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Here Are The Best Castle Hotels in Europe

25 Fairytale Castle Hotels In Europe For A Weekend Getaway

There are some incredible fairytale castles in Europe where you can stay and make yourself feel like royalty. We’ve scoured the continent to find the most magical hotels where you can book in for a couple of nights and have an unforgettable experience.

These are the sort of venues where you drive through the gates and you instantly feel a huge weight lifting off your shoulders. An escape into a magical world of relaxation and majestic experiences.

There is something pretty special about staying in a castle that is a step beyond even the fanciest 5-star hotel. You can pretend to be lord or lady of the manor – even if just for a couple of days. When it comes to hotels that are also fairytale castles in Europe, these are 25 of the best…

Best Castle Hotels in Europe 2020

Ashford Castle – Ireland

1. Ashford Castle – Ireland

Your royal adventure begins when you enter through the grand stone gates of this remarkable 800-year-old castle.

Discover exquisite interiors, delicious cuisine, a passionate team and state-of-the-art spa. There are also lots of activities to keep you entertained while here. The sort of place that you are never going to want to leave.

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Castel Porrona Relais & Spa – Italy

2. Castel Porrona Relais & Spa – Italy

Everything that you’ve conjured up in your head about what a castle in Tuscany looks like, sits within the property. You’ll find Castel Porrona Relais & Spa in the rolling hills with gorgeous views in all directions and a wealth of amenities.

They have a world-class spa and high-end dining options, as well as superbly attentive staff. You’ll struggle to find a better place to relax in Europe.

Château de Bagnols – France

3. Château de Bagnols – France

In a country that is famous for its castles, this one stands up there with the very best. It has been here for eight centuries and although it has been fully modernised, they have kept the uniquely charming look.

There is a fantastic spa and relaxing areas, as well as food that is every bit as good as you would expect in a French castle. The only downside is that they are closed for the remainder of 2020 and opening again in 2021, but they are accepting bookings now.

Gstaad Palace – Switzerland

4. Gstaad Palace – Switzerland

You will find this impressive castle hotel nestled in the Swiss Alps, in the one of the most upmarket towns in the country . This is the perfect base from which to explore the stunning local scenery. Having said that with top quality food, lots of spa options and pure luxury you may just want to relax within the castle itself.

They are running a shortened season during the summer of 2020 but are fully opened from June onwards.

Bovey Castle Hotel – England

5. Bovey Castle Hotel – England

Bovey Castle Hotel first opened as a hotel and golf resort in 1930; this stunning castle is set on 275 acres of lush grounds within Devon’s Dartmoor National Park.

They have award-winning food, a beautiful golf course as well as high-end spa facilities. It is the sort of place where you can just come and forget about the outside world and fully relax. Good news: the hotel is fully opening again from the 4th July onwards.

Castlehotel Schoenburg – Germany

6. Castlehotel Schoenburg – Germany

One of the most romantic and beautiful castle hotels you will ever visit, which blends the old and new together perfectly. You get a wonderful sense of history alongside the modern luxuries you expect from a weekend castle break.

The view is the first thing that will take your breath away… You can happily sit in one of their luxury rooms taking it all in pretending you are modern day royalty.

Kasteel Sterkenburg – The Netherlands

7. Kasteel Sterkenburg – The Netherlands

A castle in a beautiful rural area near Utrecht that comes with its very own moat. The castle is hired out for weddings and business events, and you can also stay there as a hotel guest. As soon as you see the little bridge leading to the castle you will feel as if you are stepping back in time.

Highlights include a wonderful breakfast and the tower, which reminds you of the fact that this would have been an actual working castle back in the day!

Adare Manor – Limerick

8. Adare Manor – Limerick

A recent refurbishment has turned Adare Manor into one of the plushest and more luxurious castles in the world. A wonderful place to come and indulge in their activities including a seriously good golf course, falconry and fishing, to name but a few.

Inside you will find a huge range of top-class dining options and decor that has been thought through to the very last detail to make you feel at home. Add in their magnificent spa and beautifully manicured grounds, and this is like heaven on earth.

Borgia Castle – Italy

9. Borgia Castle – Italy

What is unusual about this castle is that you can rent it out in its entirety on Airbnb. It will cost you just over $1000 a night depending on the season, but the good news is that it sleeps up to 13 people, so it is actually quite affordable.

The grounds are kept in pristine condition and it comes with its own swimming pool for cooling down in the warmer months. An ideal spot for a wedding or just getting away with a group of friends.

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Glenapp Castle – Scotland

10. Glenapp Castle – Scotland

Glenapp Castle recently won an “Independent Hotel of the Year” award, which tells you all about the high-quality level at which they are operating.

The five star hotel in Ayrshire, Scotland, provides an intimate level of service with genuine attention to detail. It has great beauty in its period furnishings and interiors as well as through the breath-taking gardens, forest, and the seascapes that surround that castle.

They will be reopening in full on the 15th July 2020.

Schlosshotel Klink – Germany

11. Schlosshotel Klink – Germany

Castle Klink was built in 1898 and sits on a lake with stunning views and scenery stretching out in all directions.

They offer world-class dining options with rooms and suites that are so comfortable you will never want to leave. The staff are super attentive to detail and can arrange a whole host of local activities to make your stay even more enjoyable. For some adventure, try paddle boarding on the lake before you retire to the castle for an evening of relaxing.

Chateau Västanå – Sweden

12. Chateau Västanå – Sweden

The castle is picture perfect as soon as you drive through the entrance, but it really starts shining when you get inside. The decor is beautifully thought out, with every space lending itself to a relaxing experience.

They also have an 18-hole golf course where you can stretch you legs or just enjoy our beautiful nature with a walk on the grounds. Add in gourmet food with a focus on local ingredients, and this is the complete package.

