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Daily Drool #20: Steak With Cheesy Raclette Fries

Daily Drool #20: Steak With Cheesy Raclette Fries

Steak with raclette fries might not be a dish that you had ever conjured up in your head before, but today we bring you that reality. W reckon this is one of the greatest ideas a chef has ever had- fact.

What is there not to like about three of the greatest food types (steak, fries and cheese) being combined in this wonderfully imaginative dish? If anybody ever asks you again what your death row meal is, at least now you will know…

It’s steak ‘n’ raclette all day, every day.

Daily Drool #20: Steak With Cheesy Raclette Fries, How do these rankings work?

Let’s just take a second to appreciate the perfectly sliced steak and the molten lava-like cheese…

You’ll find this droolworthy dish in a restaurant called Bar Da Vila in Miami where they serve all sorts of comfort food like this. Food that could sooth any soul.

You can see a close up of the cheesy goodness here at the exact moment it hits the fries. Boy, does this look good…

Some people even choose to have the melted cheese on their steaks, but if you ask us that’s taking things a little too far. Each to their cheese-covered own, though.

So, now you know that Steak with raclette fries is actually a thing you’ll have to either go to Miami, or convince your local steakhouse to add it to the menu. We don’t know about you but we won’t be happy in life until we can eat this dish.

If you do happen to be in the city why not check out The 7 Best Burgers In Miami.

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