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The Irish Accent – Why Is It So Sexy?

The Irish Accent – Why Is It So Sexy?

In our recent poll of the sexiest accents in the world, Ireland came in at No.3 in the world. It is an accent we are all familiar with, as movie stars and singers like Bono from U2 have sharing their Irish brogue on our screens for years.

But what is it that makes the Irish accent so sexy, and is it easy to replicate? Are you going to understand people when you visit Ireland?

What makes the Irish accent SO sexy?

While Irish people ranked stone cold last in the poll of sexiest countries by looks their accent was 3rd in the world. So, what were the factors?

  • The accent appears often in movies and TV shows
  • There are lots of famous Irish musicians, including U2 and Hozier
  • People from Ireland are funny (usually!) and well-regarded around the world
  • The written word, music and culture from Ireland has spread over the years
  • St. Patricks day is celebrated around the world
  • Products such as Guinness and Jameson are drank all over the world, promoting Ireland even further

In short, there is lots of exposure to Irish culture and how Irish people speak.

Regional Irish Accents

Regional Irish Accents:

As with most countries there are some huge variations in the accent around the country. Somebody form Northern Ireland is going to have a very different accent to somebody from Kerry, for example. This video helps explain the regional differences.

Common Irish Phrases:

There are going to be some words that mean completely different things when you get to Ireland. Here are some examples…

  • Acting the maggot = Up to no good
  • Happy out = Super happy with your life right now
  • The Jacks = Bathroom
  • Grand = Everything is fine
  • Knackered = Exhausted
  • I’m wrecked = I’m very tried
  • I’m locked = I’m very drunk
  • That’s gas = That’s SO funny

Combine these unusual words and the Irish accent and you may start to struggle to understand a little.

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