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Here Are The 7 Ghanaian Dishes You Have To Try

The 7 Ghanaian Dishes You Have To Try

Ghanaian dishes are food for the soul, not just for the stomach! The cuisine in Ghana focuses on local ingredients and age-old techniques, with typical produce such as corn, beans, millet, plantains and cassava all featuring heavily in dishes. Food is a huge part of the culture in Ghana, and no celebration is complete without family-style dishes to share.

Hearty stews, crispy chicken and fresh seafood are just some of the delicious things to eat here. Soups are popular too, with all sorts of varieties available. While you’ll get the best experience of Ghanian cuisine in the country itself, you can also recreate some of the dishes at home.

These aren’t just any recipes either. They come from some of the world’s best food bloggers who have recreated the dishes meticulously so as you can make them at home. Make sure to bookmark and follow their blogs for more great foodie treats.

The Best Ghanaian Dishes

1. Shito Sauce BBQ Chicken

Traditional Shito Sauce is a robust pepper and onion sauce from Ghana with a lot of ginger and spices, perfected with umami from shrimp and anchovies.

Recipe created by Tina And David.

Shito Sauce BBQ Chicken

2. Yam Porridge

Yam Porridge is so easy to make that even a complete kitchen novice can successfully create a pot of impressive Yam porridge in minutes. You’ll find this dish in lots of different African countries and it’s easy to perfect at home.

Recipe created by Chio.

Yam Porridge

3. Cashew And Peanut Nkhatenkwan

Ghanaian nkatenkwan is traditionally made with meat, dried fish, and sometimes aubergine, sweet potato or okra. This, however, is a wonderful vegan version.

Recipe created by Rika & Doni.

Cashew And Peanut Nkhatenkwan

4. Ghanian Prawn Curry

If you have the time, marinade the prawns in chilli and seasoning for as long as possible before cooking, which makes them soak up the flavours. Simple but utterly delicious.

Recipe created by Leisa.

Ghanian Prawn Curry

5. Seafood Fried Pies

Savory Fried pies are a common street food sold in Ghana that are usually stuffed with a variety of fillings with options including beef, chicken, fish and even noodles!

Recipe created by Lois.

Seafood Fried Pies

6. Jollof Rice

Jollof rice originally comes from Senegal, but is eaten in most West African countries. The Ghana-style jollof rice is made with beef or goat meat, tomatoes, tomato paste, onions, scotch bonnet peppers, salt, spices and vegetable oil.

Recipe created by Chop Time.

Jollof Rice

7. Ghana Chin Chin

Ghana Chin Chin (Chips) – widely popular fried pastry chips in West Africa with a Ghana twist, featuring strong notes of onions, garlic and a little bite from the white pepper.

Recipe created by Imma.

Ghana Chin Chin

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