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Parking at Boston Logan International Airport

Jetting off from Boston for sunnier (or maybe snowier) climes? And you need Boston Logan International Airport parking? Well, today’s your lucky day. Because when it comes to BOS parking info, we hit more home runs than the Red Sox.

Speaking of sports, did you know that the prowess of this famous ball team, alongside success the New England Patriots, Boston Bruins, and Boston Celtics, led to Boston’s nicknames ‘Titletown’ and ‘City of Champions’? And these are just two of many nicknames. It’s also called ‘The Olde Towne’ (it’s one of the oldest cities in the nation), Beantown (baked beans are revered), ‘America’s Walking City’ (thanks to the number of pedestrians) ‘The Cradle of Liberty’ (due to its role starting the American Revolution), and ‘The Athens of America’ (thanks to its rich culture).

And these monikers are merely a hint of what makes Boston so special. A thriving art hub since the 19th century, when the city’s great and good established museums, libraries, theatres, and orchestras the masses still enjoy today, it’s a magnet for culture vultures. And as well as the aforementioned pro sports, the sporting calendar includes the world-famous Boston Marathon and the Head of the Regatta (biggest two-day rowing event on the planet). There’s more to Boston cuisine than beans too. The classic chowder is divine, the fresh oysters are outrageously tasty, and the fresh steamed lobster is really something to write home about. Meanwhile, history buffs love following The Freedom Trail around 16 unmissable spots in the city center that honor the Revolutionary War and many more world-shaking events.

Other highlights here include Boston Common (the oldest public card in the US), the lovely architecture around Copley Square (including Boston Public Library and Trinity Church) and buzzing Harvard Square – where students from the iconic university mingle with shoppers, diners and travelers from all over the world.

BOS Airport
BOS Airport

Find the best deals at Boston Logan International Airport

When you set out on your own to find the best deals on airport parking, it can feel like an epic quest. You start searching online. Disappear down a rabbit hole reading about Boston’s best boxers. Finally find a few confusing deals from parking providers of unknown provenance. Pause for a cup of joe. And before you know it, you’ve spent hours online without getting much further than when you started.

But we’re about to take that headache away forever. With crystal-clear information on all types of parking spaces (from economy to valet, offsite to on) that match the needs of all kinds of people (solo fliers to 150-person sports team entourages).

Whether you’re flying to New York to play netball or Los Angeles to audition for a movie, we’ve got you covered.

Compare parking at Boston Logan International Airport

The 19,000 official parking spaces at BOS mean there’s something for every type of traveler – whether you’re in a family car, drop-top sportscar or cutting-edge electric vehicle.

And modern parking facilities are just part of the magic here. Enclosed by Boston Harbor on three sides, Boston Logan International Airport is one of America’s busiest, despite covering a reasonably small area.

And the history of BOS stretches way back to 1923 – the start of its first incarnation as a base for the Army Air Corps and Massachusetts State Guard. Colonial Air Transport (started by Pan-Am founder Juan Trippe) started commercial services a couple of years later and by 1929 these were complemented by passenger services to New York. Rapid expansion started post-WWII, when the airport was named General Edward Lawrence Logan International in honor of a famous local army officer who fought with distinction in the Spanish-American war. International flights (to Ireland and England) started in the mid-1940s and there was a direct flight to Scotland by the early 50s. BOS added more international routes in the jumbo era of the 1970s and is still going strong today, processing 21 million passengers annually.

What parking is there at Boston Logan International Airport?

Official onsite parking options at Boston Logan cover everything from economy lots to luxury reserved services. And there are lots of good offsite choices too.

Take well-established comparison site Looking 4 Parking for example. It offers several BOS options, including Rodeway Inn Logan International Airport – Self Park – Uncovered – Revere, Select Parking at Hampton Inn – Valet – Uncovered – Revere, and PreFlight Airport Parking – Self Park – Uncovered – Chelsea. Now let’s peek at your official BOS parking options.

Central Garage Parking

With short-term and long-term parking, Central Garage is a great choice for your BOS parking. It’s also close to all terminals via covered walkways with moving sidewalks – no need to wear out your shoe leather getting there.

BOS Parking
BOS Parking

Terminal B Garage

As you might expect, Terminal B Garage offers the absolute best access for travelers using Terminal B. Short-term and long-term spaces are available here too.

Economy Garage

Prefer to blow those Benjamins on poolside pina coladas, rather than splashing out on parking? We don’t blame you. Economy parking is perfect for thrifty travelers. You need to hop on the shuttle bus to get to the terminal, but it’s no biggie for lots of travelers.

Disability Accessible Parking

Provided you’ve got a valid disability placard or license plate, you’ll find disabled parking in all open garages at BOS – even if the garage sign indicates it’s full.

