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Find the Best Deals on Airport Hotels with Enjoy Travel

At Enjoy Travel, we offer the widest selection of hotels at the best prices, making it effortless for you to compare and choose accommodations worldwide.

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Find the Best Deals on Airport Hotels with EnjoyTravel

Got an early morning flight and want to ensure you don’t get stuck in traffic on your way to the airport? Perhaps you have a layover and need somewhere to freshen up, rest your eyes or shower ahead of your next flight? Whatever your reason for enquiring about airport hotels, find nothing but the best deals on airport hotels with EnjoyTravel.

Airport hotels tend to be the easier choice for international or long-haul travellers, as they provide them with a place to catch up on some much needed sleep before they fly. Airport hotels can be located within the airport itself, or within the precinct or terminal and are only a short distance away. Have the assurance that you’ll make your flight on time and won’t get caught up in swathes of traffic by staying in an airport hotel and let us find you the best deals.

How to Choose the Best Airport Hotel for You

We help customers find the best airport hotels with our unique filters, toggles, best prices, sleep and park packages and easy booking system. It’s easier than ever to secure your ideal hotel with EnjoyTravel, and we have compiled this list on what to consider when choosing your hotel, and what to bear in mind.

Consider your budget and preferences

Understanding your budget and what hotels you can book with it is important–whether that’s luxury hotels, on-airport hotels or cheaper off-airport hotels only a short walk or shuttle ride away.

Compare the location and distance from the airport

If you have an especially early flight, you’ll surely want to simply step out of your room and head to your gate, instead of walking or catching a bus to your designated terminal. Choose hotels that are as close to the airport as you’d prefer based on your circumstances.

Check the availability and amenities of the hotel

Check that the hotel you want to book is available on your travel dates, and that the amenities available suit your needs. Do you need a coffee in the morning, or a bath instead of a shower, or room service instead of finding somewhere to eat? Consider these things before booking your hotel.

Read the reviews and ratings from previous or current guests

Reading other people’s first-hand experiences of the hotel can help you make a firm decision on whether or not to book a room. Guest’s reviews are usually unbiased and reliable, giving you assurance that you have (or have not) chosen the right hotel.

What to Expect from Airport Hotels

Amenities and Services

Airport hotels can differ from normal hotels, due to their use as merely a place to stay for business or during a layover. This means they may not have the luxury facilities or space that come with many hotels, such as pools, spas, restaurants or fitness centres. Some airport hotels only feature basic necessities, such as coffee-making facilities, toiletries, a desk and television within rooms, as their purpose is simply to provide comfort and convenience for travellers, and not to serve as a holiday destination or resort.

However, you can also find airport hotels that feature many luxury amenities you’d expect in a holiday resort. Services offered can include shuttle bus service, as the airport is usually a mere 5-10 minute drive or located within the terminal itself; dry-cleaning services, catering and banquet facilities and valet parking. These differ depending on the hotel, but these tend to be the basic services on offer.

Rooms and Facilities

Airport hotel rooms can differ from normal hotels. Transit hotels are small, short-stay rooms that are intended to provide accommodation to international travellers who have a long wait or layover between flights. These tend to be small rooms, with just a bed, bathroom and only very basic amenities. Rooms in hotels that are on the airport precinct tend to be more spacious, and have more amenities and services available. Rooms can also have runway and airport views, and may be susceptible to more noise given the bustle of the nearby airport.

Policies and Cancellations

Some airport hotels offer earlier check in times or later check out times, to accommodate people who have very early or late flights. Transit hotels tend to be free of charge, and on-airport hotels often charge cheaper rates than normal hotels. With airport hotels, you usually have more freedom and flexibility when it comes to booking and cancelling.

Walking distance from airport hotels

Airport hotels that are located nearby to the terminals tend to only be a short walk or drive from the airport. Transit hotels and in-airport or terminal hotels allow passengers to step out of their room and head straight to their gate. For hotels that are a little further away, there are usually airport shuttles to transport passengers to their designated terminals.

Airport Hotels with free shuttle service

Airport shuttle services are available for most airport hotels. They tend to run in regular intervals and operate 24-hours, and are usually free of charge. Check with your hotel’s front desk to see if shuttle services are available at your chosen hotel.

Types of Airport Hotels

Family-Friendly Airport Hotels

Certain hotels can feature family-rooms, sofa beds in rooms, children’s entertainment rooms and ‘kids stay and eat free’ policies. This may be harder to access when staying in transit hotels. These types of hotels are perfect for not just children, but for the whole family too.

Budget Airport Hotels

Many airport hotels offer a lower room rate than normal destination hotels, as travellers tend to only stay for a night or two and only need basic amenities. Rates of airport hotel rooms can vary considerably between the chain of hotels you stay in, and their proximity to the airport, however if staying in an independent hotel you’ll likely find cheaper rates. Transit hotels tend to be free of charge also.

Luxury Airport Hotels

Luxury airport hotels usually feature additional amenities to non-luxury ones, such as pools, spas, fitness centres and premium dining facilities and bars. These types of hotels are perfect for travellers who want to relax and unwind before their flight, and kick start their holiday a day or two early.

Airport Hotels Within Airports

Airport Hotels can include hotels that are within the terminal itself, such as transit hotels. These tend to only be for short-stays and layovers, however they can be used for longer stays too. They tend to be cheaper or free of charge, and include basic amenities, however there are luxury and larger hotels within airports too, which can sometimes be offered by luxury airlines.

Airport Hotels With Parking

Many airport hotels offer parking included in their prices, although some charge a small fee for parking onsite. If you’re unable to find a parking space at your chosen hotel, the airport nearby will usually have some great parking options, such as long-stay, short-stay and budget. There is also off-airport parking which tends to be cheaper, but further away from the airport.

If you don’t have time to drive around and find a parking space at your hotel, some airport hotels offer valet parking as one of their services, meaning you can drop your car off with a hotel staff member, who will then park your car for you. Alternatively book a hotel and parking package with EnjoyTravel and simply relax and unwind when stepping off the plane, knowing you are saving time and money on accommodation and parking.

How to get to the airport from your hotel

Step out into the terminal, hop aboard the shuttle bus or book a quick taxi cab to your assigned terminal. Some hotels may be within walking distance, or accessible via a regular public bus. Airport hotels that are located within the airport precinct are usually within walking distance, or offer shuttle services to and from the airport.

Compare the Different Modes of Transportation Available

Each one of the modes of transport may come with a fee, depending on the distance between the hotel and the airport, and the time of day. Shuttle buses from airport hotels tend to be free of charge, or have a small fee of around £5-10 per passenger. Taxi services operate regularly to and from the airport, and if the hotel is close by the fee should remain low.

If you want to make sure that your transport is always free of charge, opt for an airport hotel that is inside the terminal, or located within walking distance. That way you won’t need to potentially spend money on a public transport option, and it will be much more convenient for you. EnjoyTravel also offers hotel and parking packages, enabling you to get the best of both worlds for a much cheaper price.

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Enjoy FAQs

Usually, the best time to book any type of hotel is months in advance, to ensure you don’t end up disappointed due to a sold out room or higher room rates. Try to avoid peak travel months, as many like minded passengers will likely be looking for an airport hotel.
It’s easy to cancel your booking, and you may have more flexibility on cancelling than you would with normal hotel bookings. Check the website of your airport hotel to see information on its cancellation policies, then amend your booking accordingly.
If it’s important to you, make sure you book a hotel that offers free breakfast in the mornings. The type of hotel will affect this, as transit hotels may not include breakfast. In this case, there are many food and beverage options available at the airport, including in the lounges.

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