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Here Are The 50 Best Coffee Shops in Europe 2024

The 50 Best Coffee Shops in Europe 2024

Thirsty customers flock to coffee shop chains or independent cafes every day, looking to sample the latest seasonal coffee. Coffee is as versatile as it is delicious, and people love customising their cup of joe to their own tastes: americano, latte, cappuccino, every-flavoured syrups, toppings and add ons. The possibilities really are endless.

We’ve taken recommendations from our social audience and editorial team to find the 50 best coffee shops in Europe. These coffee shops go above and beyond for their customrs, and offer unique, expertly crafted and masterfully presented coffees. So go on, have a scroll, and see if any coffee shops in your city that may just become your new local favourite.

Discover Europe’s best coffee

50. Kaffa Roastery – Helsinki, Finland

This premium coffee roastery in the Finnish capital is a local favourite for many Finns and tourists. Fresh and hand-roasted coffee is served daily to thirsty customers who are on the hunt for a stylish and expertly-crafted way to get their daily caffeine hit. The ambience here is cosy and inviting, with an espresso bar vibe– think rustic bench-style tables and seating.

Kaffa Roastery

49. Kolonel Coffee Roastery – Antwerp, Belgium

One of Antwerp’s best-known and best-loved coffee bars, Kolonel Coffee Roastery takes fresh, authentic coffee to the next level. If you’re not a huge fan of coffee, fear not, as you can find a variety of hot and cold beverages here too– expect an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for every visitor.

Kolonel Coffee Roastery

48. Coffeedesk Kawiarnia – Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw’s prime coffee spot, this coffee roastery, and cafe is colourful, inviting and the place you’ll end up frequenting upon sampling some of their freshly brewed coffee. Also on the menu is a variety of breakfast options, sweet and savoury and cold drinks galore.

Coffeedesk Kawiarnia

47. Morrow Coffee – Barcelona, Spain

Situated in the lively city of Barcelona, this small and cosy cafe offers both tourists and locals an escape from the crowds outside. Expect to try the best seasonal and classic coffees, accompanied by a plethora of sweet or savoury bakery items and brunch foods.

Morrow Coffee

46. Strange Love Coffee – Vilnius, Lithuania

Since 2015, this cafe and coffee roastery has cemented itself in the hearts of both native Lithuanians and tourists, providing some of the best coffee the city has to offer. The expert baristas at Strange Love roast the coffee beans until the flavour is perfectly pronounced and shines through in each cup of coffee they make.

Strange Love Coffee

45. Rocket Bean Roastery – Riga, Latvia

Latvia may be small, but its capital Riga provides locals and tourists with a variety of unique, cosy and well-loved coffee spots. Rocket Bean Roastery comes out on top, with a rustic and warm atmosphere that provides the perfect escape from the bustle of downtown Riga. Not to mention, the coffee is exceptional and expertly-crafted by the team of passionate baristas who certainly know what they’re doing when it comes to creating the perfect cup of coffee.

Rocket Bean Roastery

44. Tucano Coffee – Bucharest, Romania

This coffee shop takes inclusion, passion, and dedication to the next level, with its vibrant, colourful, and uniquely-decorated cafes, serving the best coffee from around the world that is specially roasted at the Tucano Coffee Factory. Hungry? No worries– take your pick of sweet treats that include some of the most delicious cheesecakes you’ve ever tasted.

Tucano Coffee

43. JOZI Café – Paris, France

Introduced to Paris' already lively coffee culture in 2017, JOZI took the coffee and cafe market by storm and has continued to do so ever since. The star of the show here is definitely the coffee– you can find all the classics you likely already know and love, plus sweet treats, and breakfast and lunch options to satisfy any hunger pangs. If you’re not into coffee, you’ll be able to try some fresh juice, hot drinks, or speciality lemonades.


