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Parking at Mount Isa Airport

Flying from Mount Isa Airport (ISA)? Driving to the airport? Looking for parking?

If you just nodded three times, congratulations, because you’ve landed in internet heaven.

Stick with this great guide and you’ll grab everything that’s worth knowing about Mount Isa Airport parking and a lot more besides – like airport amenities and the best spots to eat and shop, for instance.

We’ll get stuck into all the ins and outs of ISA airport parking shortly, but it’s worth taking a quick pitstop at Mount Isa itself first. Because if you’re just passing through, it’s a bit of a hidden gem well worth exploring.

There are a shedload of things to see and do in the area. First off, you can dig into Mount Isa’s proud mining past at the at the Underground Hospital and Museum. Once a crucial medical center for miners, this unique historical hotspot showcases the inventiveness and determination that were mandatory in this tough trade.

Then, sticking with the subterranean theme, who not explore the Riversleigh Fossil Discovery Centre? This UNESCO World Heritage Site has revealed a huge collection of fossils that let you step into the past and imagine the plants and animals that populated the area millions of years ago.

And to chill out above ground, don’t miss beautiful Lake Moondarra. Just a short drive from Mount Isa, this blissful body of water is an ideal place to relax or try kayaking, boating or fishing.

The scenery doesn’t stop there either. Mount Isa City Lookout affords amazing panoramic vistas of the city and its surroundings and it’s a top spot for watching chameleonic sunsets.

Meanwhile, if you’re feeling energetic, take a hike to Telstra Hill, an iconic landmark offering sweeping views of Mount Isa and the surrounding landscape. And for an authentic Aussie day out, treat yourself to a Bush Tucker Experience, where you’ll learn all about Aboriginal foods, medicine and culture.

And for something a little different, the Mount Isa Mines Rodeo highlights the breath taking skills of rodeo riders from across Australia, with competitions like bull riding and barrel racing. Plus, the Mount Isa Family Fun Park is the perfect place for parents to relax with younger kids.

If you’re looking for somewhere comfy to stay after all that excitement and stimulation, take your pick from Isa Hotel, with its brilliant bar & grill, Redearth Boutique Hotel with its restaurant, tapas lounge and eatery, and the Xtra Mile café, a friendly spot loved by both locals and visitors.

Meanwhile, top spots for socialising include The Isa Club, The Exchange Hotel and The Railway Hotel.

ISA Airport
ISA Airport

Find the best deals at Mount Isa Airport

Obviously, the best way to find great parking deals at Mount Isa Airport is what you’re doing right now – reading this marvellous guide.

But there are other ways to get your ISA parking sorted. For instance, lots of off-site parking companies offer discount rates if you book in advance, if you can be as flexible as possible with your arrangements, you’ve got a better chance of saving money, and if you consider parking offsite, you could be on a winner too.

Hotels near the airport also sometimes offer cheap parking and you should always check the local press and internet for parking coupons and deals.

Compare parking at Mount Isa Airport

Mount Isa Airport boasts a total of 284 parking spaces, including 196 short-term and 88 long-term.

First established in 1922 when an aerodrome was built south of the city center, when Mount Isa grew and its mining operations expanded, the air hub was relocated to its present site in 1950.

Initially used by miners and other workers involved in the mining industry, Mount Isa launched more commercial and leisure services as it developed into a regional center.

The current terminal building was constructed in 1969, improved in 1989 and extensively refurbished in 2000.

Today, Mount Isa Airport is a contemporary and well-appointed air hub which is a vital transport link for the city and region. It’s home to several airlines, including Qantas, Virgin Australia, and Rex, and it offers a variety of domestic and regional flights.

What parking is there at Mount Isa Airport?

Speaking of mining, parking comparison apps and sites are other rich seams of ISA parking offers.

Looking4Parking and APH are two of the best. Looking4Parking offers various discounts, including up to half-price on long-term parking, early-bird discounts before 10am, late-night discounts after 8pm and weekend discounts.

Meanwhile, APH provides money off long-term parking, early bird and late night discounts.

If you prefer the official options though, here they are.

Short-term parking

Located right in front of the terminal building, short-term parking is ideal when you’re quickly picking up or dropping off passengers. It’s not the cheapest option though, and fees are charged at 30 minute increments, with a maximum daily rate.

ISA Parking
ISA Parking

Long-term parking

Just a quick walk from the terminal building, long-term parking is a cheaper option for travelers who are parking for longer periods of time. The rate is based on a daily fee.

Accessible parking

Available in both the short-term and long-term parking lots, accessible parking spaces are located close to the terminal building and clearly marked.

Oversized vehicle parking

Available in the long-term parking lot, oversized vehicle parking is available on a nightly basis.

Getting to Mount Isa Airport

The drive to Mount Isa Airport from nearby towns and cities is straightforward and relaxing – which is good news for the driver and everyone else involved.

