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7 Unmissable Things To Do In Detroit

Here are the 7 Unmissable Things To Do In Detroit

Detroit is known as the Motor City for its history as a hard-working blue-collar town. While there are automotive-related things to check out here, there’s lots of other great things to do in Detroit.

Think: artsy districts, gourmet markets and a Motown museum.

Here are the seven unmissable things to do in Detroit.

The best things to do in Detroit, How do these rankings work?

1. The Heidelberg Project

We listed the Heidelberg Project in our list of the most Instagrammable spots in Detroit and for good reason. Local artist Tyree Guyton takes empty houses and empty lots and turns them into masterful pieces of art with these found objects.

This colourful and creative area is something to behold and is definitely something to check out in Detroit.

The Heidelberg Project

2. Detroit Historical Museum

The Detroit Historical Museum puts on display over 300 years of this city’s history. The exhibitions here help to detail how the city got the Motor City nickname as well as focusing on the city’s history as a working-class town.

For a great education on the history of this blue-collar town, come to this museum and see for yourself.

Detroit Historical Museum

3. Motown Museum

The Motown Museum is a historical gem for fans of old-school Rhythm&Blues and Soul music. Musical greats like The Supremes, Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonder have also made music here in this museum that is no bigger than a small house.

Come here to learn about a greater perspective on Motown music and marvel at all the cool collectibles.

Motown Museum

4. Detroit Theatre District

Did you know that Detroit’s Theatre District is the second largest in America, right behind Broadway? This district features the legendary Fox Theatre and many other great theatres that have been entertaining locals and tourists alike for close to a century.

Whether it’s a play, musical, or comedy show, there is always something playing at any one of the theatres in this district.

Detroit Theatre District

5. The Henry Ford Museum

Henry Ford is the founder of the process known as the assembly line and this museum looks at Detroit’s industrial past. This museum details the booming times of Detroit as America’s primary city creating automobiles, hence the Motor City nickname.

Come to this museum to learn more about one of the greatest industrial cities in America and check out some of the cool cars made over the years.

The Henry Ford Museum

6. Eastern Market

Eastern Market is one of Detroit’s oldest markets and is open every Saturday. Here, you can really get a sense of community here in Detroit and you’ll find a variety of local and international food, local art, and live music.

Come explore this unique and lively market that stretches out over six city blocks.

Eastern Market

7. Visit Belle Isle

While technically not in Detroit, this island is just a short boat ride away from the city. Belle Isle is an island on the Detroit River and here, you can visit the state park, aquarium, conservatory, and many other great things.

This a great way to spend a day outside busy Detroit city and is the perfect little getaway.

Belle Isle

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