42. RØST – Tallinn, Estonia

What was once a flour mill has been renovated into one of the Estonian capital’s favourite eating and drinking spots. The Scandinavian-influenced RØST is famed for its sourdough but also finds fame through its delicious coffees. Expertly roasted coffee beans produce some of the best-flavoured coffees you’ll likely find in the country.


41. Quahwa – Zagreb, Croatia

This uniquely-decorated coffee bar in the heart of Croatia’s vibrant capital attracts both locals and tourists who want a truly exceptional morning, afternoon or evening coffee. If you want to try your hand at making your own premium coffee, browse the coffee beans on offer. The coffee beans come from different regions across the world, including coffee-producing capitals Brazil, Colombia and Kenya. If you’re hungry, enjoy a cake or pastry alongside your coffee, and soak up the Croatian sun with the outside seating.


40. Chucky’s Coffee House – Sofia, Bulgaria

A trailblazer for specialty coffee production in Bulgaria, Chucky’s Coffee House certainly knows a thing or two about roasting coffee beans and creating delicious coffee. Beginning in 2014, this coffee house has since become a favourite in the city– you’ll find no greater coffee in Bulgaria than what’s served here, we can guarantee you that.

Chucky’s Coffee House

39. Lot 61 – Valletta, Malta

Leading the way in expert coffee making, Lot 61 provides the residents of and visitors to the Maltese capital with coffee that is roasted to the perfect temperature, resulting in one of the best cups of coffee you’ll try in this small yet vibrant country. With coffee sourced from across the world, you know you’re in for a real treat here. Not much may be known about Malta, but one thing’s for sure– they’re no stranger to a good brew.

Lot 61

38. Screaming Beans – Amsterdam, Netherlands

You’ll be screaming about the quality and incredible taste of the coffee produced by the coffee connoisseurs here, we can guarantee you that. In terms of rankings, customer service, food and drink quality and overall atmosphere of this place score highly and garner much praise from visitors, whether local or tourist.

Screaming Beans

37. UZITAK – Belgrade, Serbia

Using the finest arabica beans, this coffee shop-come-bar serves up authentic cups of coffee, along with a selection of sweet treats, craft beers and juices– there is something for everyone here. Visitors are welcomed here by the music, chatty customers and friendly staff, adding to the inclusive atmosphere this cafe exudes.


36. Cafe Schwarzenberg – Vienna, Austria

Since its opening in 1861, this little cafe has gone from strength to strength and has earned a reputation as one of Vienna’s best-loved spots to indulge in some truly authentic coffee. The coffee here is made with the best Fairtrade arabica beans, which are roasted to produce a rich and balanced taste that is savoured until the very last sip.

Cafe Schwarzenberg

35. Madal Cafe – Budapest, Hungary

Budapest can get pretty busy, especially during peak tourist season. You’ll probably be looking for a place to shelter from the busy crowds and the hot sun, and this place is the perfect haven. Madal Cafe is a gem of the specialty coffee culture in Budapest and is the place where many Hungarians and tourists flock to for their morning coffee or afternoon pick-me-up.

Madal Cafe

34. Reykjavik Roasters – Reykjavik, Iceland

Undoubtedly the best coffee spot in Iceland, and the place at the forefront of many tourists and Icelanders’ minds when looking for a place to relax and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee, Reykjavik Roasters is a must visit destination for coffee connoisseurs or novices alike. The beans are sourced from the biggest coffee-producing countries in the world and are then roasted to perfection, and used to elevate the classic latte or cappuccino to a premium level.

Reykjavik Roasters

33. MAME Josef – Zürich, Switzerland

Influenced by Japanese culture, MAME was founded in 2016 by Mathieu Theis and Emi Fukahori, who met through their mutual love of specialty coffee. Having since been the recipients of several awards, it’s fair to say that MAME showcases the true essence of coffee through a rich, flavourful and smooth-tasting cup, prepared exactly to your liking.

