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Here Are The 25 Best Hotels to Experience the Northern Lights

Best Hotels Around The World For Experiencing The Northern Lights

Experiencing the northern lights is something everyone should aim to do at least once in their life. From Finland‘s Lapland to Yellowknife, Canada and back there are plenty of places to witness the phenomenon. Whether you want to spend your days embarking on epic sleigh rides, soaking in hot springs or just chilling by the fire, this list has you in mind. Here are the best hotels around the world to experience the northern lights.

25 Best Hotels to Experience the Northern Lights

Levin Iglut – Lapland, Finland

1. Levin Iglut – Lapland, Finland

Nothing conjures up a stronger sense of winter than Finland’s Lapland region. After all, it’s the undisputed home of Santa himself. Thanks to its north of the Arctic Circle location, it’s perfect for viewing the northern lights. Levin Iglut is undoubtedly the best place to take in the phenomenon. Choose from just 24 remote glass igloos tucked away in the hills of the Lapland. Thanks to the layout of these super lux personal igloos, you don’t even need to leave your bed to view the spectacular light show. Just kick back and relax.

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Arctic – Ilulissat, Greenland

2.Hotel Arctic – Ilulissat, Greenland

Greenland is one of those places so extreme, so wild, so rugged that everyone should experience it at least once. The massive arctic nation is known for its incredible natural wonders such as it’s breathtaking fjords, sky-high glaciers and of course, the northern lights. The Arctic Hotel in Ilulissat is the perfect spot to take in all the majesty of the Greenland landscape, especially the great arctic lights. Located on the UNESCO listed Ilulissat fjord you’ll have the perfect opportunity to see the lights dance across the surrounding icebergs of Disko hotel northern lights

Northern Lights Resort & Spa – Whitehorse, Canada

3. Northern Lights Resort & Spa – Whitehorse, Canada

Ever wanted to go on a wild chase for the northern lights? At Northern Lights Resort and Spa, you can do just that. At this Yukon gem, you can take in the wonder of the aurora borealis from the grounds or go on an epic sled chase to find them. Take your pick from any of the four uber cosy log cabins. Sprawled across 120 acres of wild countryside, you’ll feel as if you’ve really slipped away to another world.

Eliassen Rorbuer – Hamnøy, Norway

image: @crazytravelista/insta

4. Eliassen Rorbuer – Hamnøy, Norway

Next up is the Eliassen Rorbuer perched on Hamnøy in Norway’s pristine Lofoten Islands. Eliassen Rorbuer is not only a prime location to view the natural phenomenon; it’s also incredibly photogenic. The wild ruggedness of the Lofoten landscape is reason enough to visit this hotel; which by the way, overlooks the Norwegian Sea.

Iniakuk Wilderness Lodge – Iniakuk Lake, Alaska

5. Iniakuk Wilderness Lodge – Iniakuk Lake, Alaska

Iniakuk Wilderness Lodge is the ultimate escape to experience the northern lights. Your journey begins with a private ski plane pickup in Fairbanks that will transport you to the snowy grounds of the Brooks Mountain Range where you’ll be in the heart of Alaska’s wilderness. Take in the magnificent northern lights at night and spend your days skiing or lounging in the sauna.

Sorrisniva Igloo – Alta, Norway

6. Sorrisniva Igloo – Alta, Norway

Situated on the banks of the famous Alta River in Norway’s high Arctic, you’ll find one of the best places to experience the northern lights – Sorrisniva Igloo. This ice hotel provides a stay like no other with insane details like an opulent ice chandelier and mindbending sculptures. The rooms are complete with “extreme” reindeer hide sleeping bags to keep you warm at night, and there are tons of arctic activities like sledding and snowmobiling to keep you entertained during the day.

Hotel Rangá – Hella, Iceland

image: @kristjanpv/insta

7. Hotel Rangá – Hella, Iceland

Rural Iceland boasts some of the best viewing opportunities in the world for the northern lights. Head to Hella, a small remote town in southern Iceland, and you fund Hotel Rangá. This four-star resort offers the very best in terms of luxury, serenity and in the winter – aurora borealis. When you aren’t staying up all night to take in the phenomenon, you can spend your days lounging in one of the hotels three geothermal pools. Best part? The hotel offers a service that will wake you up once the northern lights start.

