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Best Cities in USA For Millennials

The 7 Best Cities in USA For Millennials

Millennials all over the world are finding more happiness in cities, studies show, as opposed to small towns. The reasons why make sense, as there’s better career opportunities and lifestyle. As for the best cities in the USA for millennials?

They need to tick a few boxes: cost of living, affordability of rent, local nightlife, and overall well-being.

Here’s the best cities in America for millennials in 2020 according to the following criteria:

Best Cities in USA For Millennials, How do these rankings work?

1. Austin, Texas

The best city in the world for millennials in 2020 is Austin, Texas. Austin is a melting pot of all of the perfect conditions that millennials look for in a city – trendy cafes and bars, great job opportunities, awesome people, and a high interest in entrepreneurship. Bars and restaurants cater to millennial trends, and the city’s been able to maintain its hometown vibes, which sets it way above other cities in the States.


2. Dallas, Texas

Whatever they put in the water down in Texas sure is working on millennials. This southern state is hot, hot, hot when it comes to attracting young 20-somethings. When ranked for job growth, total employment, cost of living, quality of life, fun index and affordability, Dallas beat out nearly every other city in America.


3. Phoenix, Arizona

Let’s face it, being a millennial is tough on the pockets. With mounting student debt and lower wages, the best cities for millennials are often ones that they can afford. We guess that’s why Phoenix was so popular. A booming real estate market, great weather, and affordability were all other reasons millennials listed as to what makes Phoenix so great.


4. Nashville, Tennessee

Fun, affordable, and trendy are all three very attractive traits that Nashville has. The economy here is booming, with a 30% increase in median wages in recent years and a 48% decrease in the unemployment rate. That, along with the local nightlife make this one of the best cities for millennials who want it all.


5. New York City, New York

There’s no place quite like New York City – if you can afford it that is. New York City is home to the best startup scene in the world, top-notch festivals and quality nightlife. While there are ample career opportunities for millennials here, the cost of living and low peacefulness score lower its score overall.

New York City

6. San Francisco, California

Millennials are fueling a strong startup culture all over the world, and San Francisco is the biggest hub on the West Coast of the United States. The city’s great for entrepreneurs who enjoy going out. However, it’s also one of the most expensive cities for millennials, which definitely hurt its ranking.

San Francisco

7. Denver, Colorado

Digital nomads, listen up! For some odd reason, people rave about the internet connection in Denver, making it one of the best cities for millennials and digital nomads. Wages here are increasing, which attracts business-minded millennials who also love the 420-friendly culture.


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