able to book. So if you know the dates of your trip, book now to secure the best rates.
Yes, simply do a search and you'll see options for 7-seaters, 8-seaters and other larger mini-bus type vehicles.
It depends on the time of year you book, where, and how far in advance. During last summer, there were some crazy prices, it might be hard to believe that you could hire a car in Malaga for 9p a day. On average the cheapest is more like £3 - £5 a day in Spain or Portugal.
The prices of hire cars in Spain differ depening on the location in Spain, but generally are cheap. The average price of a Fiat500 was £11.70 in the last 12 months, whereas the cheapest could in fact be found for less than £1 a day in Alicante. Beware, this only includes 3rd party liability and to cover your car in case of damage will attract another fee.
A Fiat500 or similar car in the mini category is cheapest.
The most popular economy car is a Vauxhall/Opel Corsa.
You can compare car hire in over 140 countries with Enjoy, we have taken bookings in 159 countries in the last 12 months.
Once you make your first booking, you will be able to receive our regular special offers by email which contain special discounts. But oh... go on then, here's a cheeky code to get you going - use FREEFIVE and enjoy a free saving.
Compare car hire in more than 140 countries, including some of the mainstream countries like France, UK, Portugal, Spain, Australia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Turkey and Poland, but also we have sold car hire in Togo, Bolivia, Mozambique, Panama, Rwanda, Russia, Paraguay and Nicaragua in the last 12 months.
You will need your ID (eg. passport), driving licence and credit card.
Normally for an additional fee you can add another driver, though occasionally it is included. The more info section gives you the specifics.
You can compare some of the well-known brands like Europcar, Enterprise, Alamo, Centauro, Keddy, Easirent, Greenmotion as well as more than 100 smaller and local ones which you may not have heard of.
A comparison website allows you to compare all of the best car hire options from the big known brands to the smaller ones you may not have heard of, then you can compare all the prices and specific information in one screen. You may also find the prices cheaper with the comparison site than you can directly with the operator.

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