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The 7 best walks in Providence RI

Here are the Best Walks in Providence RI

Rhode Island’s capital city, Providence, is famous for being home to Brown University and its tasty clam chowder. However, the city is close to the ocean and has many forests and wooded areas which are ripe for those who want to embrace the great outdoors. Whether you want a ramble by the river, a hike in the hills or an amble around the park, you’ll be accompanied by the most beautiful views and scenery in all of New England. Ready to get active in nature? Here are some of the best walks in Providence RI.

7 Scenic Walks in Providence RI

1. India Point Park, Providence

India Point Park is situated on the waterfront. The park has 1.5-miles of paved paths, which are accessible for wheelchair users and baby strollers. You will pass through pretty grassy areas and follow the bay, and there are historical markers throughout the park that tell the history of Providence as a port city.

India Point Park

2. Roger Williams Park Trail

Roger Williams Park is located in the heart of Providence. This gorgeous Victorian-era park comprises 435 beautiful acres of drives that are great for walking or biking. It is a great spot for a walk, especially if you follow the nearly 4-mile loop trail. This trail has so much to see, from historic houses to ancient trees and impressive structures. It also offers very pretty waterside views. Along the route, you’ll also come across a carousel, a zoo, a museum and a planetarium.

Roger Williams Park Trail

3. Providence River Walk

The Providence and Moshoosuck Rivers run through downtown Providence. Along the river are 2.4 miles of sidewalks and well-spaced bridges, so you can make the walk looped if you like. As you stroll, you’ll see people enjoying the water, including kayakers. You’ll also see sculpture gardens and the pretty Providence skyline.

Providence River Walk

4. Blackstone Boulevard

Blackstone Park & Boulevard is in beautiful East Side. Here you’ll find a 1.6-mile-long street flanked by blooming bushes and trees with bicycle lanes on each side of the median. The Boulevard is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Benches line the wide central path if you get tired or just want to bask in the surroundings. Also in the park is a rustic stone shelter built over 100 years ago as a trolley stop.

Blackstone Boulevard

5. Neutaconkanut Hill Conservancy

Neutaconkanut Hill Conservancy is located on the edge of Providence’s Silver Lake/Olneyville area. It is a stunningly beautiful wilderness park brimming with trees, fields, and wildflowers. As you explore the park, you’ll also discover valleys, ravines, glacial boulders, stone walls, freshwater springs and brooks. Keep your eyes peeled for the abundance of wildlife that calls that park home, including deer, foxes, and wild turkeys.

Neutaconkanut Hill Conservancy

6. WaterPlace Park

The revival of downtown Providence started in the 1990s. Part of this revival was the development of WaterPlace Park. WaterPlace is home to the famous WaterFire art installation. This is a brilliant broadcast featuring music and fires on the water. WaterPlace serves as a reminder of the city’s early history when water covered the area once known as Great Salt Cove. Waterplace Park is home to many restaurants, cafes, and concerts. It is a wonderful location for a sunset walk.

WaterPlace Park

7. Boyden Heights

Boyden Heights overlooks a cove and the Providence River. The trailhead starts at a small parking area on Boyden Boulevard, and there are different walking routes from which to choose. The walks here are great for bird lovers, as you’ll frequently see swans, ducks, and several other species of birds, including orioles, yellow finches, and woodpeckers.

Boyden Heights

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