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Most Beautiful Bookstores in the USA

7 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the USA

Fancy a cluttered hole in the wall bookshop with tattered furniture, housecats and tea time? How about homes belonging to literary greats that have now been transformed into a bookshop? The nation is home to loads and loads of beautiful bookstores from Los Angeles to New Orleans to New York City and more. We narrowed it down to the seven most beautiful bookstores in the USA to take out the guesswork.

Here the 7 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the USA

1. The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles – Los Angeles, California

The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles is California’s largest independent bookstore at over 20,000 square feet. It’s mainly known for it’s picturesque “book tunnel”, but there’s much more to it than that. On the second floor, it’s a booklovers haven with a maze of over 100,000 books that sell at just one buck each.

The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles

2. The Book Lady Bookstore – Savannah, Georgia

Right in the heart of Savannah’s historic district, you’ll find The Book Lady Bookstore. This adorably cluttered and vintage bookstore is chockfull of great reads, scattered piles of book and knickknacks from floor to ceiling. Hidden staircases and narrow ladders set among dusty furniture and encyclopedias only add to the charm.

The Book Lady Bookstore

3. Brattle Book Shop – Boston, Massachusets

Given that Boston is one of the United State’s most historic cities, it’s no wonder it’s bursting at the seams with gorgeous old-world bookstores. Founded in 1825, Brattle Book Shop is one of the best. Inside you’ll find three stories of everything from rare books to InStyle magazine. Outside on their patio, you’ll find a lovely outdoor space with a plethora of book carts and shelves packed with great reads.

Brattle Book Shop

4. Faulkner House Books – New Orleans, Lousiana

Originally home to William Faulkner himself, Faulkner House Books is a literary heaven. Nestled in the heart of the French Quarter it’s complete with all the fixin’s of the time like chandeliers, floor to ceiling shelves and that unbeatable old book smell.

Faulkner House Books

5. Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar – Asheville, North Carolina

Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar in Asheville is exactly what it sounds like. Sip some bubbly and wander two floors of gorgeous vintage architecture, neverending books and plenty of tufted sofas to lounge on with you new read. It is also home to an impressive collection of first edition books for you collectors out there.

Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar

6. Baldwin’s Book Barn – West Chester, Pennsylvania

What screams charm and vintage flare like a repurposed 17th-century barn turned bookstore? Built as a milking house in 1822, Baldwin’s Book Barn has since transformed into a unique and rustic bookstore. In addition to rare books, they also boast an impressive collection of paintings, estate antiques and other little trinkets.

Baldwin’s Book Barn

7. Housing Works Bookstore Cafe – New York City, New York

Housing Works Bookstore Cafe is a gorgeous bookstore in the heart of the Big Apple with a powerful mission. In addition to boasting an incredible variety of books, movies and music – they also are determined to help NYC’s HIV/AIDS community. They are almost completely volunteer-staffed, and 100% of their funds go towards services for homeless and impoverished New Yorkers struggling with HIV/AIDS.

Housing Works Bookstore Cafe

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