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Maryland Slang Words To Sound Like A Local

7 Maryland Slang Words To Sound Like A Local

If you’re spending some time in the state, you will want to know these Maryland slang words to help you speak like a local. From great road trips to tasty burgers, as well as enjoyable cities like Baltimore, this is a state you will want to get to know a whole lot better.

Here are 7 Maryland Slang Words To Sound Like A Local

Downy oshun = Ocean City

1. Downy oshun = Ocean City

“I’m going downy oshun this weekend!”

Jeet yet = Did you eat yet?

2. Jeet yet = Did you eat yet?

Mark says, “Djeetyet?” and John replies, “No, ju?”

Jimmy = Blue crab

3. Jimmy = Blue crab

Jimmy is another word for a male blue crab, but usually only crab experts (a.k.a Marylanders!) would know this. You can tell if a crab is a Jimmy by the Washington Monument-like shape it has on the bottom of it.

Bet = ‘Yes/OK’

4. Bet = ‘Yes/OK’

Whenever you agree with someone or want to say yes, you can just use the word ‘bet’ instead.

Sice = Excited

5. Sice = Excited

It can also be used if someone is over-exaggerating something. Eg: “I shouted at him because he’d siced the situation.”

Hoco/Moco/Carroll/Frederick = MD Counties

6. Hoco/Moco/Carroll/Frederick = MD Counties

In Maryland, locals refer to themselves by counties! Hoco means you’re from Howard County, Moco stands for Montgomery County, etc.

DMV = D.C., Maryland, Virginia

7. DMV = D.C., Maryland, Virginia

Anywhere else in the States, DMV is where you go to get your drivers’ license. Marylanders say it to mean D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

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