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Top 10 favourite selfies

  1. Disneyland - Paris, France
  2. Disney World - Florida, USA
  3. Burj Khalifa - Dubai, UAE
  4. Eiffel Tower - Paris, France
  5. Taj Mahal - Agra, India
  6. Grand Canyon - Arizona, USA
  7. Machu Picchu - Peru
  8. London Bridge - London, England
  9. St Basil’s Cathedral - Moscow, Russia
  10. Kruger National Park - South Africa

We reveal the most popular places in the world to take a selfie. From Machu Picchu to Moscow, Agra to Arizona, these are the top spots to strike a pose worthy of a place on your feed.


The 25 Most Popular Selfie Spots in the World according to TikTok and Instragram are revealed

So, get ready to start planning and packing, and practising those pouts, as here are the most popular selfie spots in the world, according to Instagram and TikTok.

Disneyland - Paris

1. Disneyland - Paris, France - #disneyland

Instagram 28,408,478 - TikTok 6,100,000,000 - Total 6,128,408,478

Despite being the number one social media spot to take a selfie, selfie sticks are actually banned in Disneyland Paris. But that hasn’t stopped millions of people striking a pose, whilst wearing those ubiquitous mouse ears. Fact* (maybe*) mouse ears make everybody look way cuter. With its vibrant colours, instantly recognisable characters and setting in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it is no wonder that Disneyland Paris is the top place to take a selfie.

Disney World

2. Disney World - Florida, USA - #disneyworld

Instagram 14,657,716 - TikTok 6,000,000,000 - Total 6,014,657,716

Millions of people have shared selfies from Disney World, Florida aka The Happiest Place on Earth. With colourful characters, wonderful weather and sensational settings, it’s no wonder people want to capture their visit and show it off to their followers. Bright colours and glorious sunshine always make photos pop and Mickey and Minnie seem to get those likes up too! To sprinkle some Disney magic into your Instagram feed, take a selfie at Cinderella’s Castle and the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom.

Burj Khalifa

3. Burj Khalifa - Dubai, UAE - #burjkhalifa

Instagram 5,198,505 - TikTok 1,500,000,000 - Total 1,505,198,505

At over 828 metres (2,716.5 feet) and more than 160 storeys, Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building. It is also home to the highest outdoor observation deck in the world. So, if you have a head for heights, make your way to the observation deck and pose with the shimmering Dubai skyline and dramatic desert in the background. If, however, you feel woozy at the thought of having your head in the clouds, aim your camera upwards and take a selfie with the skyscraper soaring above you.

Eiffel Tower

4. Eiffel Tower - Paris, France - #eiffeltower

Instagram 6,692,059 - TikTok 413,000,000 - Total 419,692,059

Paris is an incredibly photogenic city and its most iconic landmark is the wrought-iron Eiffel Tower on the Champ de Mars. The tower attracts over 7 million visitors a year, so if you want the best selfie, sans crowds, you need to get there early. Either head to the Trocadéro before 9am or to Pont d’léna at night when the tower is all lit up. Another wonderful spot for taking a selfie with the Eiffel Tower in the background is from the observation deck of the Montparnasse Tower. Here, Paris sprawls out before you and the iconic tower stands tall in the distance.

Taj Mahal

5. Taj Mahal - Agra, India - #tajmahal

Instagram 1,747,464 - TikTok 346,300,000 - Total 348,047,464

The Taj Mahal is a perfectly symmetrical, gleaming white marble mausoleum and one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Magnificent from all angles, it is a joy to photograph so it is no wonder that millions of people share its beauty with the world through Instagram and TikTok. The Taj Mahal is not just one building. It is a sprawling complex comprising several buildings and gardens. This means there are hundreds of ideal spots to take a selfie. The signature spot is from the water gardens where you’ll find Lady Di’s bench. Another great spot is actually outside of the Taj Mahal on the opposite side of the Yamuna River in the garden complex of Mehtab Bagh.

