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Most Popular beaches in the US

25 Most Popular beaches in the US

With so many beautiful beaches across the USA, choosing the most popular ones can be a challenge. We’re taking opinion out of it and leaving it to TikTok. The social media app has become an incredible source for holidaymakers to help choose their next destination, get travel inspiration, and help with planning travel itineraries. Travel content is among the most popular videos on TikTok, and these US beaches getting millions (or even billions) of TikTok views proves that.

Partnering up with the vacation rental gurus at Rentalo, we took a TikTok tour of the coolest beaches in the US! We crunched the numbers on hashtag views to whip up this awesome list. There are some real beauties, with a mix of beach towns and beaches – and surprising entries from Delaware and Oregon.

Can you guess the state that features the most?

Here the 25 Most Popular beaches in the US

25. North Avenue Beach – Chicago, Illinois

TikTok views: 10,100,000

Who would’ve thought the Windy City would have one of the most popular beaches in the USA? North Avenue is the ideal city beach – it’s a part of Lincoln Park, with views of the dazzling skyscraper cityscape from every bit of the curved bay. Fan out your towel and embrace your inner beach bum or rent lounge chairs for extra comfort. Getting restless? You can rent kayaks, too, or hop on one of the nearby walking trails. The popular North Avenue Beach House helps to pique this beach over the other Chicago beaches, with its unique cruise liner design, retro vibe, and unbeatable views of Lake Michigan.

North Avenue Beach

24. Lanikai Beach – O’ahu, Hawai’i

TikTok views: 10,900,000

Blue-green seas, sloping palm trees, sugary white sand, and with the Mokulua Islands in the not-so-far distance – Lanikai Beach is utter paradise. The name translates to ‘heavenly sea’, and there’s no doubting the ethereal quality to this stretch of sand. The calm waters make it great for swimming, so the little ones will love it, too. Given the seas are not too choppy, Lanikai is also a brilliant kayaking spot – paddling to the Mokulua Islands is a popular water adventure, they’re around 0.75 miles away.

Lanikai Beach

23. Galveston – Texas

TikTok views: 14,600,000

With 32 miles of sandy coastline, Galveston is one of the US’ favourite summer destinations. There are plenty of beautiful beaches in Galveston, but Stewart Beach remains the premier family-friendly spot. But for a fun time, groups tend to head to East Beach – it’s one of the only beaches in the area that permit alcohol. Most of the beaches in Galveston are well-trodden, so there are good amenities nearby, including restrooms, changing rooms, restaurants, various entertainment, as well as chair and umbrella rentals.


22. Destin – Florida

TikTok views: 15,500,000

Destin might be a city, but it’s one of the most popular beach destinations in the US. The city is known for its shimmering, emerald waters, and blindingly white sand beaches – thanks to its location on the Gulf of Mexico. Crystal Beach is one of the best in Destin, and the clue is in the name – both the waters and the sand are crystal clear and pristine. It’s really not hard to see why Destin is so loved. Other than relaxing on the beach, visitors tuck into the famous local seafood, play on the world-class golf courses, and visit theme parks.


21. Rehoboth Beach – Delaware

TikTok views: 27,500,000

Rehoboth Beach is a popular coastal resort city, much loved among US families. The boardwalk is bustling with food carts, groups of friends and families, and plenty of entertainment, including Funland – a timeless amusement park that brings out the young at heart. We love the cutesy, old-school vibe to Rehoboth Beach. Think freshly squeezed lemonade carts, wood-panelled beach houses painted in pastel colours, and relaxed surf shacks. The beach itself is clean and wide, with seafront bars providing those iconic Atlantic Ocean views.

Rehoboth Beach

20. Bethany Beach – Delaware

TikTok views: 31,300,000

Bethany Beach is the name of this Delaware town, as well as the stretch of sand that hugs the boardwalk. It’s the perfect small beach town, with white-panelled beach houses, seafood restaurants galore, ice cream parlours, and a relaxed atmosphere. And of course, there’s a beautiful beach. Bethany Beach is mostly popular with families – the kids play on the super-soft, milky sand, while the grown-ups catch up on striped deck chairs. There’s a homely, retro feel to Bethany Beach that makes it such a hit.

Bethany Beach

19. Kiawah Island – South Carolina

TikTok views: 31,700,000

Just an hour outside of Charleston is Kiawah Island – a sleepy coastal town with dreamy beaches. Picture this: light wooden bridges cut through long grass, leading to a wide, expansive beach with the ocean sprawling ahead. It’s the epitome of an American beach town. There are few amenities around, so despite it being such a hit on TikTok for its chic aesthetics, it’s not overrun with tourists. And for the lucky visitors that do make it to Kiawah Island, they often get this gorgeous beach all to themselves.