MAME Josef

32. Fenster Cafe – Vienna, Austria

Another Austrian entry, Fenster Cafe began its journey in 2011, having since created a name for itself amongst the lively coffee culture of the Austrian capital. Expect nothing short of perfection with each coffee served– you’ll love the unique and creative way of serving coffee that this window cafe has mastered (we’re talking coffee in an ice-cream cone). Also on offer are cocktails and non-coffee based drinks for those who aren’t a huge fan.

Fenster Cafe

31. Bonanza Coffee – Berlin, Germany

The bright, modern decor of this specialty coffee bar in the heart of Berlin certainly entices passing customers inside, all of whom are desperate for a sip of the expertly-roasted and crafted coffee. You can shop online or in-store for your own take-home premium coffees or merchandise.

Bonanza Coffee

30. Espresso Embassy – Budapest, Hungary

With a reputation for its espresso, pour-overs, and filter coffees, this rustic yet contemporary coffee bar in the heart of Budapest is certainly worthy of its place on our list. If you’re hungry, sample some sweet treats to perfectly complement your coffee.

Espresso Embassy

29. Johan & Nyström – Stockholm, Sweden

The best thing about one of Stockholm’s best coffee bars is the sense of inclusivity– it’s not just a coffee bar, but a place to sit and work, meet friends, or host business meetings (you can even rent the place out for specialist events). The coffee is of an exceptionally high-standard too, and will perfectly accompany any cramming session, business meeting, or friendly catch-up.

Johan & Nyström

28. Bloom Speciality Coffee Shop – Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Much like other small and underrated countries in Europe, Luxembourg may not initially make it onto your travel list, but once you visit Bloom, you’ll want to keep coming back. One of, if not the best specialty coffee places in Luxembourg City, this cafe prides itself on its luxury baked goods and coffee that is premium in both quality and taste.

Bloom Speciality Coffee Shop

27. Coffee Collective – Copenhagen, Denmark

The exceptional quality of this Scandinavian coffee bar in Copenhagen, combined with the award-winning team of baristas and their true passion for creating the best coffee in town is the reason why you must visit on your next trip to Denmark. Using expert techniques and craftsmanship, the coffee is perfectly roasted and tastes pretty darn delicious– plus, you can try a coffee roasting course to add some style and flare to your next cup of home-brewed morning coffee.

Coffee Collective

26. Café Blá – Munich, Germany

Focussing on filter coffee and espresso, the rich and full-bodied flavour of each roast shines through perfectly in the cups of coffee that are served at Munich’s best loved coffee establishment. Sample coffee from numerous regions across the world, and take it home with you to brew your own cup of steaming goodness.

Café Blá

25. Takk – Manchester, UK

The UK’s third largest city certainly is no stranger to good coffee– ask any Mancunian what their favourite coffee shop is, and guarantee they’ll say Takk. Scandinavian-inspired artisan coffee takes centre stage at this community hub, where people go to meet, chat, learn and dine. With regular seasonal or guest espressos, you can switch up your usual coffee order and taste coffees from across the world, each with their own unique flavour and story to tell.


24. Taf – Athens, Greece

Rich, smooth, full-bodied and fruity are the words that come to mind when thinking of the coffee produced by the expert baristas at Taf. Sourcing the best coffee beans from across the world, coffee connoisseurs and aficionados will feel welcomed the second they arrive at Taf. Bringing the best coffee to Athens, you won’t find better elsewhere, that’s for sure.


23. Foxford – Bratislava, Slovakia

One of Bratislava’s best-loved cafes, Foxford is the home of great coffee and sweet treats for peckish guests. The decor, ambience, and atmosphere certainly contribute to the popularity of Foxford cafe, as well as the coffees that will keep you coming back for more. Find vegan alternatives here too!


22. Tozd – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Combining rustic exposed-brick decor with colourful and contemporary additions, this cafe in Ljubljana is all about the atmosphere– and the coffee too. The taste of the coffee and the variety of hot and cold drinks on offer have garnered praise from almost every customer.