Grand Canyon

6. Grand Canyon - Arizona, USA - #grandcanyon

Instagram 3,980,404 - TikTok 219,900,000 - Total 223,880,404

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world, so it is no wonder that people flock here to photograph the steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River. Everywhere you go there are panoramic views and sweeping vistas that look like a painting. But if you want to take the most beautiful selfie in the most picturesque spot, where should you start? First off, the most flattering light is at golden hour, so try to be in position one hour before sunset or one hour after sunrise. Top spots include Havasupai Fall - the colours are so vivid - and, of course, Horseshoe Bend, probably the most Instafamous Grand Canyon location.

Machu Picchu

7. Machu Picchu - Peru - #machupicchu

Instagram 1,899,927 - TikTok 201,200,000 - Total 203,099,927

The Inca built the Andean citadel of Machu Picchu around 1420. It is a masterpiece of Inca art, architecture and engineering and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983 and was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007. Located more than 7,000 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains, it is an incredible feat of engineering. No matter where you take your selfie, you are going to have something remarkable in the background. However, the most popular selfie spot in Machu Picchu is next to the thatched hut of the Guardian House where there is a small flat rock for you to sit on. But you’ll have to join the queue of tourists lining up who also want to have their photos taken here.

London Bridge

8. London Bridge - London, England - #londonbridge

Instagram 1,268,402 - TikTok 118,300,000 - Total 119,568,402

London is a buzzing, busy, vibrant city with a plethora of picturesque places perfect for selfies that you can show off on social media. The most popular, however, is London Bridge which spans the River Thames in Central London. From the bridge, you can get great photos with The Shard soaring high in the background. However, one of the prettiest views of the bridge, and the best spot for a selfie, is from below at The Jubilee Walkway, Southwark. Look for the 16-metre-high light-grey pointy Portland Stone, which is a giant sundial and a perfect and unusual selfie backdrop.

St Basil’s Cathedral

9. St Basil’s Cathedral - Moscow, Russia - #stbasilcathedral

Instagram 65,098 - TikTok 109,100,000 - Total 109,165,098

Selfies with St Basil’s Cathedral in the background are a must for those who find themselves in Moscow’s Red Square, especially if you are into gaming. St Basil’s Cathedral appeared on the opening screen of the Nintendo game Tetris. That’s why it has the nickname of the Tetris building. The red brick building with its vividly colourful domes is striking and even more so at night when it is illuminated. However, for the best selfie, go at golden hour and stand to the left of the building and face towards the Kremlin. This way you’ll not only have the most flattering light, but you’ll get the colourful domes and the Monument to Minin and Pozharsky in the shot, too.

Kruger National Park

10. Kruger National Park - South Africa - #krugernationalpark

Instagram734,291 - TikTok 96,000,000 - Total 96,734,291

The Kruger National Park in South Africa is one of Africa’s largest game reserves. It is home to a vast array of wildlife including the Big Five. As you can imagine, safari holidays here are very popular, and so too is taking selfies. Just be sensible and abide by the park rules. Remember, these are wild animals and should be treated with respect. One of the best places in Kruger National Park to get a selfie with sleeping lions in the background is Kruger Tablets. For an elephant selfie, head to the N'watindlopfu River crossing.

Golden Gate Bridge

11. Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, USA - #goldengatebridge

Instagram 3,040,482 - TikTok 83,900,000 - Total 86,940,482

The iconic orange bridge in San Francisco spans the Golden Gate Strait and is one of the most recognisable landmarks in the USA. When construction finished in 1937, it was the tallest and longest suspension bridge in the world. It is free and easy to walk across the bridge and enjoy the views. However, for a great selfie, with the bridge towering in the background, head underneath the bridge to the Fort Point National Historic Site. Another great spot is Baker Beach and Fort Baker also has a great vantage point.

Phi Phi Island

12. Phi Phi Island - Thailand - #phiphiisland

Instagram 1,270,505 - TikTok 85,600,000 - Total 86,870,505

Thailand has some incredibly beautiful, Instaworthy locations. With turquoise seas, golden sands and glorious sunshine, it’s postcard-perfect. But it is Phi Phi Island that is the most popular spot to turn on the front-facing camera and snap a selfie. The best places to capture the idyllic island in the background is from the three viewpoints, which are all at different heights and give a different perspective. The sweeping views from the Garden at Phi Phi Viewpoint 2 are some of the most beautiful.

