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The 7 Sexiest Asian Accents

7 Most Sexiest Asian Accents

While top rated attractions and beautiful destinations that look great on your Instagram are valid reasons to visit somewhere, what about the people in the countries themselves? More specifically, what about all those sexy accents you can listen to while you travel? The countries with the sexiest Asian accents?

Here at Big 7 Travel, we’re all about inspiring people to visit somewhere new. There’s almost 7,000 languages in the world, with even more varieties of accents, but which is the best? We looked to our audience to find out the world’s sexiest accent for 2019.

The results for Asia are in…

1. Filipino

Gentle and soft, the accents you’ll hear when in the Philippines are simply lovely.

2. Turkish

Turkey has many regional dialects, all of which are quite beautiful to listen to.

3. Vietnamese

Vietnamese is a tonal language, so the accent goes up and down. It’s surprisingly one of the sexiest Asian accents.


4. Indian

With an attractive accent tilt, Indian is fast and easy on the ears.

5. Malaysian

Malaysian accents are becoming increasingly Americanised.

6. Japanese

Gentle and easy listening, Japanese scored respectably.

7. Chinese

Standard Chinese is full of varied tones and quite soft.

Want to learn about even more accents? Check out the sexiest accents in the world in 2019 here.

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