From Cloncurry, start at the intersection of Wills Street and Landsborough Street, then turn right onto Landsborough Street and continue for 1.1 miles. After this, turn left onto John Flynn Drive and drive for 0.8 miles, take a right onto Kennedy Highway and drive for 100 miles. Finally, turn right onto Mount Isa Airport Access Road and drive for 2.8 miles, then turn left and follow the signs to Mount Isa Airport.

From Burketown meanwhile, start at the intersection of Burke Street and Wills Street, turn left onto Wills Street and drive for 0.7 miles. Next, turn right onto Kennedy Highway and drive for 236 147 miles. Then turn right onto Mount Isa Airport Access Road and you already know the rest!

If you’re rolling in from Mount Surprise, start at the intersection of Main Street and Davidson Street, turn left onto Davidson Street and drive for 0.3 miles, turn right onto Kennedy Highway and continue for 104 miles, then turn right onto Mount Isa Airport Access Road and follow the usual directions.

ISA Facilities
ISA Facilities

Facilities at Mount Isa Airport

A regional airport that offers a variety of facilities and amenities for passengers, Mount Isa has all the mod cons you’ll expect.

For example, terminal facilities include a generous six check-in counters, one ample baggage claim carousel means it’s easy to spot your luggage, and one security screening checkpoint ensures everyone’s present and correct.

There’s an ATM when you need to draw cash, well-appointed public toilets are peppered throughout, and the terminal is accessible to travellers with disabilities, thanks to ramps and lifts throughout, as well as accessible toilets.

Passenger services include a handy lost and found office, baggage handling for those who need assistance, and a useful passenger information counter.

When you’re peckish, Cloverleaf Café serves various hot and cold drinks, as well as light refreshments, and The Coffee Club Cafe - Mt Isa offers all-day breakfast and cafe lunches, plus signature coffee blends.

Alternatively, get your caffeine and pastry fix at Bambino Espresso, or tuck into pies, cakes and pastries and Grant’s Cakes and Pies.

For shopping, The Buffs Club boasts a wide choice of souvenirs, gifts and keepsakes, while The Xtra Mile specialises in clothes and gifts.

And Mount Isa Airport is home to lots of lovely public art, as it happens.

Firstly, there’s a mural by artist Milt Way depicting the history of Mount Isa and the surrounding region. Then, a sculpture by artist John Olsen called "The Miner", pays tribute to the miners who have worked in the Mount Isa region. And last but not least, a kinetic sculpture by artist George Rickey called "Two Red Squares" is located in the airport terminal.

There you go. The most comprehensive guide to mount Isa Airport parking you’ll ever read in your life. Wherever you’re flying to, have fun and be safe.

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FAQs about car hire at Mount Isa Airport

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car at Mount Isa Airport

Mount Isa Airport provides various parking options, including both short-term and long-term choices. There are designated areas for disabled travelers, as well as specific spaces for motorcycles. Additionally, a convenient cell phone waiting area is available for individuals picking up passengers.
To secure your parking spot and benefit from discounted rates, it is recommended to make advance bookings for Mount Isa Airport Parking. This can be done through the official airport website or third-party services specializing in parking solutions.
In the event that you need to adjust or cancel your online reservation for parking at Mount Isa Airport, it is crucial to make these modifications with a minimum of 24 hours' notice before your designated entry time. Be sure to review the terms and conditions, as cancellation policies may vary depending on your chosen parking package.
The cost of parking at Mount Isa Airport varies, typically ranging from around $2 per hour for short-term parking to approximately $15-25 per day for long-term parking.
Absolutely, Mount Isa Airport Parking prioritizes the safety of travelers. With options like a multi-level car park for short stays and a secure enclosed space for extended stays, the airport employs security measures such as continuous CCTV surveillance and regular patrols by security personnel to ensure the safety of the parking facilities.
For both securing your spot and potential cost savings, it is advisable to make an advanced reservation for Mount Isa Airport Parking. This not only ensures availability but also provides a broader range of parking choices.
Certainly, overnight parking is permitted at Mount Isa Airport. The airport offers both short-term and long-term parking choices, with the cost varying based on the duration of your stay, whether it's for hours, days, or weeks.
Mount Isa Airport, being a regional airport, typically has parking areas within walking distance of the terminal. As such, a shuttle bus service is usually not necessary.
Yes, Mount Isa Airport typically provides designated parking spaces for travelers with disabilities. These spaces are conveniently located close to the terminal building to ensure accessibility and convenience for passengers with special needs.
While parking without a prior booking is an option, it is advisable to plan ahead and reserve your parking at Mount Isa Airport. This helps avoid challenges in finding available spots and potential cost increases. Platforms specializing in parking services can offer both convenience and potential cost-saving benefits for advance bookings.

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