Kiawah Island

18. Coos Bay – Oregon

TikTok views: 32,200,000

The Oregon Coast is quietly beautiful, with plunging cliffs and rocky outcrops. The beaches here are long and wide, and despite being one of the most popular beaches in the US, often blissfully deserted. Coos Bay is a place to come to relax and recharge in nature when sunny days are filled with ocean swims, cliffside walks along the foamy waters, forest treks, and climbing over grass-covered sand dunes.

Coos Bay

17. La Jolla Shores – San Diego, California

TikTok views: 37,400,000

A firm favourite among surfers, La Jolla Shores is a popular beach in the effortlessly cool city of San Diego. The huge stretch of sand gives everyone plenty of space to fan out their towels or set up their deck chairs. Between the surfers, the palm trees, the Pacific Ocean, and the cliffs in the distance, there’s a lot of beauty here at La Jolla Shores. It’s also one of the best places in the country to swim with (completely harmless) leopard sharks – they’re around between July and October.

La Jolla Shores

16. Santa Monica – California

TikTok views: 39,600,000

Santa Monica is one of the most iconic landmarks in the United States, let alone California. Its pier with its neon lights and bright Ferris wheel are instantly recognisable. The boardwalk has a specialised Santa Monica aesthetic – towering palm trees, flashy hotels, and Route 66 memorabilia. For some, it’s a little kitschy and tourist-heavy. But when the boardwalk ends and the beach begins, the crowds disperse and wide, open sand and the piercing blue Pacific Ocean come into vision.

Santa Monica

15. Cape May – New Jersey

TikTok views: 70,200,000

Cape May is one of America’s oldest seaside destinations, and that legacy is apparent in this historic and beautiful town. The entire city was actually given the title of a National Historic Landmark in 1976 and it has the highest concentration of late-Victorian-era architecture after San Francisco. There’s a lot of accolades going on here – basically, Cape May is charming, old-fashioned chic, Hallmark-movie-esque, and most importantly, it has a great beach. The sands are wide and blindingly white, and the Atlantic Ocean is clean and refreshing.

Cape May

14. Cannon Beach – Oregon

TikTok views: 87,500,000

Mountains meet the sea at the beautiful Cannon Beach. This dreamy town is straight out of a movie, with a quiet, artsy charm and cutesy aesthetic. The beach is dramatic, wide, and stunning – many people come here to see the famous Haystack Rock, which is home to a large population of puffins. Cannon Beach is even more picturesque from above – Ecola State Park has gorgeous viewpoints and it’s just a short drive from town.

Cannon Beach

13. Fort Lauderdale – Florida

TikTok views: 94,800,000

With several dazzling marinas, Fort Lauderdale is the boating capital of the USA. One of the best things to do here is charter a yacht for the day, but lounging on the pearly white sands is a close second. The beach is over 4 miles, so there’s always plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the turquoise coastline views. The amenities are good, too – there are deck chairs, umbrellas, and water sports equipment to rent, as well as restrooms, showers, and changing rooms. There are plenty of seafront restaurants and bars, too.

Fort Lauderdale

12. Waikiki Beach – O’ahu, Hawai’i

TikTok views: 110,200,000

This city beach is a far cry from Hawai’i’s hidden coves and secret bays, but it has its own charm. Despite being a city, the sands are clean and soft, and the sea is blue-green and crystal clear. The scenery is unique, with high-rise hotels blending in with the famous Diamond Head in the background. Waikiki Beach is also a fantastic surfing spot, with fun waves that make it ideal for surfers of any level – there are tonnes of instructors on the beach.

Waikiki Beach

11. St. Petersburg – Florida

TikTok views: 137,300,000

Sitting between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, St. Petersburg (or St. Pete) is blessed with a beautiful beach. It’s always summer in St. Pete, so visitors and locals make the most of the powdery soft sand and turquoise waters all year round. The bustling coastal city is lively and youthful with street performers, concerts, art shows, interesting museums, and plenty of bars.

St. Petersburg

10. Gulf Shores & Orange Beach – Alabama

TikTok views: 255,700,000

Southern Living is sweet when you’re at the Gulf Shores. This popular beach and Orange Beach are often put together, seeing as they’re so close – both beaches have white sands and clean waters. There are plenty of water sports, too. It’s a brilliant spot for a family getaway – visitors fill their days on the many golf courses, at water parks, and walking along nature trails. Combine that with warm Southern hospitality and it’s not hard to see why it’s made our top 10 most popular beaches in the USA.

Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

9. Clearwater Beach – Clearwater, Florida

TikTok views: 288,900,000

This pristine stretch of soft, white sand is often voted the best beach in all the US. The bustling boardwalk is a great place for a walk or bike ride, all the while enjoying the blue-green sea views. The beach itself has shady cabanas to rent, as well as deck chairs for the sun worshippers. It’s close to the popular St. Pete Beach, but Clearwater has more of a family-friendly vibe.

Clearwater Beach

8. Panama City Beach – Panama City, Florida

TikTok views: 701,800,000

Yet another one of the most popular beaches in the USA in Florida? According to TikTok, Florida is the place to be when it comes to beach towns. Panama City Beach is another beautiful, long shoreline made of dazzling white sand and emerald waters. And it is really long – the beach stretches on for a huge 27 miles. The boardwalk is lined with pastel-coloured ice cream parlours, beachy shops, bars, and seafood spots.

Panama City Beach

7. Newport Beach – California

TikTok views: 747,000,000

With the towering high rises behind it, Newport Beach takes us back in time to the ‘old California’. Think pastel-coloured beach houses, boardwalk bike rides, and relaxed surfer vibes. It is on the luxurious end, but there’s still a coastal small-town feel to Newport Beach. While it’s easy to spend all day on the golden sands, there are tonnes to do in the area, too – Crystal Cove State Park is a firm favourite among locals and visitors for its plunging coastal cliffs and scenic viewpoints.

Newport Beach

6. Huntington Beach – California

TikTok views: 747,500,000

Huntington Beach delivers on that laidback, cool, quintessential Californian getaway. It’s the surf city, and there are so many qualified, experienced instructors there to teach the ropes to beginners. But those who aren’t surfing can sit back and watch the pros ride the waves from the 10 miles of uninterrupted coastline. The iconic pier is the perfect place for a sunset walk, too.

Huntington Beach

5. Laguna Beach – California

TikTok views: 781,300,000

Laguna is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beach towns in California, with secluded coves of sparkling waters and fantastic surf breaks. Like most beaches in California, Laguna is a brilliant surfing spot, with fun, foamy waves to practice on. Its hillside location makes way for gorgeous views across the town’s bays and colourful beach houses. As well as being a beach town, Laguna has a thriving independent arts scene – it’s home to several arts festivals, the Laguna Art Museum, and winding, quaint streets dotted with independent galleries and coffee shops.

Laguna Beach

4. South Beach – Miami, Florida

TikTok views: 1.2 billion

When most people think of the beach in Miami, they’re thinking of South Beach. The stunning shoreline practically sparkles, with blinding white sands and turquoise waters. As well as having a stunning beach, South Beach is in its own neighbourhood and community within Miami Beach. It’s home to the iconic Ocean Drive, the Versace Mansion, an array of colourful Art Deco architecture, and a fun, youthful nightlife.

South Beach

3. Venice Beach – California

TikTok views: 1.4 billion

As one of the most iconic locations in California, it’s no surprise that Venice Beach is such a hit on TikTok. The kitschy, colourful, palm-tree-lined-roads aesthetic is synonymous with this bustling seaside town. There’s always something happening at the boardwalk, whether that’s rollerblading, a street performance, live music, or a skateboarding competition at the skate park. The beach itself is surprisingly uncrowded – there’s plenty of space for everyone to spread out and enjoy the quintessential Venice Beach sunset.

Venice Beach

2. Myrtle Beach – South Carolina

TikTok views: 2 billion

Myrtle Beach is a one-stop shop for water sports, lounging on the beach, entertainment, shopping, food, and nightlife. There’s so much going on, particularly along Broadway at the Beach, that it’s near impossible to be bored here. The beach is picturesque and clean, backed by a bustling boardwalk. Along the boardwalk, there are amusement rides, arcades, and plenty more – it’s the ideal family destination.

Myrtle Beach

1. Miami Beach – Miami, Florida

TikTok views: 5.4 billion

Miami is the ultimate good-time destination – drawing in those who love sunny days and long nights. It’s youthful, fun, and eccentric. Miami Beach is a city, but it’s also the name of the beach that lines the boardwalk. While South Beach gets most of the love, Miami Beach rivals it with its soft white sand and emerald waters. And it seems with 4.7 billion views on TikTok, others would agree.

Miami Beach

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