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The Best States To Be Single In The US

The State Of Being Single – The Best States To Be Single In The US

“It’s not me, it’s you,” “I’m not looking for anything serious,” “dating here is so expensive…” - heard these before? If you have, chances are you’re single and either just looking for a fun fling, or something a little more serious. Either way, it can be difficult to get out there – but here’s the thing: it probably isn’t you.

With over 128 million Americans going at it alone, more and more of us are wondering exactly how to find that special someone. Finding love (or whatever it is you might be looking for) is hard at the best of times, but have you ever thought that it could be down to your geographical location? Each state in the US is very different, all with its charm and uniqueness about them, so it is no wonder that some states are better places to live a single life than others. But, which are the best states to be single in the US?

We have ranked the top US states to be single and rated them out of 300 based on the following criteria:

  • % of single households
  • The average cost of a date
  • Median age
  • Bars per 100k
  • Population
  • Using the ‘happiest states’ statistic from Wallethub

From this data, we have put them in order of the best to the worst – and some might surprise you…

The top 10 best states to be single

The next best states

The ‘okay-ist’ states

The not-so-great states

The worst states

The top 10 best states to be single in the USA

1. Illinois

Population: 12.72 million

Our singles score: 273/300

With a population of nearly 13 million, and appearing 8th on the Wallethub happiness ranker, Illinois is top on our list. Scoring a whopping 273/300, we found that Illinois is the best place for singles to meet, date and possibly go that step further than any other state in the US. Of the population of Illinois, nearly 31% of those people are living in a single household – and this isn’t taking into account singles still living with parents or friends. Along with this, the median age of the population is only 38.3 years of age, making it one of the youngest states to live – although we appreciate not all singles are considered ‘young,’ on average nearly 4 out of 10 adults between the ages 25 and 54 were considered ‘single’ in 2020 – so it does appear the ‘younger’ generations are seeking more help with their love life than those substantially older.

With the cost of living impacting more and more people globally, it is no wonder that people are worried about the cost of a date. In Illinois, the average cost of a date (which we worked out in regard to drinks, dinner and a movie) is roughly $100.83. Although this isn’t the cheapest on this list, they also have the benefit of having nearly 11 bars per 100k, meaning extra money on transport or getting from place to place doesn’t need to be spent (unless you plan to head elsewhere with your new date…)


2. North Dakota

Population: 800,394

Our singles score: 248/300

If you live in North Dakota with a population of just over 800,000 people, with 33.66% of those living in a single household – your chances of finding love (or avoiding it with some fun) are comfortably high. With the median age of people being in their mid-thirties and the average cost of a date being roughly $97.24, North Dakota is a great option for a single life.

North Dakota has nearly 25 bars per 100k, meaning you’ll never be short of places to go within walking distance, and is the 13th happiest place to live in the whole of the state. Although North Dakota is the ‘forgotten’ state for some, for others who call it home it is a vibrant place full of things to do, and people looking for a good time.

North Dakota

3. Wisconsin

Population: 5,935,064

Our singles score: 235/300

Although a greater population than the previous two states on this list, and the population is slightly older with a median age of around 39.6 – Wisconsin still ranks highly in our eyes. The average cost of a date in this state is less than $100 and there are 23.52 bars per 100k – although fewer options than the previous two, there are still quite a few within walking distance. Wisconsin is 21st on the happiness scale, and many people return here after leaving the state for college or further education by choice.

Wisconsin is known for its Native American culture and its friendliness toward locals and tourists alike. Your chances of meeting a friendly stranger here are quite high too – given that over 30% of the population is in a single household.


4. South Dakota

Population: 901,165

Our singles score: 233/300

The largest city in South Dakota, Sioux Falls, regularly appears on lists of ‘top places to live,’ or ‘best places to retire’ – but how is it fair on the single life scene? Well, with a population of just over 900,000, 29.93% of whom are leading single lives, it is a state where you have a pretty good chance to have some fun or find ‘the one.’ The median age in the state is just over 37, and there are nearly 18 bars in a 100k radius, not to mention the fact that an average date costs $97.14. Although not as ‘happy’ as those previously on the list (coming in as the 39th happiest state) South Dakota offers a lot to do and welcomes people from all over the world with open arms.

Home to Mount Rushmore, South Dakota has plenty to do and see while there – and we all know getting out and about and joining the social scene will help you to lead a happier single life, and maybe even meet someone.

