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Parking at Paraburdoo Airport

So you’re on a quest to find parking at Paraburdoo Airport (PBO)?

Well, you’re in luck, because everything you’ll ever need to know about PBO parking right here, as well as tons of complementary tips on making your preflight experience as enjoyable as possible.

And if you’re passing through this wonderful part of Western Australia, it pays off to make it more than a pitstop. Why not spend and extra day or so right here, and discover its unique vibes?

For starters, Paraburdoo is located at the limits of the ancient (and massive) Hammersley Ranges, impressive mountains known for their gorgeous gorges, riveting rock formations and deep Aboriginal roots. It’s the perfect place for an off-road or hiking adventure and the scenery is outstanding.

And Cheela Plains and Water Tank Hill is another awesome area, with lots of scenic hiking trails which let you take in the local terrain and enjoy its unique fauna and flora.

Meanwhile, for a breath of fresh air a little out of town, choose Palm Springs. This palm tree-fringed spot is teeming with wildlife and it’s a lovely place for taking a cool dip in the spring and unwinding all the way.

And for something manmade but magnificent, don’t miss the Terex Haul Truck, a huge mining vehicle which has become an icon of Paraburdoo’s economic clout.

Speaking of which, you can try to strike it rich yourself by panning for gold in one of the area’s prospecting sites. And Paraburdoo is also home to a wide variety of birdlife, making it very popular with twitchers. So if gazing through binoculars at our avian friends tickles you with a feather, don’t miss it!

Adrenaline-seekers also love dirt biking across the rough Pilbara landscape, and Karijini National Park is just 130km away, with its breath taking waterfalls, dramatic gorges and crystalline pools.

If you’re peckish after all that action, try The Bedford Paraburdoo for burgers, steaks and seafood, or Paraburdoo’s Table for delish farm to plate local Aussie fare.

And Paraburdoo’s no slouch when it comes to accommodation either. The Rocklea Palms is an affordable motel option with comfy rooms and a swimming pool, the Paraburdoo Caravan Park has cabins as well as campgrounds, and Windawarri Lodge boasts free parking, a pub and restaurant.

You might also want to consider which type of vehicle to take to Paraburdoo (if you have a choice). Four wheel drives are a good choice for this terrain, because there are lots of off-road trails and these more powerful vehicles perform well on the roughest roads and toughest conditions.

PBO Airport
PBO Airport

Find the best deals in Paraburdoo Airport

This guide is the ultimate companion to Paraburdoo Airport parking.

But to counter any claims of bias, here are a few alternative ways to find cheap PBO parking.

For instance, it’s always worth checking for parking with your airline or travel agent, because sometimes they have partnerships with local parking companies or offer discounts on official parking rates.

If you’re willing to try off-site parking, this is usually cheaper than its onsite equivalent, there are several street parking options (although please check time limits) and park and ride options can be convenient.

Furthermore, you’ll save money if you park in advance, if you park off peak, and if you’re willing to be flexible with your parking choice – lots further away from the airport can be cheaper, for instance.

Compare parking at Paraburdoo Airport

With a total of 400 parking spaces, including 300 short-term and 100 long-term, Paraburdoo’s parking provision is perfectly proportioned.

And PBO has a history stretching back to the 1960s, when extensive iron ore deposits brought miners flocking to the area to cash in. A gravel airstrip built to host small a

The history of Paraburdoo Airport dates back to the early 1960s, when the discovery of iron ore deposits in the Pilbara region led to the development of mining operations in the area. A gravel airstrip was built near Paraburdoo in 1962 and facilities were expanded in 1967, with a new terminal following in 1972.

Over the years, Paraburdoo Airport has played a crucial role in the development of the Pilbara region, providing vital transport links for mining companies, businesses, and residents, contributing hugely to the economic growth of the region.

And as customer numbers continue to swell, PBO has expanded even further in recent years, with improvements and refurbishments continuing apace. Upgrades to facilities and amenities include the terminal building expansion, the completion of new parking facilities, and deployment of modern security screening equipment.

As the Pilbara region continues to grow and its economy expand, Paraburdoo Airport will become even more important in the future. Today, you can connect from PBO to destinations like London Heathrow, Kuala Lumpur and Perth. And carriers include British Airways, Qantas and Malaysia Airlines.

What parking is there at Parabardoo Airport?

Looking4Parking and APH are two excellent parking aggregator sites (and apps) that are worth checking out when you want all the information possible about Parabardoo Airport parking.

Just pop in your dates and you’ll usually see parking offers with 10%-20% discounts for different groups at various points all year round.

And you can easily compare parking deals from various top providers, side-by-side.

