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Parking at St. Louis Lambert International Airport

If you’ve been searching around for St Louis Lambert International Airport (STL) parking for a while, your quest is over. And if you’ve just begun and already found this guide, congrats – you’ve struck gold!

Scan this guide and you’ll find super info on the latest official and offsite STL parking, as well as handy tips on airport facilities, amenities, and hotspots for eating and shopping.

And if you’re rolling in to St. Louis with a little time to spare, please set aside a few hours (or even an extra day) to soak up some of the atmosphere of this famous city.

There’s so much to see and do that you’ll have to prioritize your top picks. For starters, you can visit the iconic Gateway Arch and take a tram to the viewpoint for amazing city and Mississippi River views.

And for something a little different, take time to stroll around Forest Park. One of the biggest city parks in the whole US, it hosts the St. Louis Zoo and Missouri Botanical Garden. If you’re fond of a beer or three meanwhile (or interested in industrial processes), take a tour of one of the city’s many great breweries.

If you’re partial to a ball game, head to Busch Stadium to watch the St. Louis Cardinals take on allcomers – they’re one of the most successful teams in MLB history. And of course, this is also the ‘Gateway to the Blues’, so there’s no better place to indulge in live music and find out more about the history of this seminal genre.

There are also rich pickings for culture vultures at the City Museum – a huge interactive adventure playground that’s a joy for kids of all ages. And don’t miss walking across the Chain of Rocks Bridge. This historic bridge spanning the Mississippi River is ideal for strolling or biking and affords awesome river and cityscape views.

When you’re hungry in St Louis, there are plenty of exceptional eateries to choose from. Tony’s is a legendary local establishment, which has been serving fine Italian fare since way back in 1946, while The Crossing serves American food with a modern twist.

Meanwhile, Salt + Smoke is a brilliant barbecue spot famous for its tender, carefully smoked meats, and The Shaved Duck sells local farm-to-table dishes.

When you want to let your hair down a little, there are bars aplenty too. The Thaxton is a cool speakeasy-themed bar, Bartender serves signature cocktails and high-end whiskies, and Twisted Tree has a rooftop bar with lovely views.

Alternatively, The Gramophone is a terrific live music venue, and the Bulldog has a welcoming ambience and superb beer selection.

If you’ve managed to indulge in even a fraction of these activities, you’ll need somewhere comfortable to rest your head. Choose the Ritz-Carlton for downtown luxury, the Chase Park Plaza Hotel & Spa for a little Central West End history, or the St. Louis Union Station Hotel for a lush downtown pad.

STL Airport
STL Airport

Find the best deals at St. Louis Lambert International Airport

There are a few pro tips to try when you want to find a bargain for St Louis Lambert International Airport parking.

For instance, if you’re able to be flexible with your arrival and departure times, you can avoid paying for parking during peak times like weekends.

You should also keep an eye out for businesses offering discounted STL parking for groups like AAA members. If you consider offsite parking, you can also save compared to parking onsite, and if you book your parking in advance, it’s another opportunity to budget better.

Compare parking at St. Louis Lambert International Airport

14,000 spaces means that STL has a generous parking provision and there are several lots for different types of customers.

And STL has been a forward-looking air hub since it was founded in 1923 as Lambert Field (after World War I flying ace and pioneer aviator Albert Bond Lambert). The City of St. Louis bought the airport in 1928 and renamed it Lambert-St. Louis Municipal Airport, the first passenger terminal was built in 1933 and in the next 10 years, Transcontinental & Western Air, Eastern Air Lines, and Marquette Airlines all served the air hub.

STL became a manufacturing base for McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) during WWII and when it returned to civilian use after the war, growth continued and in 1956 a beautifully designed new terminal by Minoru Yamasaki was added. The airport become one of the world’s first jet hubs in 1959 when TWA started running it’s trailblazing 707 service, and as air travel became more accessible in the 1960s, a new runway was added to meet increased demand.

Renamed St. Louis Lambert International Airport in 1975, today STL is one of the Midwest’s busiest airports, serving a peak 16 million passengers, employing 20,000 people and pumping billions into the regional economy.

What parking is there at St. Louis Lambert International Airport?

Airport parking comparison sites are another avenue worth exploring. For example, APH offers several STL parking deals, including discounts for AAA members, pre-booking, and loyalty program members, while Looking4Parking often has similar deals.

Here are your official STL parking options:

Terminal Garages

Located directly adjacent to the terminals, these garages are the most convenient parking option at STL, albeit not the cheapest.

STL Parking
STL Parking

Economy Parking Lots

Located around 1 mile from the terminals, these lots are perfect for thrifty travelers.

Cell Phone Lot

Right across the street from the airport, the cell phone lot is perfect for picking up and dropping off passengers. It’s also free for the first 30 minutes.

Getting to St Louis Lambert International Airport

STL is easy to reach from nearby towns and cities, which is a relief when you’re driving in.

From St. Charles, take the I-70 East to Exit 213A for Lindbergh Boulevard, then follow that road to the airport.

Driving from Clayton, take I-64 East to Exit 25 for Lindbergh Boulevard, then follow the signs.

Rolling in from Ferguson? Take I-270 North to I-70 East, then Exit 213A for Lindberg Boulevard – after which, you know the drill!