South Dakota

5. Nebraska

Population: 1,988,536

Our singles score: 226/300

Despite being quite low on the happiness chart, coming in at 42nd, Nebraska is 5th on our list of top places to be single. Costing on average only $97.65 for a date night and 13.77 bars per 100k, Nebraska is a great place to live that single life. With its very vast and vibrant music scene, plenty for people to get involved in socially and 28.7% of the population living in a single household, it is a lively place for singles to be.

Nebraska, known for its music scene and Kool-Aid is perfect for those wanting to put themselves out there and meet people from all over the world, as well as friendly locals and people looking for good conversation


6. Ohio

Population: 11,852,036

Our singles score: 224/300

Ohio, home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and often overlooked by tourists – this state is one of the best places to be single in the US. The median age of the state is 39.5 years old, and 31% of people are living in a single household (again, not including those who live at home!) Ohio is the 13th happiest place to live in the states and only costs, on average, $98 for a date.

The chances of meeting someone in Ohio are high, as the population of the state is nearly 12 million – and there are so many social events and things to do within the state that you’ll probably find it harder not to meet someone. Whether you’re looking for some fun, or a serious relationship, Ohio is a great place for the lone wolves among us.


7. New York

Population: 20,365,879

Our singles score: 223/300

Of course, it is no surprise that New York is one of the best places to be single. With so much to do and see, and so many of the most famous rom-coms set here, New York is by far one of the best singles states of all time. With over 8 bars per 100k, and on average a date costing around $111.60, New York is full of singles from all over the world looking to find ‘the one’ in a meet-cute incident that they’ll be able to tell their kids in years to come. Alternatively, New York is a great place to party, network and make friends, so you are never too far from finding someone to flirt with, take on a date, or end the night with…

New York

8. Iowa

Population: 3,219,171

Our singles score: 222/300

Although only considered to be the 35th happiest state to live in in the whole of the US, Iowa takes 8th place on our list for singles. With a date only setting you back, on average, $97.44, and nearly 30% of people leading the single life – it is by far one of the best options of states to go if you’re looking for the best single lifestyle, no matter what you’re looking for. Iowa is, by far, one of the best states for getting out there and establishing a social circle, as there is so much to do and see – you really would never get bored here.

Given the fact that there are so many recreational activities, as well as social meet-ups and sports clubs anyone can join, it is no wonder people often find someone to call ‘theirs’ in this wonderful state. Singles spend a lot of time joining clubs, attending socials and generally creating a good network of friends – and maybe even more.


9. Minnesota

Population: 5,787,008

Our singles score: 221/300

Despite being the 48th happiest state in the US, Minnesota is a great place for singles. With an average age of 38 and nearly 30% of people living in a single household – there are plenty of people to spend time with, flirt with and have fun with. Minnesota’s largest city, Minneapolis, is said to have been made for lovers. With stunning scenery, endless things to see and do, and a bustling and thriving economic scene – Minnesota is the perfect place to get yourself out there and meet people.

You will have plenty of opportunities to meet other singles out and about in Minnesota, so don’t worry about being the odd one out. Plenty of other fun singles are looking for love, or just a casual hook-up, so you will be in your element when spending any time in this state.


10. California

Population: 39,995,077

Our singles score: 213/300

California knows how to party – and singles from all over the world come here to check out the dating scene and meet new people, no matter what they are after. Despite being the 44th happiest state (probably due to demand and workload) California is a great place to meet other like-minded singles. The median age of people in California is 36, and a date will cost you roughly $106.16. Although it can seem a bit pricey, there are so many options of things to do, and so many social scenes to get on board within the state. Whether you’re interested in the water sports scene, getting out and about in nature, or just wanting to join a friendly bar crawl – California is the place for you.

They say that there are plenty of fish in the sea, and fishing has never been easier in this vibrant and exciting state.


The next best states to be single in the USA

11. Nevada

Population: 3,185,426

Our singles score: 209/300

Although it didn’t make the top 10, Nevada is a great state to lead a single life. There is fun, and a tonne of social opportunities no matter what you’re looking for. 28.52% of households in the state are single, and it was rated the 16th happiest place to live in the US.

Nevada has so much to offer singles of all ages, with plenty of groups and clubs to join right from the get-go. Nevada is a state where things happen, people feel seen and there is a little something for each and every person that enters the state – and singles are no exception.


12. Louisiana

Population: 4,682,633

Our singles score: 209/300

Louisiana is the second happiest state according to Wallethub – which is partly why we have rated it so high on our list. Louisiana is full of fun singles looking to either party or settle down, which is a great combination if you ask us. 30.25% of people are living alone within the state, and the median age of the area is 37.2 – so it is a great place for young singles to have some fun.

