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Irish Slang Words To Sound Like A Local

7 Irish Slang Words To Sound Like A Local


Key Irish Slang Words when Visiting Ireland


1. The Black Stuff

What locals call a pint of Guinness.

2. The “Craic”

Pronounced like ‘crack, this actually means just having a good time and enjoying oneself.

3. Lashing

You’ll hear this one on a regular basis in Ireland. Used when it is raining especially hard outside. As in “it is absolutely lashing”.

4. Ride

Unlike the rest of the world, where you can ride a bike or get a in ride in a car in Ireland, the word has an entirely different meaning. It means to have sex. As in “did you get the ride last night?”

5. Manky

Something that is dirty or not appealing. As in “the house was absolutely manky”.


6. Deadly

Unlike other countries where it is associated with a dangerous situation this word has an entirely different meaning in Ireland. It means something was seriously good. Aka ‘the music was absolutely deadly last night|”

7. Eejit

An idiot. It’s pretty simple!

8. Feck

The slightly more polite version of the word F*ck that the rest of the word uses. Commonly used and not frowned upon.

9. Banjaxed

To be completely broken and nearly unfixable. You could be banjaxed after a big night out, or a bicycle could be banjaxed.


10. Savage

Something that is incredibly good. Example? “The view at the Cliffs of Moher is savage”.

11. Yer Wan

A female.

12. Slag

To gently take the piss or laugh at the expense of your friends. “We gave him an awful slagging”.

13. Fair Play

When somebody does something that demands respect. As in, “Fair play to him for helping yer wan out last night”

14. C’mere to me

Directly translates as: “Could I have a word with you for a second.”

15. Gobshite

Somebody that is a total fool.


16. Culchie

Mainly used by Dubliners to refer to people who are not from the capital.

17. Kip

The first meaning is a place that is a bit of a dump. Could be used for a bar, house or city. As in “That club last night was a bit of a kip”. Can also mean to get some sleep. As in “I’ll have a quick kip”.

18. Cute Hoor

Somebody who is very smart, to the point of being sneaky.

19. Scoops

Beers. Someone might ask you “will we go for a few scoops?”


20. How’s The Form?

How are you getting on.

21. Locked

To be seriously drunk. “Jesus, you were seriously locked last night”.

22. Class

Something that is really brilliant and deserves high praise. “The band were absolutly class last night”.

23. In Bits

To be incredibly hungover.


24. Gaff

A house.

25. Shifting

When you kiss somebody or start going out with them. As In “Did you shift Tommy last night?’

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