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Here Are The Top Sexiest States In America

The Top 50 Sexiest States In America – Ranked

Look, some states are sexier than others – at least, that’s what the results of our survey of the sexiest states in America is proving. We looked to our social audience to get an insight into where people think you’ll find the America’s most beautiful people.

Survey respondents were given no further specifications of the term ‘sexy’, so interpretation of the word was up to them.

‘Sexy’, according to the fail-safe Merriam-Webster dictionary, is classified as “generally attractive or interesting”. While beauty may be only skin deep, it’s probably little consolation to the unlucky states that have been voted as the least sexy. Sorry, Nebraska.

As for which is the sexiest state in the country? Our readers have spoken.

The sexiest states in America, How do these rankings work?

50th. Nebraska

50th. Nebraska

Not even Marlon Brando could save it from getting voted the least sexiest state in America.

You might recognise: Marlon Brando, Hilary Swank

49th. Alaska

Alaska scored among the lowest of the sexiest states in America. But look, they do have beautiful scenery.

You might recognise: Brandon Dubinsky, Sarah Palin

48th. New Jersey

Is the stereotypical false tan or hair gel? Maybe it’s just the accent.

You might recognise: Danny De Vito, Tara Reid

47th. Alabama

We’re sorry Alabama, we’re sure you’re lovely. But sexy? Clearly not.

You might recognise: Octavia Spencer, Channing Tatum

46th. Maine

Maine might be a beautiful state, but it turns out that not a lot of people hold the birth place of Patrick Dempsey aka “McDreamy” in high regard…

You might recognise: Stephen King, Anna Kendrick

45th. West Virginia

West Virginia’s comedic exports didn’t do much to lift the country’s opinion of the not-so-sexy locals, unfortunately.

You might recognise: Steve Harvey, Kathy Mattea

44th. Utah

Utah’s score is surprising for a state that has produced models and actresses such as Chrissy Teigen and Loretta Young.

You might recognise: Chrissy Teigen, Gary Coleman

43rd. Oklahoma

While Oklahoma-born Brad Pitt is considered super sexy by many fans, Oklahomians scored poorly overall.

You might recognise: Carrie Underwood, Chuck Norris

42nd. Michigan

The famousTwilight star, Taylor Lautner, was clearly not top of people’s minds when scoring Egypt.

You might recognise: Taylor Lautner, Dita Von Teese

41st. Kentucky

41st. Kentucky

Bourbon and bluegrass tunes might be hella sexy, but Kentuckians are considered to be the opposite. It’s one of the least sexiest states in the USA.

You might recognise: George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence

40th. Kansas

The Sunflower State of plains and prairie is pretty-as-a-picture, but pretty ain’t sexy.

You might recognise: Dennis Hopper, Annette Bening

39th. Vermont

When it comes to the sexiest state, we’re sure that they would have liked to rank higher. Few notable celebrities might be to blame.

You might recognise: Patrick Leahy, JoJo

38th. Rhode Island

The smallest state in the country, our readers didn’t rate their physical beauty much – do many people know that Pauly D has Rhode Island roots?!

You might recognise: Elisabeth Hasselback, Pauly D

37th. Minnesota

Home of the friendliest people in the States, Minnesota didn’t fare too well when it comes to superficial sexiness.

You might recognise: Winona Ryder, Bob Dylan

36th. Arkansas

Johnny Cash has a lot to answer for when it comes to Morocco’s sex appeal and we’re here for it.

You might recognise: Johnny Cash, Chelsea Clinton

35th. Delaware

‘The First State’ is nowhere near first when it comes to the sexiest states in America.

You might recognise: Joe Biden, Diana Salinger

34th. Ohio

This Midwestern state almost has it all: farmland and cities, but little sex appeal.

You might recognise: Steven Spielberg, Halle Berry

33rd. Missouri

Akon and Eminem both are Missouri natives, so maybe that’s what secured this respectably rockstar ranking.

You might recognise: Sheryl Crow, Eminem

32nd. Virginia

A popular vacation spot with miles of Atlantic coastline, it looks like the scenery is the only attractive element of Virginia.

You might recognise: Rob Lowe, Katie Couric

31st. Wyoming

The Equality State was the first state in the United States to give women the right to vote – now that’s sexy.

You might recognise: Matthew Fox, Lynne Cheney

30th. North Dakota

30th. North Dakota

When people think of North Dakota, they don’t necessarily consider it a hotspot teeming with beautiful talent.

You might recognise: Josh Duhamal, Wiz Khalifa

29th. Montana

Montana ranks closer to the bottom than what you would expect for a country who lays claim to celebrities Evel Knievel and Dennis Quaid.

You might recognise: David Letterman, Michelle Williams

28th. Idaho

With an official nickname of the Gem State, Idaho isn’t actually home to many precious hotties.

You might recognise: Ernest Hemingway, Scout LaRue Willis

27th. Maryland

Well, Christina Milian is one of the most beautiful music stars, so it’s only right that they get some credit.