The only downside we could find when it comes to Louisiana is the fact the crime rate is quite high. Although it is still quite a safe state if you stay in the right areas – single men and women walking around at night might not be the safest.

However, in terms of entertainment and having people to hang out with, though, Louisiana is probably one of the best here.


13. Texas

Population: 2,994,5493

Our singles score: 205/300

If you’re a singleton living in Texas, you’re certainly in luck as this is one of the best places to be. With a young demographic of people living in Texas, with the median age being only 34.8, Texas is a fun place for singles from all walks of life. Along with this, there are over 25 bars per 100k, making it a bit easier to find something to do in an evening. Dates in the state cost on average about $99 and there is plenty to do all year round.

Singles events, groups and clubs are always popping up within the state, so it is no wonder it is one of the best places for singles to be in the whole of the US.


14. Missouri

Population: 6,188,111

Our singles score: 205/300

Coming in at number 14 is Missouri. There is so much to do and see and social groups are always popping up all over the place, especially for singles. Missouri is also one of the happiest states, coming in at number 6, and the living satisfaction of those who reside here is very high – nobody has any complaints about the state.

Along with events specifically for singles, Missouri has loads of bars and an excellent nightlife scene that is the perfect place to meet someone organically – especially in the time of social media.


15. Pennsylvania

Population: 13,062,764

Our singles score: 202/300

As we’ve said, we know it can be tricky to meet new people as a single person. But in Pennsylvania, there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people from all walks of life. From volunteer opportunities to local sports clubs and bars – there is an option to meet someone relatively easily.


16. North Carolina

Population: 10,620,168

Our singles score: 197/300

North Carolina is home to Duke University, making it a very serious college state. Durham, where Dukes can be found, also has other colleges like UNC in Chapel Hill and NC State in Raleigh – what we’re trying to say is, this state is full of students, academics, and sports fans and, as a result, more bars, restaurants, and attractions than you could imagine. North Carolina has so many options for singles to meet and mingle that this state is one of the best.

The only setback we found for North Carolina was that it was way down on the happiest states list, coming in at number 31. We suspect this is probably down to people being stressed with studying or academia.

North Carolina

17. Indiana

Population: 6,845,874

Our singles score: 197/300

Indiana has a very open social scene – there are plenty of people around all ready to make friends and meet new people. With the median age being around 37 and 30.88% of people living in a single household – Indiana seems like a pretty good bet for singles.

However, many people in Indiana do marry young, typically speaking. And with college students who appear and disappear every semester, it can be hard to truly form a bond. Despite the area being relatively easy to make connections on a casual basis, finding something long-term may be difficult.


18. Georgia

Population: 10,916,760

Our singles score: 195/300

If you live in Georgia, chances are being single is quite a fun experience – most of the time. With a large population, 28% of whom are living in a single household, there are lots of people in the state looking for other singles to spend time with. That being said, however, the ratio of men and women is pretty uneven, with there being 90 men for every 100 women, according to the data. This means the odds are pretty unfair if you’re a single guy looking for a single woman in the state.


19. Florida

Population: 22,085,563

Our singles score: 193/300

For most people, the thought of living in Florida is a dream come true – there is sun, sea, sand and so much to do that you won’t even know where to start. The population of Florida is huge, meaning there are quite a few singles to find if you know where to look. Precisely 28.64% of households in the state are single – which is roughly 6,325,305 people all on the market.

It may be surprising to know, however, that Florida is only the 18th happiest place to live in the whole of the US – meaning not everyone is as happy as they seem within the state. But, that being said, Florida has so many social events and opportunities to meet like-minded singles – it is a good place to be.


20. Colorado

Population: 5,922,618

Our singles score: 187/300

Colorado is the 30th happiest state to live in, which isn’t bad, but not great either. Single households make up 27.1% of households and there are only just over 6 bars per 100k. Despite these figures, Colorado is a great place to go and have fun and meet people, if you know where to go. In fact, outlined the best dating advice for singles in Colorado with quite a few options for those looking to meet ‘the one,’ or just have some fun, any day of the week in the state.


The ‘okay-ist’ states to be single in the USA

21. Arizona

Population: 7,303,398

Our singles score: 187/300

From lawyers to college students, artists to professors – there are people from all over in Arizona, which makes it a great state to be single. There are over 7 million people in the state, with 27.29% of them living in a single household. However, there are only 4.27 bars per 100k – so where on earth do people meet each other?