Arriving from Belleville? Take I-255 South to I-70 East, then Exit 213A for Lindbergh Boulevard and follow the signs.

If you’re driving from O’Fallon, take I-64 West to Exit 25 for Lindbergh Boulevard, then follow the signs.

From Edwardsville, take I-70 East to Exit 213A for Lindbergh Boulevard and follow the airport signs.

The typical average drivetimes from these nearby towns and cities is 20-30 minutes (depending on traffic).

STL Facilities
STL Facilities

Facilities at St Louis Lambert International Airport

Facilities and amenities at St. Louis Lambert International Airport are excellent, which is always a relief when considering your pre-flight experience.

For starters, free Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport, so you can check your socials and/or email whenever you like, and there are several places to grab delicious food and drinks (more of which shortly).

When you need to withdraw cash, there are several ATMs located throughout the airport, and the currency exchange is located in the main terminal.

And when nature calls, there are plenty of restroom facilities, and as well as general restrooms, you’ll find family restrooms and nursing rooms.

Pet owners will be glad to know there are pet relief areas outside the airport and STL has a free shuttle between its two terminals and is also well-connected for public transport and ridesharing services.

Another bonus benefit at St Louis Lambert International Airport is its excellent public art collection. There are over 100 works on display and the collection showcases the city’s rich cultural diversity.

One iconic piece is Martin Donlin’s Dream Beyond the Clouds, a 22-foot mural in the main terminal that features an otherworldly nightscape twisted into a DNA double helix. Mind-blowing stuff!

Then there’s Nucleic Life Formation by Amy Cheng. Located in Terminal 1’s Metrolink Station, this comprises a series of 100 waterjet-cut tiles that represent DNA replication and a 22-foot long sculpture representing the fluidity of genetic information.

For something a little different meanwhile, take in Freeform Embroidery by Mike Schwartz: this series of 13 framed embroidery works in terminal 2 depicts a dizzying variety of abstract shapes.

And you can’t miss Michael Hayden’s Celebration of Flight. Located in the main terminal, this stainless steel and aluminum is 16 foot tall and represents a stylized bird in flight.

When you’re hungry at STL, try Shake Shack for delicious burgers, shakes and fries, or Panera Bread for salads, sandwiches, and pastries.

There’s also Starbucks for your coffee, Chipotle Mexican Grill for tacos, bowls and burritos and Taqueria La Esquina for spicy Mexican treats.

For shopping treats, there’s Hudson News with its glossy magazines, newspapers, and bestseller books, and Brookstone for gadgets and puzzles.

Meanwhile, Duty Free USA has plenty of imported high end liquor, fragrances and more, while Paradise Found is the place for locally made keepsakes and souvenirs.

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FAQs about car hire at St Louis Lambert International Airport

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car at St Louis Lambert International Airport

To prevent incurring any fees, it's crucial to adjust or cancel your parking reservation at St. Louis Lambert International Airport at least 48 hours prior to your intended departure. However, if alterations are made within this 48-hour timeframe, a $5 charge will be applied.
Enjoy Travel suggests that the most effective approach to realize significant savings on parking at St. Louis Lambert International Airport is to utilize their online booking system well ahead of your intended travel date.
St. Louis Lambert International Airport offers a variety of parking choices, including terminal parking, covered garage parking, surface parking, economy parking with shuttle service, a cell phone lot, valet parking, accessible parking spaces, and electric vehicle charging stations to meet the diverse needs of travelers.
The most straightforward and efficient way to locate parking at St. Louis Lambert International Airport is by following the clearly indicated signs that guide you to various parking choices, assisted by the well-structured road network within the airport grounds.
Safety protocols for parking at St. Louis Lambert International Airport encompass various measures, including surveillance cameras, well-lit areas, security personnel, access control, regular patrols, emergency services, vehicle assistance, information points, and a focus on ensuring the security and safety of both passengers and their vehicles.
The distance between the terminal and the different parking areas at St. Louis Lambert International Airport can vary, with terminal parking and covered garage parking being the closest, typically within walking distance or a very short shuttle ride to the terminals, while surface parking and economy parking lots may require a shuttle ride, which can take a few minutes to around 10-15 minutes, depending on the specific lot's location.
St. Louis Lambert International Airport offers electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for passengers. These charging stations are located in or near the parking facilities.
Yes, St Louis Lambert International Airport allows parking for extended periods, including overnight stays.
To ensure a seamless experience and benefit from reduced rates, it's advisable to secure a parking reservation ahead of time, especially when traveling during peak periods.
To ensure a seamless experience and benefit from reduced rates, it's advisable to secure a parking reservation ahead of time, especially when traveling during peak periods.
The most economical parking option at St. Louis Lambert International Airport is the Economy Parking Lot. This lot offers lower daily rates compared to the closer parking options like the Terminal or Garage Parking.
The daily parking rates at St. Louis Lambert International Airport can vary based on the parking facility selected, with terminal parking costing around $23 per day, garage parking approximately $15 to $20 per day, surface parking ranging from about $9 to $15 per day, and economy parking often having lower daily rates of around $7 to $9 per day, though these rates are subject to change.
With Enjoy Travel the cost of parking for a week at St Louis Lambert International Airport's ranges from approximately $63 to $175, depending on the parking option chosen, with economy parking being the most economical choice.
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