Arctic Gourmet Cabin – Kiruna, Sweden

8. Arctic Gourmet Cabin – Kiruna, Sweden

Arctic Gourmet Cabin is precisely what it sounds like. These cosy two-person cabins tucked away in Kiruna, Sweden provide the ultimate northern lights experience. They pride themselves on providing excellent gourmet fare in addition to quaint and romantic accommodation to make your winter experience perfect. Their slogan is “accommodation with unpretentious serenity and gastronomical indulgence” so you know you’re in for a treat.

Seal River Heritage Lodge – Churchill, Canada

9. Seal River Heritage Lodge – Churchill, Canada

In the remote north of Canada’s Manitoba region, you’ll find the perfect getaway for the northern lights – Seal River Heritage Lodge. In addition to being one of the best spots worldwide to view the northern lights, the wildlife in the area is simply unbelievable. Be sure to book their ‘polar bear photo safari’ so that you can experience the wonder of the region’s wildlife in addition to the northern lights.

Tromso Ice Domes – Tromso, Noway

10. Tromso Ice Domes – Tromso, Noway

Tucked deep in the beautiful mountains of Tamok Valley just a hop away from the Finnish border you’ll find the Tromso Ice Hotel. This wintery heaven is known for its stunning landscapes and incredible access to the northern lights. The remote location provides plenty of arctic activities, too. Spend the day exploring the woods before enjoying a few drinks at the bar before catching the lights.

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Reykjavic Domes Hotel – Reykjavik, Iceland

11. Reykjavic Domes Hotel – Reykjavik, Iceland

If glamping is your thing, then Reykjavic Domes Hotel should be right up your alley. At this picturesque dome village, you’ll be surrounded by the natural wonder of Iceland with everything you need. Just 10 minutes from downtown Reykjavic, it’s incredibly easy to get to and is just secluded enough to have prime viewing opps for the grand arctic lights. Make the best out of your trip by booking one of two of their daytime activities such as a private excursion or beer tour.

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Blachford Lake Lodge – Yellowknife, Canada

image: @missmeghanyoung/insta

12. Blachford Lake Lodge – Yellowknife, Canada

Tucked deep in the wild, wild north of Canada is Blachford Lake Lodge. This rural lodge is one of the most remote viewing locations on the planet for the northern lights and is sure to leave you reeling long after your trip is over. Located smack dab in the middle of Lake Blachford miles and miles from any civilization, experiencing the northern lights here will make you feel as if you’ve transported to another planet. Oh, and don’t worry; despite being so isolated, Blachford Lake Lodge still has all you need for a comfortable stay. Restaurants, excursion options, wi-fi and most importantly, a northern lights alarm service.

Hotel Alyeska – Girdwood, Alaska

13. Hotel Alyeska – Girdwood, Alaska

Want to take in the best of resort-style accommodation, Alaskan wilderness and the insane phenomenon of the northern lights? Hotel Alyeska is the place to be. The massive resort-style hotel is the perfect place to enjoy the pristine surrounding wilderness and catch a few northern lights shows. Spend your days hiking or skiing the surrounding area or lounge in the spa before chasing the lights at nightfall.

Pinetree Lodge – Kangos, Sweden

14. Pinetree Lodge – Kangos, Sweden

Way up in the iconic Taiga forests of northern Sweden is a winter paradise like no other aka Pinetree Lodge. Located in the cosy little village of Särkimukka just off the picturesque Lainio River, you’ll feel like you’re in a real-life winter fairytale. Spend your days exploring the dense and ancient forests that surround before heading to the sauna. Afterwards hit up the Brown Bear Bar for a few drinks before catching the northern lights.

Sheldon Chalet – Denali, Alaska

15. Sheldon Chalet – Denali, Alaska

Sheldon Chalet in the heart of Denali is one of the best locations worldwide for viewing the northern lights. In addition to breathtaking surroundings such as the magnificent Ruth Glacier, you’ll find luxury that just can’t be matched. Spend the day exploring the area via snowshoe or indulge in a gourmet glacier picnic before catching the magnificent light show.