21. Pave – Milan, Italy

Milan is the hub of everything designer, luxury and high-quality, coffee included. Pave was created in 2012 by three friends, who simply wanted the locals and tourists to taste good food and drink. This place is renowned for its coffee, pastries, atmosphere and friendly service– a must-visit for coffee aficionados or those who simply want to escape the downtown hustle and bustle of Milan.


20. La Bohème Café – Prague, Czech Republic

After travelling around South America and Africa, La Bohème Café was conceptualised by Charles Fleer, who wanted to bring the true meaning of good coffee to the streets of Prague. Served in an extremely aesthetically pleasing cafe, the coffees here are full and richly flavoured, allowing the individual taste of each type of coffee to take centre stage with each sip.

La Bohème Café

19. Coffee Central – Naples, Italy

Italy is seriously just showing off with its inventions of some of the world’s best loved foods and drinks. The home of pizza and pasta is also home to your favourite coffee, whether that’s espresso, latte, cappuccino or macchiato. Coffee Central is one of Naples’ best offerings for places to sample a pretty spectacular cup of coffee. Also on the menu are lunch options and take home coffee kits for aspiring baristas or coffee lovers.

Coffee Central

18. EMA Espresso Bar – Prague, Czech Republic

Hailed as the best coffee in Prague, EMA Espresso Bar is the ultimate best place in the Czech capital for specialty coffee, hot and cold drinks and baked goods, plus atmosphere. Need we say more?

EMA Espresso Bar

17. Brew Specialty Coffee – Vilnius, Lithuania

Using carefully selected coffee beans, the coffee here is roasted at the perfect temperature, unlocking the depth of flavour that translates across to the cups of coffee served at BREW. Enjoyed by many and cited as Lithuania’s best coffee house, you won’t find coffee anywhere else that is as special or as well-loved as BREW’s.

Brew Specialty Coffee

16. Andante – Helsinki, Finland

This quaint little coffee shop in Finland’s capital is known for its cosy, rustic and aesthetic decor and atmosphere, not to mention its delicious coffees and varied menu. Coffee is certainly Andante’s specialty here, as is the latte art that is so good you almost don’t want to drink it. Almost.


15. Ten Belles – Paris, France

Paris’s coffee culture is booming, with hundreds of coffee shops across the city that each tell their own story. One of these is Ten Belles, a specialist sourdough bakery and coffee roastery that rivals most of Paris’s cafe offerings.Youo’ll enjoy the specialist artisan coffee on offer here, accompanied by freshly baked and expertly crafted pastries, sourdough and other food items. There are no greater pleasures in Paris than fresh pastries, bread and premium coffee, and you can find all three at Ten Belles.

Ten Belles

14. Feya – London, United Kingdom

This pastel-coloured patisserie truly excels in providing an experience to its guests and diners. The coffee is excellent, the baked goods are delicious, the food has been created by an award-winning chef and the atmosphere is relaxing, inviting and welcoming. What more could you want?


13. MOK Coffee – Brussels, Belgium

An award-winning coffee bar and cafe in Brussels, this unsuspecting little cafe offers up a delightful array of cakes and pastries, lunch/brunch items and soft drinks, although coffee is certainly at the forefront. Bringing you the best hand-brewed coffee in the Belgian capital, there really is nowhere else like it.

MOK Coffee

12. Boot Cafe – Paris, France

Unsurprisingly, another Parisian entry comes in at number 12– Boot Cafe. Tiny in size but certainly not in impact, this vintage-style cafe offers up cups of perfection in a relaxing and expertly-handled environment. You’ll definitely want to give this little cafe a visit on your tour of specialty coffeehouses and cafes in Paris.

Boot Cafe

11. GOTA Coffee – Vienna, Austria

We come to Vienna yet again for our next pick, which is GOTA coffee. Inspired by a trip to Peru, the baristas at GOTA introduce both coffee aficionados and novices to the world of specialty coffee, bringing a true taste of authenticity to the streets of Vienna.