22. Oklahoma

Population: 4,000,953

Our singles score: 185/300

When it comes to communication and violence, Oklahoma doesn’t have a good track record – and doesn’t even get us started on the gender imbalance. Although it fairs pretty well when it comes to the percentage of single households, coming in at 28.64% - but if all of those households are one gender that doesn’t help the straight singles out…


23. Michigan

Population: 10,116,069

Our singles score: 185/300

With a huge population, you would have thought Michigan stood quite a good chance of being high up on this list – but boy were you wrong. Michigan is a very happy state, coming 13th on the happiness scale. However, with fewer than 6 bars per 100k and many people already settled down and in a couple, it can be hard to find other singles in the area.

However, Michigan does have Ann Arbor– which was rated one of the best cities to be single, according to research. So, it isn’t all doom and gloom if you live near a city. Just because a state ranks low, doesn’t mean each place within the state reflects this.


24. Washington

Population: 7,901,429

Our singles score: 184/300

Apparently, Washington has a shortage of singles - well, employed ones at least. Women in Washington have said that men are scarce, and those they do meet either don’t have a job or have very little ambition (obviously this goes without saying that this doesn’t refer to all men). This is why Amazon intervened and took it upon themselves to set up camp in the state and employ some of these people in new, valuable roles.


25. Idaho

Population: 1,893,410

Our singles score: 183/300

We’ve finally made it to the halfway point and, to be honest, things don’t look so good from here on out. Idaho only has 24.64% of people living in a single household and has fewer men than women – which isn’t ideal for the dating scene. Idaho also has more people who live with a low wage than most states, which is why quality of life and dating may not be a priority here.


26. Kansas

Population: 2,954,832

Our singles score: 181/300

Kansas has fewer young people than most other states, meaning fewer people are looking for either a relationship or a casual fling. An average cost of a date in Kansas is $98.16, but this isn’t a good sign. The cost of living is quite low because arguably the quality of establishments is pretty poor too – so meeting someone in a bar or another rom-com-inspired way is very unlikely here.


27. Utah

Population: 3,373,162

Our singles score: 180/300

Utah is okay if you’re a singleton, but there are a few negatives that are worth noting. Single women outweigh men throughout almost all of the state – so the men have more to choose from than the women… play fair, Utah!


28. Oregon

Population: 4,318,492

Our singles score: 178/300

Oregon has 10.27 bars per 100k and is the 26th happiest state in the whole of the US – there is plenty to do and see in the state so there are also plenty of people to meet too. The men and women split aren’t too even, but it is still a fun place to hang out and meet new people.


29. Maryland

Population: 6,257,958

Our singles score: 176/300

Young professionals are in abundance in Maryland, and the median age is 38.8 – so with a large population of people in the state that’s quite a few people to choose from. The state is also fun, and lively and there is a lot to do and experience here – but it didn’t quite make the top 10.


30. New Mexico

Population: 2,129,190

Our singles score: 167/300

With absolutely stunning landscapes and an endless array of attractions to choose from, New Mexico is a really fun state to be in, whether you’re single or not. Although it has so much natural beauty, when it comes to bars and places to meet other singles, it does seem to be lacking, with only just over 2 bars per 100k – it can be hard to meet people. But, chances are, when you do there will be endless date opportunities for you to choose from, especially if you like the outdoors.

New Mexico

The not-so-great states to be single in the USA

31. Montana

Population: 1,103,187

Our singles score: 166/300

Kicking off the ‘not so great states to be single’ is Montana. Montana is okay if you’re a single person, but why didn’t it quite cut? Well, there are more men than women for a start, and most people here are aged over 40 and are much more settled in their lives – so finding other singles out and about isn’t easy. That being said, there are plenty of places and opportunities to meet people in the state, so you can always count on joining a club or finding a social event catered for your hobbies and likes and even just solely just to meet singles.


32. Massachusetts

Population: 7,126,375

Our singles score: 162/300

Massachusetts is home to Boston, one of the most tech-savvy and fun cities in all of the US. So why isn’t the state further up the list? A lot of people in the state work hard and play later. Not many people are out and about looking for other singles – but the opportunity is certainly there. There are plenty of places you can meet other singles, you just need to know where to look. If in Boston, there are lots of bars and clubs – so if you’re happy to put the effort in, you will probably do quite well being a single person in the state.