Parking for Clean Air Vehicles

There are reserved spaces for EV, hybrid and alternative fuel cars in all Boston Logan’s parking garages. You’ll also find 26 EV charging ports for your use. The same parking rates as regular vehicles apply.

Gold Parking Express

If you’re a frequent flyer from Boston Logan International Airport, you can enjoy exclusive parking (even if the garage is full) with the Gold Parking Express program – check out the official BOS website to enroll online.

Exit Express

Another initiative that creates a smoother pre-flight experience for regular BOS travelers, the Exit Express Parking Card provides fast, contactless, ticketless entry to official parking lots, with no need to pay at a meter.

Getting to Boston Logan International Airport

If you’re driving from Boston proper to BOS, (depending on traffic), it takes around 10 minutes via I-90 E.

When you’re driving from further afield, the GPS address is Boston Logan International Airport, Boston, MA 02128.

BOS Facilities
BOS Facilities

Facilities at Boston Logan International Airport

You’ll find lots of super services at BOS. For starters, families with young kids will be glad to know that there are several nurseries throughout the complex, as well as a cool Kidport children’s play area in Terminal A. There are also ample ATMs for various banks, including Chase, Santander, Bank of America and Citizens Bank, and comfy lounges for Delta, Aer Lingus and more.

BOS also has free Wi-Fi access throughout and is fully compliant with ADA requirements for accessibility – with plenty of Public Services Assistants on hand to help all travelers.

Thinking of staying overnight before your flight? If you’ve got the time, it can make the whole experience feel much less hassled – especially when you’re a large family group. There are two comfy airport hotels onsite – the Hilton Boston Logan Airport and Hyatt Harborside.

If there’s one thing sure to cause discontent when you’re traveling, it’s food. When you’re flying solo, you can suit yourself, otherwise finding something that suits your partner, kids and other relatives can be a pain if the choice is limited. Luckily that’s not the case at BOS – there’s lots to choose from. You can treat yourself to a cold beer at the Harpoon Tap Room, coffee at Starbucks, spicy treats at Currito, and fine wine at Vino Volo. Or treat yourself to prime cuts at Kelly’s Roast Beef, sweet pastries at Dunkin, and ocean-fresh fare at Legal Sea Foods.

Last but not least, you have plenty of chances to flex your credit card at BOS too. Top up your holiday reading at NewsLink, grab electronic gadgets at Tech On The Go, go wild for fancy fragrances at the Duty Free, and enhance your makeup collection at MAC. Before you fly, you can also try your luck at Massachusetts State Lottery – someone’s got to grab that winning ticket!

And there we are. Boston Logan International Airport isn’t one of America’s latest, but it is one of its greatest. Which is no surprise, really. When you’ve been in the air travel business for 100 years, you tend to get pretty good at it.

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FAQs about car hire at Boston Airport

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car at Boston Airport

In order to prevent being charged any charges, it is essential to change or cancel your Boston Airport parking booking at least 48 hours before your planned journey. Nevertheless, if you make any alterations or cancellations during this 48-hour time frame, a fee of $5 will be imposed.
According to Enjoy Travel, the most effective way to secure the biggest parking discounts at Boston Airport is to use their online booking system in advance.
Travelers at Boston Airport can choose from various parking options, including on-site terminal parking, economy parking, and off-site parking with shuttle service.
To find a parking space at Boston Airport, the most effective approach is to follow the signage that guides you to the different parking options. The airport has a clearly marked system of roads that lead to each parking area.
Boston Airport has implemented several safety protocols for parking, including 24-hour security patrols, video surveillance, and well-lit parking areas. In addition, parking garages and lots are equipped with emergency call boxes and help phones for quick assistance in case of any issues.
On-site terminal parking is located directly adjacent to the terminals, while economy parking lots are located farther away and require a shuttle ride to reach the terminals.
Yes, Boston Airport offers electric vehicle charging stations for travelers to charge their electric vehicles. The charging stations are available in several parking areas, including the on-site terminal parking and off-site economy parking lots, and can be accessed by paying the standard parking fees plus a small charging fee.
Yes, it is allowed to park for an extended period overnight at Boston Airport in the various parking areas, including on-site terminal parking and economy parking lots.
It is recommended to reserve a parking spot in advance during high-traffic periods to guarantee availability and benefit from reduced prices.
If you arrive at Boston Airport parking earlier than your booking time, you may incur additional charges, which depend on the time of arrival. Payment for parking can be made by credit or debit card at the exit of the parking lot.
Economy parking is the most economical parking option at Boston Airport.
On-site terminal parking costs between $35 and $55 per day, while economy parking costs $26 per day.
With Enjoy Travel on-site terminal parking costs between $245 and $385 per week, while economy parking costs $182 per week.
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