Empire State Building

13. Empire State Building - New York, USA - #empirestatebuilding

Instagram 2,960,339 - TikTok 79,900,000 - Total 82,860,339

The 360-degree views of the Manhattan skyline from the top of the Empire State Building are jawdropping. It is one of New York City‘s most iconic buildings. It has featured in countless movies, and now, countless selfies on Instagram and TikTok. Head up to the observation decks on the 86th and 102nd floors and prepare to be mesmerised by the sprawling sea of skyscrapers below. With the safety barriers, it is a little difficult to capture the skyline. So, if you want a selfie with the Empire State Building in the background, head up to The Top of The Rock at the Rockefeller Plaza. If you don’t like heights, one of the best places for a selfie with The Empire State Building from the ground is at 33rd Street between 7th & 8th Avenue.

Big Ben

14. Big Ben - London, England - #bigben

Instagram 3,106,584 - TikTok 66,500,000 - Total 69,606,584

Big Ben is actually the name of the Great Bell inside the Elizabeth Tower, which used to be called the Clock Tower. It is quite hard to photograph the lofty tower but some spots are better than others. The south side of Westminster Bridge is a handy location to get a selfie with Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in the background. If you want to get one up-close, head to Parliament Square but you’ll have to put your camera down low and shoot up, and sometimes that isn’t the most flattering angle for your face. Hello, chins!

The Sagrada Família

15. The Sagrada Família - Barcelona, Spain - #sagradafamilia

Instagram 2,288,103 - TikTok 34,500,000 - Total 36,788,103

The Basílica de la Sagrada Família or The Sagrada Família, is an unfinished basilica in the Eixample district of Barcelona, Spain. This one-of-a-kind temple is the work of genius architect Antoni Gaudí and is Spain’s most famous, and most visited landmark. With 18 towers, detailed sculpture work and stunning stained glass windows, The Sagrada Família is beautiful both inside and out. Wherever you position yourself, your background is going to be incredible. However, for the best selfie shot, with fewer crowds, head to Placa de Gaudi and strike a pose.

Hollywood Sign

16. Hollywood Sign - Los Angeles, USA - #hollywoodsign

Instagram 767,740 - TikTok 32,400,000 - Total 33,167,740

One of America’s most famous landmarks, the oldest dame in Hollywood and a symbol of glamour and dreams of stardom, the Hollywood sign is an iconic spot for a selfie. One of the best places to view the sign and the surrounding hills is from the Griffith Observatory in Griffith Park. From Griffith Park, you can also hike to the sign and take a sweaty selfie right above it. This viewpoint overlooking the Hollywood sign has sweeping views of Los Angeles that, on a clear day, stretch from the ocean to downtown LA and beyond.


17. Colosseum - Rome, Italy - #colosseum

Instagram 1,779,188 - TikTok 20,100,000 - Total 21,879,188

The Colosseum is one of the most beautiful buildings in Rome and one of the most famous landmarks in Italy. It is also the largest amphitheatre in the world. A tour is a must-do activity when you are in the Eternal City. The best selfies, however, are those taken outside with the crumbling Colosseum in the background. For the best vantage point, and most flattering angle for both you and the building, take the photo from the Parco del Colle Oppio and watch those likes shoot up.

Marina Bay

18. Marina Bay - Singapore - #marinabay

Instagram 773,298 - TikTok 20,900,000 - Total 21,673,298

People sure do love showing off their luxelife! That’s why there are so many selfies posted to social media from Marina Bay, the most expensive hotel ever built. The striking looking hotel comprises three 55-storey towers, which makes it look like it is built on stilts. So a selfie from the outside with the towers in the distance is a great shot. For a poolside post, head to the 57th floor to the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool. Pose by the edge of the pool with the shimmering Singapore skyline dazzling in the distance.

Neuschwanstein Castle

19. Neuschwanstein Castle - Schwangau, Germany - #neuschwanstein

Instagram 435,497 - TikTok 20,900,000 - Total 21,335,497

Sitting spectacularly on a rugged hill above the village of Hohenschwangau in southwest Bavaria, Neuschwanstein Castle is like something straight out of a fairytale. In fact, this castle inspired Walt Disney to create the Magic Kingdom. One of the most popular places for a selfie is from the glass viewing platform below the main gate, but you’ll have to join the queue of tourists who also have the same idea. If you want to stand out with your selfie, head to Marienbrücke (Bridge of Our Lady) from where you can photograph the back of the castle.