33. Tennessee

Population: 7,023,788

Our singles score: 162/300

Want a cheesy pickup line? If you insist… Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ‘Ten I See!’ Jokes aside, we recommend you don’t use this line on anyone – no matter where they are from. But by the looks of things, you’ll need more than a pickup line to help you in Tennessee. This state has very few dating opportunities for singles, along with having a relatively high crime rate too – this isn’t a great mix when leading the single life.


34. Virginia

Population: 8,757,467

Our singles score: 156/300

Virginia only has 1.15 bars per capita, meaning it has very few options to grab a drink with local singles. Actually, now we mention it… there aren’t actually that many singles to find in the state, as a lot of the residents are older and have settled down with their families or into retirement.


35. South Carolina

Population: 5,217,037

Our singles score: 156/300

South Carolina is 33rd on the ‘happiest states’ list and a lot of people believe they are truly happy in the state. Along with this, quite a few singles are looking for some fun in the city thanks to students and young professionals. That being said, there isn’t much of an opportunity for people to meet each other, as there are only around 3.68 bars per 100k – so as a whole there isn’t much to do if you aren’t in one of the main cities of the state.

South Carolina

36. Rhode Island

Population: 1,106,341

Our singles score: 155/300

Despite having over 10 bars per 100k and being the 28th happiest state – there isn’t much of a dating scene. The median age of people in Rhode Island is 40, and lots of people in the state are retirees looking for somewhere to settle down and relax – but there isn’t much going for singles getting themselves out there.

Rhode Island

37. Mississippi

Population: 2,960,075

Our singles score: 153/300

Mississippi only has a measly 1.74 bars per 100k – which is pretty lame if you want to head on a bar crawl to meet some other fun singles. As well as having fewer places to grab a drink, Mississippi is also the 45th happiest place to live, which is low. Like, very low. Who wants to be single in an unhappy and barless state?


38. New Jersey

Population: 9,388,414

Our singles score: 149/300

New Jersey is the 5th happiest state in the US, which is probably the only saving grace for singles in the state. Other than that, of the large population only 26.4% of people live in a single household and most people are over 40 years of age. Along with this, there are fewer than 4.95 bars per 100k – so finding somewhere to meet other fun singles isn’t the easiest thing to do.

New Jersey

39. Wyoming

Population: 579,495

Our singles score: 149/300

As you can see, Wyoming has a very small population compared to others on this list. Being the 26th happiest state, it isn’t the unhappiest state, but it certainly doesn’t have a very good satisfaction rate. Along with this, Wyoming only has 27% of its small population living in a single household – so your chances of meeting singles aren’t the best in this state.


40. Kentucky

Population: 4,539,130

Our singles score: 146/300

No matter where you are in the world, dating and being single can be tricky to navigate. However, being in the right place geographically can help immensely. Kentucky is one of those places that you want to avoid if you’re trying to make single life easier. Finding things to do in Kentucky within the singles scene is hard and should be approached as a ‘fun’ activity. If you’re a single person looking to find ‘the one,’ chances are you’re going to have to put a lot of effort in to get out there – but you never know?


The worst states to be single in the USA

41. Hawaii

Population: 1,474,265

Our singles score: 139/300

Surprised to find Hawaii down here? We were too – but we have our reasons. Hawaii was ranked as the happiest state in the whole of the United States to live in, so why can we find it down here at 41? Well, Hawaii is probably the most expensive place to go on a date, with an average night costing you around $114.16. Along with this, only 25.21% of people live in a single household, most of whom are retired. With only 6 bars per 100k too, there aren’t many places to choose from.

Hawaii is, however, a very safe place for solo travellers and you can have a fantastic time here – especially if you get to know some of the locals. Everyone does seem to know each other on the island, though, which is why it can be so hard to spark up a conversation when you’re single. But, aside from this, Hawaii is a gorgeous place to visit, with so much natural beauty and culture, you wouldn’t be disappointed.


42. Alaska

Population: 738,023

Our singles score: 139/300

Wide open spaces and the opportunity to spend as much time outdoors as you desire – Alaska is a beautiful state to visit for a vacation or to settle down, which is reflected by being 11th on the happiness list. So why can we find it down here in the worst places to be single section? Well, Alaska is mostly untouched by people with a very small population and only 160,000 acres of the 365 million acres are occupied by people. Although this makes the state a magically beautiful place, it doesn’t leave much room for leading that single life.

Alaska is one of those states that is great to settle down in but not great to be single in. Chances are, you’ll meet retirees, couples and families in Alaska.