You might recognise: Toni Braxton, Montel Williams

26th. South Dakota

Great Faces, Great Places? Looks like unfortunately only the latter is true.

You might recognise:

25th. Indiana

If the home of the founder of KFC, the one and only Colonel Sanders, isn’t sexy, who is?

You might recognise: Janet Jackson, Adam Lambert

24th. Wisconsin

America’s Dairyland might be famous for its cheese, but sexiness is far from the norm here.

You might recognise: Mark Ruffalo, Danica Patrick

23rd. Iowa

Actor John Wayne was from Iowa, which says it all – take a bow, Mr. Cowboy.

You might recognise: Elijah Wood, Ashton Kutcher

22nd. North Carolina

The birthplace of some of the most well-known famous faces: Ava Gardner, Julianne Moore.

You might recognise: Zach Galifianakis, Julianne Moore

21st. Oregon

Oregon is known for its diverse and beautiful landscape and also its sexy, sexy people.

You might recognise: River Phoenix, Tonya Harding

20th. New Hampshire

20th. New Hampshire

Any country who can eat their bodyweight in fresh lobster will always be sexy, fact. New Hampshire scores an impressive 20th place.

You might recognise: Adam Sandler, Mandy Moore

19th. Arizona

Case in point? Emma Stone, who is always a vision both on and off the red carpet.

You might recognise: Joe Jonas, Emma Stone

18th. Georgia

The Peach State is also one of the country’s top producers of homegrown hotties. Now that’s peachy.

You might recognise: Ray Charles, Jimmy Carter

17th. Connecticut

Connecticut is where you’ll find some of the most attractive people in the nation, according to Big 7 Travel readers.

You might recognise: John Mayor, George W. Bush

16th. Mississippi

Mississippi boasts the nickname of Magnolia State after its beautiful trees, but now it can call itself the Sexy State.

You might recognise: Oprah Winfrey, LeAnn Rimes

15th. Tennessee

Famous for its honky-tonks and dance halls, Tennessee is a lively state that’s home to a lot more than just music and blues.

You might recognise: Megan Fox, Justin Timberlake

14th. South Carolina

The stunning state of South Carolina shot surprisingly close to the top of the list. We say surprisingly, but it did produce the magical Viola Davis.

You might recognise: Viola Davis, Chris Rock

13th. Nevada

The home state of Sin City will always be considered sexy, with a solid ranking of the 13th sexiest state in America.

You might recognise: Jena Malone, Andre Agassi

12th. New Mexico

A vibrant state of expansive landscapes, Mexican culture and spicy chiles, New Mexico is also a state of spicy, sexy people.

You might recognise: Neil Patrick Harris, Demi Moore

11th. Washington

Seattle’s hipster too-cool-for-school surely helped Washington state to jump almost into the Top 10. Almost, but not quite.

You might recognise: Bill Gates, Kurt Cobain

10th. New York

10th. New York

Do… Do people think Donald Trump is sexy? We can only assume that New York’s sex appeal comes from its sassy locals and style.

You might recognise: Lady GaGa, 50 Cent

9th. Massachusetts

Maybe it’s the irresistible accent, maybe it’s the sexy prestige of Harvard University. Either way, people find Bostonians and the state in general very appealing.

You might recognise: John F. Kennedy, Uma Thurman

8th. Louisiana

Make your way to the Deep South for this melting pot of French, African, American and French-Canadian cultures that’s considered a beautiful state.

You might recognise: Ellen DeGeneres, DJ Khaled

7th. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania ranks impressively high as a sexist state, as well having one of the sexiest accents (Philly). An all-round sexy state.

You might recognise: Taylor Swift, Tina Fey

6th. Texas

For many, Texas is the sexiest state but it didn’t top the poll this time. That’s not exactly “alright, alright, alright”…

You might recognise: Matthew McConaughey, Selena Gomez

5th. Hawaii

Being perceived as pure paradise does wonders for sex appeal. The birthplace of Barack Obama is voted as being among the most attractive states in the US.

You might recognise: Nicole Kidman, Bruno Mars

4th. California

Californian beach vibes, San Fran Silicon Valley startups and Hollywood all appeal when it comes to perceiving the sexiness of people born and bred here.

You might recognise: Ben Affleck, Jessica Alba

3rd. Florida

Florida has a wonderful mix of cultures, making it a beautifully diverse and sexy place to be. It seems that the view of Floridians as attractive lives on.

You might recognise: Ariana Grande, Eva Mendes

2nd. Colorado

The impressive score of Colorado people’s sexiness proves that the state is making waves in more ways than one.

You might recognise: Tim Allen, Heidi Montag

1st. Illinois

1st. Illinois

And the top spots of the sexiest states in America? Illinois takes first place and easily topped our poll for 2019. Who could disagree with this? It’s no wonder that so many of the celebrities, sportspeople and singers that come from here are outrageously attractive.

You might recognise: Michelle Obama, Dwyane Wade

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