The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge – Jasper, Canada

16. The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge – Jasper, Canada

The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is the perfect place to experience the northern lights. Spend your day pampering yourself at the world-class spa or explore the area by snowshoe and see just how magnificent Jasper really is. Additionally, you can choose from the more than 400 guest rooms or opt for a cabin to enjoy the northern lights – either way; you’re in for an epic winter experience.

Ultima Thule Lodge – Chugiak, Alaska

image: Seth Rosenberg/Facebook

17. Ultima Thule Lodge – Chugiak, Alaska

Ultima Thule Lodge in Chugiak is truly a magnificent place to take in the northern lights. At this secluded winter paradise, you are 100+ miles from any sort of civilization. Because of its remote location, getting there is half the adventure. Everything at Ultima Thule Lodge comes in and out by plane. It’s perfect for intrepid travellers who want to experience the best of Alaska – including the northern lights.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort – Saariselkä, Finland

18. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort – Saariselkä, Finland

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is the winter getaway of your dreams perfect for experiencing the northern lights. Located in Finland’s Lapland, it’s surrounded by lush forests with thick blankets of snow perfect for exploring during the day. By night you’ll snooze under the magical aurora borealis from the comfort of your glass-domed igloo. Did someone say bucket list item?

Hotel Husafell – Husafell, Iceland

19. Hotel Husafell – Husafell, Iceland

Listed by National Geographic as one of the most unique lodges of the world, Hotel Husafell has a lot to live up to. Here you’ll get to experience all the wonders of the wild Icelandic highlands – including the northern lights. Spend your day ice caving or relaxing in the famous canyon baths before embarking on an epic arctic adventure for the northern lights at nightfall.

Treehotel – Harads, Sweden

20. Treehotel – Harads, Sweden

Harads’ famous Treehotel is famous for its unique accommodations or “tree rooms” set in the middle of the surrounding forest. Here you can literally stay “in the trees” and experience the northern lights nearby. We recommend opting for “the cube” which gives an excellent view of the surrounding area and is perfect for observing the dancing lights.

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Malangen Resort – Balsfjord, Norway

21. Malangen Resort – Balsfjord, Norway

Malangen Resort way up in northern Norway is known for being a prime viewing destination for the northern lights. Set on the idyllic waterfront of the Malangen Peninsula, you’re in for some pretty spectacular views during the day, too. Opt for one of their sea-view cabins and be sure to get your fill of their excellent North Norweigian cuisine made with fresh locally sourced ingredients.

Chena Hot Springs Resort – Fairbanks, Alaska

22. Chena Hot Springs Resort – Fairbanks, Alaska

Nothing says winter relaxation like hot springs when it’s freezing cold out. At Fairbanks’ Chena Hot Springs Resort you can enjoy some quality r&r while also getting to experience the spectacular aurora borealis. Spend the day soaking in the ancient mineral waters and taking in the magnificent Alaskan landscape before witnessing the magic of the wintery lights.

Ecohome – Murmansk, Russia

23. Ecohome – Murmansk, Russia

Just 20 minutes from Murmansk you’ll find a cosy little spot known as Ecohome. Take your pick from the five charming cottages onsite perfect for slipping away to after a long day of exploration. Thanks to its remote location, Ecohome is a prime spot to take in the northern lights. Additionally, you’ll have access to mouthwatering Russian cuisine and the surrounding forest at your fingertips.

Winter Lake Lodge – Alaska

24. Winter Lake Lodge – Alaska

Want to get away to the heart of the Alaskan wilderness? Embark on an epic Alaskan adventure with a winter stay at Winter Lake Lodge. This luxury lodging accommodation is so remote that it doesn’t even have an address. It’s simply Alaska, 99508. Whether your aim during the day is to explore by foot, take a cooking class, watch local wildlife or simply relax, you can do all that and more here. The biggest perk of the location is, of course, its remoteness which makes for excellent night shows of the northern lights.

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Kirkenes Snowhotel – Kirkenes, Norway

25. Kirkenes Snowhotel – Kirkenes, Norway

Spend your winter vacation chasing the northern lights at Kirkenes Snowhotel where nature, culture and warm hospitality meet. At this unique accommodation way up north in the Norweigian wild, you have a whole host of winter activities at your fingertips. Ever wanted to try snow yoga? No problem. What about a king crab safari? Done. During the day when you’re still reeling from the aurora borealis from the night before, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy.

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