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Here Are The Best Caribbean Islands To Add To Your Bucket List

7 Best Caribbean Islands To Add To Your Bucket List

Heading on a honeymoon? Maybe you want the trip of a lifetime with friends? Or seeking out that one holiday you’ll still be talking about when you are old and reminiscing about the good times?

Well, a good place to start are the Caribbean Islands. With their mixture of stunning beaches, friendly locals, world class resorts and crystal clear waters, you’re guaranteed an fantastic time.

We’ve picked out 7 of the very best for you to add to your must-visit list…

7 Bucket List Caribbean Islands…

1. St Barts

This tiny island is all about the French-classiness it exudes alongside the world class hotels and resorts on the island. A haven for the rich and famous at Christmas and New Year, it makes for great people watching and the perfect place to chill.

St Barts

The additional fun of visiting St Barts is that you’ll need nerves of steel to land at the airport – which has one of the shortest runways in the world…

St Barts

2. Cuba

The biggest of the Caribbean Islands and a real melting pot of culture, great music and passionate people. Being closed-off to many visitors for such a long time gave the island a unique and laid back culture.


The capital of Cuba is a place where time stands still and where you’ll enjoy the best cigar, rum and salsa dancing in the world.


3. Tobago

Not as well known as its sister island Trinidad, but Tobago is actually said to be the island upon which the book Robinson Crusoe was based. The island is a rich tapestry of steep mountains, dense tropical forests and lush beeches.


4. St Lucia

One of the most picturesque Caribbean islands and a perfect place to come for a luxury holiday to lose all sense of time. Stay in some of the best high end resorts where your every whim is catered to and you’ll find yourself blissfully sipping on cocktails with your feet in the sand.

St Lucia

The island is define by the steep sharp Piton mountains which make for a wonderful backdrop for that memorable Instagram snap.

St Lucia

5. The Exumas

Part of the Bahamas group of islands where the sand is as white as you’ll ever see it. When coupled with the emerald blue water, every step feels like you are walking through a postcard.

The Exumas

The main reason for coming here though, is the unique experience of sharing the water with the wild pigs who love nothing more than a nice swim to cool themselves down.

The Exumas

6. Barbados

One of the most southern Caribbean islands, Barbados is a place with a unique charm thanks to the fact it is an independent British Commonwealth nation.


You’ll be spoilt with great beaches, world class resorts, surfing, water sports and you might even get a game of cricket with the locals. Have a Red Stripe beer or a rum to unwind and you’ll be fully in heaven here.


7. Antigua

If you’ve never been you’ll soon see that Antigua is exactly what you would imagine paradise to look like. Ringed with coral reefs, it’s home to endless sandy beaches – many of which you’ll be able to enjoy alone.


It’s also a great place for the sailing and boating communities and a wonderful place to unwind with a few of their famous rum punch cocktails while watching a sunset.


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