The Leaning Tower

20. The Leaning Tower - Pisa, Italy - #leaningtowerofpisa

Instagram 279,860 - TikTok 18,100,000 - Total 18,379,860

This graceful and beautiful freestanding bell tower is located behind the Pisa Cathedral. Even though the tower is tilting, it is stable and you can climb the 294 steps to the top. The view from the top is wonderful with the city of Pisa below and the Square of Miracles and its many monuments. This is one picturesque place to take a selfie. However, most people head down to street level to take a photo with the tower in the background. Another popular photo op is pretending you are pushing the tower upright with your hands as a cool optical illusion.

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Pyramids of Giza

21. Pyramids of Giza - Cairo, Egypt - #pyramidsofgiza

Instagram 137,801 - TikTok 17,000,000 - Total 17,137,801

There are three pyramids at Giza. The largest, aptly named The Great Pyramid, is estimated to be over 4,500 years old. It is one of the original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the only one that remains relatively intact. The three Pyramids of Giza are part of a larger complex. The complex includes a palace, temples, solar boat pits and the Great Sphinx of Giza. Getting a selfie with one of the most recognisable sights in the world is easy as there are many great vantage points whether you want to be right up-close or far away so that you can get the three pyramids together in the background. You can also get a selfie from inside the Great Pyramid too. Now that is a cool shot.

Shibuya Crossing

22. Shibuya Crossing - Tokyo, Japan - #shibuyacrossing

Instagram 385,238 - TikTok 14,700,000 - Total 15,085,238

Located in front of the Shibuya Station in Tokyo, Japan this is a fun but chaotic place to take photos. It's also a great place for a time-lapse video. But, if you want to take a photo from the busiest pedestrian intersection in the world, you need to be quick. You don’t have much time before the traffic lights change and the cars start heading right for you. Speed is of the essence so you don’t get in the way of people trying to cross the road too. So don’t stand there looking for the perfect angle. Just snap and go. It doesn’t matter what you look like in the photo, the background will pull focus.

The Great Wall of China

23. The Great Wall - China - #greatwallofchina

Instagram 409,624 - TikTok 14,100,000 - Total 14,509,624

The Great Wall of China is an ancient fortification constructed over 2,300 years ago. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and it attracts millions of visitors every year. However, with a total length of about 21,196km (13,170 miles), you are sure to find an empty, picturesque location. If you have the energy and experience (this section is super steep), hike up to Jiankou. Here, you'll get a scenic selfie with the mountains and other sections of the Great Wall in the background. Juyongguan is another wonderful pass where you can get a selfie with ancient buildings, towers and temples in the background.

Christ the Redeemer

24. Christ the Redeemer - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - #christtheredeemer

Instagram 152,019 - TikTok 7,500,000 - Total 7,652,019

Rio’s glamour and good looks make it a brilliant location for filling up your feed with lots of pretty photos. One of the most popular spots for a selfie though is high up on Corcovado Mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park. This is where you’ll find Cristo Redentor or Christ the Redeemer, the towering Art Deco statue of Jesus Christ. You’ll get some great selfies with the statue from the hiking trail that leads up to it. The crowds arrive early, so, to avoid them, start hiking up around sunrise. If you don’t feel like hiking, you can get the cog train up. You can then take a selfie from the base of the statue.

Cliffs of Moher

25. Cliffs of Moher - Clare, Ireland - #cliffsofmoher

Instagram 634,375 - TikTok 5,000,000 - Total 5,634,375

The Cliffs of Moher are located in the West of Ireland. They are a series of eight sheer headlands that roll off into the misty horizon and plunge some 214 metres into the frigid Atlantic Ocean below. They are cinematic, breathtaking and one of the biggest attractions in Ireland. Stand anywhere and take a selfie and the background will be spectacular. For uninterrupted views of the Aran Islands and Galway Bay visit the round stone lookout called O’Brien’s Tower. For even more dramatic panoramic views, following the Doolin Cliff Walk and Coastal Trail. This will take you from the charming village of Doolin to the Cliffs of Moher.

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