Dromoland Castle – Ireland

13. Dromoland Castle – Ireland

Set on a lake, you will fall in love with this Irish castle as soon as you drive up the winding road approaching the castle. The setting is truly spectacular and the grounds are kept in immaculate condition.

You’ll find plenty to do here, from a spectacular golf course to rowing boats on the lake, through to horse riding. What sets the castle apart though, are the staff, who make the evenings truly memorable with great food, hospitality and a wonderful bar where you can enjoy a nightcap.

Oscarsborg Hotel – Norway

14. Oscarsborg Hotel – Norway

In terms of a natural setting for a castle, you would struggle to find a more beautiful location. Originally picked as an easy location to defend, the island’s castle is now the ideal getaway and place to relax.

Set within Oscarsborg Fortress on Oscarsborg island, it is just 30 minutes from Oslo yet feels like the ultimate escape. With two in-house restaurants you will be able to unwind and forget about all your problems when here.

Schloss Wartegg – Switzerland

15. Schloss Wartegg – Switzerland

The Schlosshotel Wartegg on Lake Constance can look back on a long history, dating all the way back to 1557. The castle retains all its charm, while having been fully modernised to include a spa and spectacular dining experiences.

The views over the lake and the walks in the surrounding woods are the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily city life.

Amberley Castle – England

16. Amberley Castle – England

With just 19 luxurious guest rooms, Amberly Castle is able to offer comfort and style and make the experience truly unique fo your stay. The interior design reflects the history of the castle and rooms are furnished with antiques and fine fabrics alongside contemporary features.

At the heart of the hotel is the magnificent Queen’s Room restaurant, with a barrel-vaulted ceiling dating back to the 12th century. The perfect place to spend some time enjoying the finer things in life after a day walking the local areas.

After being closed during the lockdown, the castle will open its doors again from the 4th July.

Parador de Cardona – Spain

17. Parador de Cardona – Spain

As soon as you see this castle perched on top of the hill, it will absolutely take your breath away. You’ll step inside to a world of modern luxury but also realise you are stepping back in time with history surrounding you.

The views are as spectacular as the food, wine lists and service. With so many nooks and crannies to explore this is the sort of place you won’t want to leave. You will happily spend the day relaxing within the castle walls.

Hotel Schloss Monchstein – Austria

18. Hotel Schloss Monchstein – Austria

The hotel gives you the perfect views above the roofs of Salzburg, while allowing you to live in the lap of luxury while staying here.

It has recently been renovated to the very highest 5-star standards to include a world-class spa and event facilities that are ideal for business or weddings. Alongside their superb restaurant and bar, this is a place where you can really let your hair down and enjoy life.

Burg Wernberg – Germany

19. Burg Wernberg – Germany

What sets this castle apart from all the others on the list is that it is very much focused on your wellness and heath. A place where you can concentrate entirely on your regeneration of body and mind.

Burg Wernberg have a huge range of spa therapies that help people from all walks of life all, in a very special setting. Their staff are true experts in their field and pay a huge amount of attention to every little detail.

Hotel Alfonso XIII – Spain

20. Hotel Alfonso XIII – Spain

Unlike the remote other castles and buildings on the list, this one is very much in the centre of the city, smack bang in Seville. Hotel Alfonso XIII, named after King Alfonso XIII and conceived to be the grandest hotel in Europe, was constructed to house international dignitaries for the 1929 Ibero-American Exhibition.

If you think it looks spectacular on the outside, get ready: as soon as you step inside it ramps up to another level. You will feel as if you are on the set of a Hollywood movie.

Abbaye de la Bussière – France

21. Abbaye de la Bussière – France

This is a gastronomic hotel and restaurant in the heart of Burgundy which is focused on making you feel truly special. It features lush green landscapes as well as a vineyard, known worldwide for its excellence.

Their helpful staff will provide you with lots of different activities but the true reason to come here is to eat great food. With Michelin star food and copious amounts of places, to relax you will be in absolute heaven.

Fonab Castle – Scotland

22. Fonab Castle – Scotland

Fonab Castle luxury 5-star castle hotel & spa, in the Perthshire Highlands which is a place beyond the ordinary. The views and walks in the area are truly breathtaking and a great way to work up an appetite!

Once back in the castle some world-class dining options await you, as well as a terrific spa to help you unwind. No matter how heavy the weight of the world feels on your shoulders when arriving here, it will quickly lift as you sink into their comfortable chairs.

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Chateau Liblice – Czech Republic

23. Chateau Liblice – Czech Republic

This picturesque castle has been here since 1699. You will discover the rich heritage of the castle as you wander through the grounds. The staff will be only too happy to fill you in on its history, too.

They are best known for their large events and weddings, as well as a focus on wellness. You really couldn’t imagine a more spectacular and grand venue…

Castello di Monterone – Italy

24. Castello di Monterone – Italy

When you look out from the terraces, which offer a unique view of Perugia you will realise you have uncovered something truly special. The castle is so pretty you could barely make it up in your own mind.

It’s an ideal place to relax with a spa, fine dining and attentive staff. The castle has been here since the 1200s. Although it preserves that history to perfection, no modern detail has been forgotten. A truly magical place.

Lough Eske Castle – Ireland

25. Lough Eske Castle – Ireland

In 1861 Lough Eske Castle, as we know it today, was built on the site of the old Brooke Mansion. It has however, been around since the 14th century.

This is the ideal base from which to explore the stunning local landscapes, beaches and beautiful county of Donegal in general. Staff can suggest day trips and activities in the area. Once back in the castle there is amazing dining and a world-class spa. Fairytale castles in Europe don’t come much better than this. Sublime.

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