43. Maine

Population: 1,369,159

Our singles score: 136/300

The ‘Maine’ reason people come to Maine certainly isn’t for the single life – as it is way down here with some of the worst states to be single in the US. With the median age being 44.8 and being ranked as the 27th happiest state, there is no wonder they aren’t doing well on the list. Maine isn’t the biggest state in the US either, meaning there aren’t many people to enjoy being single with in the first place. Many people come to settle in Maine, as it is a beautiful place to be, but as for having nights out at bars, or meeting new people to possibly start a relationship with, it isn’t the best option.


44. Alabama

Population: 5,073,187

Our singles score: 133/300

Sweet home Alabama – but certainly not for the singles amongst us. With only just over 2 bars per 100k and fewer people per city than most other states in the US, it isn’t the most exciting place to lead that singles lifestyle, to say the least. Alabama doesn’t have the same dating scene as that of New York or Illinois, and there isn’t much in the way of finding love either, as there are far fewer social events and places to meet people within the state.

If you’re a single living in Alabama, don’t lose hope – some of the most beautiful love stories come from the most unexpected places.


45. Arkansas

Population: 3,030,646

Our singles score: 132/300

People from Arkansas are stereotypically very laid back– everything with them is very relaxed. Although this could be beneficial for the dating scene, if you’re just looking for something casual, Arkansas is one of the worst places to be single in the US. This naturally beautiful state is a great place to visit, but when it comes to dating and single life, you might want to think again.

Although Arkansas is considered to be the 3rd happiest state, the dating scene isn’t all that. With fewer than one bar per 100k, Arkansas is spread out quite far. A naturally beautiful state, but not so much to do when it comes to meeting people.


46. West Virginia

Population: 1,781,860

Our singles score: 132/300

It is no secret that West Virginia isn’t the best place for singles, as it has been widely reported and ranked as one of the worst. But why does it have such a bad reputation for singles? The dating scene in the state is bad – like, really bad. There are fewer 20-something singles in the state than any other demographic, and the average age of the state is over 40 years old. Going out and meeting people will make things easier, but it’s a question of where to go. There aren’t many bars and singles events, nor are there many clubs you can go to that already exist. Being single in West Virginia is a lot of effort and energy that does sometimes pay off.

That all being said, West Virginia was ranked as the happiest state to live in out of all of the US states, so it does have things going for it. Everyone in the state seems mostly happy and satisfied, so it is a pleasant place to live generally speaking.

West Virginia

47. Vermont

Population: 646,545

Our singles score: 130/300

Scoring a low 130 on our singles score is Vermont. A few things have contributed to this low score, such as the low population density, the rural nature of the state and the fact Vermont came 17th on the happiness list probably says it all. Chances are, if you don’t make a lot of effort in the community, you will struggle to meet new people – but it isn’t impossible. If a club or social group doesn’t exist, you could always start one yourself if you have the time. In Vermont, you will probably find a lot of singles leave the state or travel for better nightlife and a better singles scene as there isn’t much on within its borders.


48. Connecticut

Population: 3,612,314

Our singles score: 123/300

The 41st happiest state on this list is Connecticut. Connecticut is a slightly older population with fewer bars per 100k than most on this list. A lot of effort needs to be put in to truly enjoy being single in this state, as there isn’t much to do or a very vibrant nightlife to meet other singles. Most parties or social events are arranged between existing friends, and new people to the area mainly meet people through work. Although Connecticut is beautiful, it is quiet and unless you already have a circle of friends to be introduced to a friend of a friend, it probably isn’t the best place to be single.


49. Delaware

Population: 1,008,350

Our singles score: 103/300

Second to last on our list, making it one of the worst places to be single in the US is Delaware. The average age in Delaware is 41, and the average cost of a date is around $101.44 – but what makes it such a bad place to be single? Well, there are fewer ‘events’ aimed at singles within the area, and the majority of people come to settle into the area and enjoy nature. Although we all love some time in the great outdoors, it isn’t necessarily the easiest place to meet people, unfortunately.

Sorry Delaware, it's not you, it's us.


50. New Hampshire

Population: 1,389,741

Our singles score: 81/300

And lastly, we have New Hampshire. Although famous for its stunning natural landscapes, and has been the centre of the American Revolution – New Hampshire isn’t a great place if you’re living the single life. With the median age of people being roughly 43 (which is almost the highest on this list) and the cost of a date being well over $103, not to mention the fact that there are fewer bars per 100k than anywhere else on this list – there isn’t much going for it when you’re single. People tend to come to New Hampshire to settle down, get a job, raise a family and live out their days – it isn’t particularly a scene for people who are looking to meet ‘the one’.

New Hampshire

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