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Parking at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

Searching high and low for great deals on parking at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport (SDT)?

Grab a cup of joe or a cool drink and take the weight off for a few minutes. Because you’ll find all the crucial info you need on SDT parking here, as well as some extra tips on the best airport facilities and amenities.

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SDT Airport
SDT Airport

Find the best deals at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

There are several alternative ways to find good parking deals at SDT airport (apart from reading this awesome guide).

For instance, you can scour parking sites and apps for bargains, book your parking as early as possible, and check the official website and local newspapers for discount coupons. But don’t forget your airline – ask your carrier if they offer discount parking, because they sometimes do.

Compare Parking at Louisville Muhammad Ali Airport

SDT’s 7,200 parking spaces are spread over various lots and this provision is only part of an impressive airport that has evolved since it was first founded as Standiford Field by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1941. Named after prominent local politician and businessman Dr. Elisha Sandiford, it was handed over to the Louisville Air Board for commercial use in 1947.

In 1950, a new state-of-the-art $1 million facility was opened capable of handling 150,000 passengers annually, and this capacity was doubled by the arrival of a new landside terminal in the 1980s, designed by Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum (HOK).

The airport was renamed Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport in 2017 in honor of the city’s most famous son, and today it’s an American Airline and United Airlines hub, flying to over 100 destinations and processing in excess of 10 million passengers annually.

What parking is there at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport?

Two time-tested parking comparison sites offering deals at SDF are APH and Looking4Parking. It’s definitely worth checking out their offers for short-term, long-term, economy, premium and valet parking.

Let’s take a look at the official parking options.

Parking garage

Situated near the terminal, the parking garage has 2,800 spaces and is one of the most convenient options.

SDT Parking
SDT Parking

Surface lots

With 3,600 spaces, the reasonably-priced surface lots are spread round the airport.

Express Shuttle Parking Lot

If you’re primarily price-focused, the Express Shuttle Parking Lot offers the airport’s most reasonable parking, and you can hop on a shuttle bus to get to the terminal.

Credit Card Only Lot

The clue is in the name with this parking lot. It’s located close to the terminal but you can only pay by credit card.

Valet Parking

The ultimate in stress-free SDT parking, valet parking is close to the terminal and the smooth experience might be worth the premium price.

Getting to Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

SDT is easy to drive to from neighboring towns and cities.

If you’re driving from Lexington, Kentucky, take I-64 E to I-265 N, then exit 12B to Airport Road. Follow the signage and you’ll soon be at the airport.

Cruising from Cincinnati, Ohio? Take I-71 S to I-64 E, then take exit 12B to Airport Road and continue along Airport Road to the airport.

When you’re rolling in from Evansville, Indiana, take I-64 W to I-265 N, then exit 12B to Airport Road and you can’t go wrong.

Arriving from Indianapolis, Indiana? Take I-65 S to I-71 S, then I-71 S to I-64 E. After this, take exit 12B to Airport Road.

Finally, from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, take I-65 N to I-265 S, then exit 12B to Airport Road and follow this to the airport.

SDT Facilities
SDT Facilities

Facilities at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

You’ll find all the modern facilities you expect at Louisville Muhammad Ali Airport.

For starters, there are three baggage claim areas. Carousels 1-3 are in the main terminal and carousels 4-6 are in concourse A. And when you need to swap your US dollars, there are several currency exchange kiosks in concourse A and the main terminal.

Furthermore, a great choice of food and beverage outlets means you’ll never go hungry, there’s luggage storage in the main terminal, and mobile charging stations for your electronic devices are peppered throughout the complex.

You’ll also find well-appointed nursing stations, pet relief areas and restrooms, while free Wi-Fi means you’re always connected to your email and socials.

In terms of shopping, SDT’s duty-free shops specialize in tobacco, alcohol, cosmetics, and fragrances, while you can pick up glossy magazines, books, snacks, and newspapers at the newsstands. There are also several convenience stores selling everyday essentials like toiletries and drinks, the airport gift shops sell t-shirts, mugs, and hats, and you can pick up anything from a new laptop to a replacement cellphone at the tech shops.

When you’re peckish, the fast food outlets serve reasonably priced food like pizza, fries, and burgers fast, but there are also several slightly more formal sit-down restaurants offering table service.

Last but absolutely by no means least, Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport boasts some beautiful public art pieces.

For example, Wings of Speed in the main terminal comprises a huge pair of metal wings representing the city’s aviation industry connections and the essence of flight, and The World’s Heavyweight Champion in concourse A is a Thomas Blackshear mural depicting Muhammad Ali’s iconic world championship win over Sonny Liston in 1964.

And as you might expect, there’s another great Muhammad Ali piece here – The Greatest is a LeRoy Neiman mural showcasing Ali’s career and life.

As you can see, Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport has a very generous and well-organized parking provision and facilities and amenities that make your pre-flight experience safe, secure, and calm.

Whether you’re heading off on a well-deserved vacay or business trip, driving and flying is simple at SDT.

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FAQs about car hire at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

To avoid incurring any charges, it's essential to modify or cancel your parking reservation at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport with at least 48 hours' notice before your planned departure. However, if changes are made within this 48-hour window, a fee of $5 will be imposed.
According to the guidance offered by Enjoy Travel, the most efficient way to realize substantial savings on parking expenses at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport is to utilize their online reservation system well in advance.
Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport provides a range of parking choices, including hourly parking for short visits, daily parking for both short-term and extended stays, valet parking for maximum convenience, long-term parking for extended trips, economy parking for budget-conscious travelers, covered parking for weather protection, and a cell phone waiting area for quick pickups.
For a straightforward and efficient way to find parking at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport, just follow the clearly marked signs directing you to the different parking facilities, all easily accessible via the well-designed road network on the airport premises.
Safety measures for parking at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport include the presence of security personnel, surveillance cameras, well-lit areas, controlled access points, emergency assistance options, regular security patrols, and, in some cases, vehicle registration requirements, all working together to ensure a secure parking environment.
The distances between the terminal and the various parking areas at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport can vary, with hourly and daily parking being the closest, typically within a few hundred feet, while valet parking is often just steps away. Long-term and economy parking options are typically farther from the terminal and may require shuttle transportation.
Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport provides electric vehicle charging stations to accommodate passengers who require charging for their electric vehicles.
Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport typically permits passengers to park their vehicles overnight for extended periods and offers a range of parking options, including both short-term and long-term choices, to meet diverse parking needs, including those requiring overnight stays.
To ensure the best experience and take full advantage of reduced prices, it is recommended to book your parking in advance, particularly when traveling during busy times.
If you arrive at the Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport parking facility earlier than your scheduled time, it could lead to extra fees, and the exact charges will depend on how much in advance you arrive. You can pay these parking costs by using a credit or debit card when you exit the parking facility.
The parking choice that delivers the greatest cost-effectiveness at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport typically depends on your specific needs and the duration of your stay. Nonetheless, economy parking lots are often associated with the most budget-friendly rates for extended stays.
The daily parking rates at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport vary depending on the parking option chosen, with hourly parking possibly costing around $20 to $23 per day, daily parking at approximately $13 to $15 per day, valet parking at roughly $20 to $24 per day, long-term parking at about $9 to $11 per day, and economy parking at approximately $8 to $9 per day.
Enjoy Travel offers various parking options at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport, with hourly parking potentially costing around $140 to $161 or more per week, daily parking at approximately $91 to $105 or more per week, valet parking at roughly $140 to $168 or more per week, long-term parking at about $63 to $77 or more per week, and economy parking at approximately $56 to $63 or more per week.
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