You might prefer the official parking though – let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

Paraburdoo official parking

You’ll find the official parking at Paraburdoo Airport at Tom Price-Paraburdoo Rd, Paraburdoo WA 6754, Australia and it’s possible to book online.

The parking lot offers short-term and long-term parking. Both are secure and the rates are reasonable.

PBO Parking
PBO Parking

Getting to Paraburdoo Airport

It’s reasonably easy to drive to Paraburdoo Airport from nearby towns and cities.

For instance, from Tom Price, the distance is 72.1 km and takes about 45 minutes. Follow Tom Price-Paraburdoo Rd to the airport.

From Newman meanwhile, the drive is a considerable is 327 km and takes about 3 hours and 20 minutes. You’ll take National Highway 95 and Karijini Dr right to the airport.

When you’re rolling in from Port Hedland, the drive from Port Hedland to Paraburdoo Airport is 466 km. Take National Highway 95 to the airport.

PBO Facilities
PBO Facilities

Facilities at Paraburdoo Airport

Paraburdoo Airport is a small regional airport located in Paraburdoo, a town in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. That much we already know. But another interesting fact is that this airport is operated by Rio Tinto Iron Ore and it offers regular scheduled flights to Perth and several other regional destinations.

PBO has a single runway and a terminal building that can process up to 200 passengers at a time. Facilities and amenities include10 check-in counters that are open 24 hours a day, baggage claim area, the security screening area, 2 cafes and 1 restaurant, a souvenir shop and a newspaper shop, and a duty-free store (more of which shortly).

You’ll also find ATMs, a currency exchange bureau, baby changing facilities in the male and female WCs, and good wheelchair accessibility, with ramps and lifts throughout the terminal.

The Paraburdoo Souvenir Shop sells a variety of keepsakes and souvenirs from the region, including kangaroo fur rugs, postcards, and keychains.

And you can grab all your magazines, newspapers, and books at the Paraburdoo newsagent, and the duty-free store has designer perfumes, high-end alcohol and more.

Paraburdoo Airport also has some fabulous public art. The first stunning piece is a large mural called The Meeting of Cultures, by local artist Paru. The piece shows a meeting between different cultures and normal from all over the world mixing. This is a striking piece of art which never fails to impress all who see it.

And the other art piece second art installation is a series of sculptures called The Travellers. Made from recycled materials, these pieces depict the different ways that people travel. Inspirational and uncompromising, these art pieces simply can’t be ignored.

As you can see, the facilities and amenities at Paraburdoo are above average for such a compact, bijou airport. The car parking provision is excellent and there’s everything you need to have a relaxing pre-flight experience and a successful trip overall.

Wherever you’re flying to, be safe and have a happy, successful trip.

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FAQs about car hire at Port Lincoln Airport

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car at Port Lincoln Airport

Paraburdoo Airport offers various parking choices, catering to both short-term and long-term needs. Visitors can find designated spaces for disabled travelers and motorcycle parking. Moreover, the airport provides a convenient cell phone waiting area for individuals picking up passengers.
Secure your parking spot at Paraburdoo Airport and avail discounted rates by making advance bookings. This can be easily done through the official airport website or utilizing third-party services like Enjoy Travel.
Yes, you can make adjustments or cancel your online reservation for parking at Paraburdoo Airport with a minimum of 24 hours' notice before your scheduled entry time. It's essential to review the terms and conditions as cancellation policies may vary depending on your chosen parking package.
Paraburdoo Airport parking costs fluctuate, ranging approximately from $2 per hour for short-term parking to $15-25 per day for long-term parking options.
Paraburdoo Airport Parking prioritizes traveler safety by offering a multi-level car park for shorter stays and secure enclosed spaces for extended stays. The airport maintains continuous CCTV surveillance and regular security patrols to ensure the safety and security of all parking facilities.
To secure your spot and potentially save costs, it's advisable to make an advanced reservation for Paraburdoo Airport Parking. This not only guarantees availability but also expands your parking options.
Absolutely, overnight parking is permitted at Paraburdoo Airport. The airport offers both short-term and long-term parking choices, with rates varying based on the duration of your stay.
Given its compact size, Paraburdoo Airport generally has parking areas within walking distance of the terminal. Therefore, a shuttle bus service is typically not necessary.
Yes, Paraburdoo Airport provides designated parking spaces for travelers with disabilities. These spaces are conveniently located near the terminal building, ensuring accessibility and convenience for passengers with special needs.
While it's possible to park without a prior booking, planning ahead and reserving your parking spot at Paraburdoo Airport is advisable. This helps avoid potential challenges in finding available spaces and potential cost escalations. Platforms like Enjoy Travel or similar services offer convenience and potential cost-saving benefits for advance bookings.

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