GOTA Coffee

10. Tim Wendelboe – Oslo, Norway

Our first Norwegian pick is Tim Wendelboe, a specialist cafe, coffee roastery and training centre in the heart of Oslo. Consistently delivering the highest-quality coffee and service to thirsty guests who are on the search for their perfect morning coffee, Tim Wendelboe is high in rankings among native Norwegians and tourists alike.

Tim Wendelboe

9. Majestic Cafe – Porto, Portugal

Dine like a VIP at this opulent cafe that takes its style inspiration from the Belle Epoque era– think 18th century opulence with art nouveau elements. It’s not just the decor that’s VIP here though, it’s the coffee too. On the menu, try some coffee, tea or Portuguese bakery items, as well as wines and an extensive lunch menu. There really is something for everyone here.

Majestic Cafe

8. Toma Cafe – Madrid, Spain

This place isn’t just a cafe. You can receive masterclasses and barista training, take home coffee from the world’s best coffee growers, or sit in one of the three Toma Cafes Madrid has to offer. Fully immerse yourself in the world of coffee and practice at home to redefine your morning cuppa.

Toma Cafe

7. Good Life Coffee Roasters – Helsinki, Finland

The owners of Good Life Coffee strive to bring excellence to the streets of Helsinki, and they do just that with their coffee. With consistent changes in the coffee they serve according to the season, you’ll never get bored of your usual cup— it’s always good to switch it up and try a blend or brew you’ve never tried before.

Good Life Coffee Roasters

6. The Barn – Berlin, Germany

One of Europe’s leading coffee roasters, you know that satisfaction is guaranteed upon a trip to The Barn. Sourcing the best coffee beans from trusted local farmers and suppliers, each cup of coffee served is produced with a whole lotta’ love, passion and knowledge of what constitutes a truly excellent brew.

The Barn

5. Coffeewerk + Press – Galway, Ireland

This hard-to-miss cafe in Galway began selling its first specialty coffee in 2015, and has since become a local favourite. Coffeewerk is a multi-roaster coffee house, working with more than 30 coffee roasters worldwide and locally to bring you the best cup of coffee you’ll ever drink. You can also find a mini art gallery and coffee-related merchandise here too.

Coffeewerk + Press

4. Ozone Coffee Roasters – London, United Kingdom

A leading independent cafe-come-bakery, who place artisan specialty coffee at the forefront of everything they do, Ozone is truly a gem of the capital. Not only can you drink some pretty fancy coffee– nutty, spicy, fruity, citrusy, take your pick– but you can also enjoy some premium eats too, from bakery items that satisfy your sweet tooth to lunch and breakfast items for a perfect accompaniment to your cup of coffee.

Ozone Coffee Roasters

3. Drop Coffee – Stockholm, Sweden

Although small-scale, this coffee roastery and coffee bar has awards under its belt and the passionate owners have received silver medals in the World Coffee Roasting Championships– so you know you’re in good hands here. Visit the coffee bar in the Swedish capital for the very best seasonal coffees, plus some edible accompaniments both savoury and sweet.

Drop Coffee

2. Caravan Coffee Roasters – London, United Kingdom

This Kiwi-owned coffee house has an all day menu and some of the best coffees around, which is somewhat dangerous as it’ll make you not want to leave. Inspired by the laid-back New Zealand culture, the atmosphere here is welcoming, friendly and enjoyable, so pull up a chair and sip, eat or talk all day long.

Caravan Coffee Roasters

1. Gran Caffe Gambrinus – Naples, Italy

It’s no surprise that number 1 on our list comes from Italy. Pioneering the Neapolitan coffee culture, this cafe is renowned as the best place in Naples for a spot of coffee. Its art-nouveau decor and the expert craftsmanship of the coffees, pastries and ice creams make it the place to be, especially if you’re a tourist.

Gran Caffe Gambrinus

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