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Survey Reveals The 'Dirtiest Places' In A Hotel

Here are the The 'Dirtiest Places' In A Hotel

You might think when staying in a hotel that it’s sparkling clean. And while most hotels do prioritise strict cleaning (more so now than ever), it turns out that even a fancy hotel might not be much cleaner than your own home. In fact, it’s probably dirtier. UpgradedPoints recently did a survey that shows where the dirtiest places in a hotel are.

The ‘Dirtiest Places’ In A Hotel? Think of Common Touchpoints…

The survey found that elevator buttons and door handles were germ hotspots. The average hotel elevator button has 1,477 times more germs than a household bathroom door handle and 737 times more germs than a household toilet seat. The average hotel door handle has 918 times more germs than a household toilet seat.

Dirtiest Places

The next question they explored was how hotel star rating might affect the number of bacteria a person comes into contact with just by riding the elevator or taking the stairs. If you pay more to stay in a fancier hotel, is it more hygienic? Turns out nope, not really.

The average 5-star hotel elevator button had nearly 7 times more germs than the average 4-star hotel elevator button and 1,000 times the amount of germs as a 3-star hotel elevator button.

So keep in mind that if you do touch off these surfaces when staying in a hotel, don’t touch your face and wash your hands as soon as you can.

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