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Parking at Kalgoorlie Airpor

You’re looking for the best parking deals at Kalgoorlie Airport (KGI).

And we’ve searched high and low to get you all the KGI parking tips you need, plus lots of guidance on airport eating, shopping, and local attractions.

But if you’re driving in from out of town and just passing through, perhaps you want to take a pit stop – because there are so many fantastic things to see and do in this area.

Kalgoorlie is a buzzing city in Western Australia's Goldfields, with an awesome blend of culture, history and outdoor attractions, so there are tons of delightful distractions in the area.

First off, you can dig into goldrush history by visiting the Hannans North Tourist Mine, where you actually go underground for an authentic experience that showcases this fascinating industry’s history and techniques.

If this gives you gold fever, don’t miss the Museum of the Goldfields where interactive exhibits and rare artifacts tell more of the story. And as you walk along the Golden Mile you’ll see the spoils of the city’s gilded age in beautiful historic buildings with rare architecture. And there’s more. Because as well as brilliant buildings, the Golden Mile is also home to some seriously creative sculptures and murals.

But what if you prefer the great outdoors? Well, you can start by investigating Karlkurla Bushland Park, a gorgeous natural area packed with unique flora and fauna and blessed by sublime Katunga Lookout views.

And hiking the Mount Charlotte Lookout Trail affords you jaw-dropping views of Kalgoorlie and its environs, while driving around the outback of this special regions enables you to embrace its rare natural beauty.

If you’re peckish after all that meanwhile, Kalgoorlie has a cracking cuisine scene, with everything from local Aussie favourites to international showstoppers.

Start with The View restaurant at Kalgoorlie Overland Motel, for fine dining with panoramic cityscape views, then try The Blu Fin for ocean-fresh seafood, or The Penny for casual dining and a lively ambience.

When you fancy a beer or three (and provided you’ve got a designated driver), Beaten Track Brewery serves local craft beers in a chilled setting, while Kalgoorlie Brewing Company’s modern brewpub sells its iconic Red Dust Lager and a lot more besides.

For accommodation, try Rydges Kalgoorlie Resort and Spa for a luxury feel with spa, pool, and restaurants, or The Palace Hotel Kalgoorlie for a grand historical experience with all the mod cons.

KGI Airport
KGI Airport

Find the best deals at Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport

When you’re on a mission to find the cheapest Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport parking, you’ll stop at nothing.

So here are some alternative ways to save those pennies.

Booking in advance lets you take advantage of early bird deals, especially when you’re parking for long durations, and if you use parking aggregator sites, you can compare prices from the best providers side by side.

But don’t forget offsite parking – if you’re willing to walk a little further to the terminal (or hop on a shuttle bus), you’ll save cash on parking this way too. And don’t forget to search for discount coupons from local websites and the press

Compare parking at Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport

KGI has an ample parking provision and a history that stretches back to a time when there were much fewer cars on the road.

In fact, construction on this air hub began way back in1928, to answer the demand for increased air travel in this part of Australia.

Officially opened in 1929, Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport became an important base for the Royal Flying Doctor Service in the 1930s, linking isolated communities to lifesaving medical assistance.

During WWII, the airport took centre stage as a military operations and training base, enjoyed several upgrades in the 1950s as civilian passenger use increased, and continued to grow throughout the 1960s.

KGI was returned to local management in 1989 when ownership was transferred to the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. Then a new terminal and enhanced runway followed in 1992 and the airport continued to expand throughout the 2000s, with new airlines joining the fold and expanding connectivity through additional routes.

Today, Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport serves is a vital portal to the Goldfields region, connecting it to major cities and supporting economic development through employment and tourism.

What parking is there at Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport?

Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport offers several parking options to suit your needs and budget. Here's a summary of the official choices.

2-Minute Drop-off and Pick-up Zone

Located next to the terminal forecourt, this area is provided for quick drop-offs and pick-ups, with free parking for two minutes.

KGI Parking
KGI Parking

Short-Term Parking (up to 24 hours)

Another lot close to the terminal, short-term parking offers free parking for up to 24 hours and it’s ideal for short stays or picking up and dropping off passengers.

Long-Term Parking (Over 24 hours)

Designated for stays longer than 24 hours, you’re charged for stays beyond the initial 24-hour free period.

Accessible Parking

There are several accessible parking spaces close to the terminal for travellers with mobility issues but please bring a valid permit.

You should always display parking tickets on the dashboard of your vehicle, and you can make payment for long-term parking at the ticketing machines in the car park and inside the terminal.

Please check the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport website for parking rates and regulations.

Getting to Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport

It’s reasonably simple to drive to Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport from nearby towns and cities.

Here are some useful directions.

From Boulder, head south on Burt St towards Hannans St., then turn left onto Hannans St and continue for 1.2 km. Next, Turn right onto Gatacre Dr and continue for 3.5 km, and Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport will be on your left.

Rolling in from Kambalda, drive north on Goldfields Hwy/National Rte 94 Alternate towards Kalgoorlie, then continue for 57.7 km and Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport will be on your right.

From Leonora meanwhile, head south on Goldfields Hwy/State Route 49 towards Kalgoorlie, continue for 240 km and Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport will be on your left.

KGI Facilities
KGI Facilities

Facilities at Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport

KGI isn’t the world’s biggest airport, but you’ll find all the facilities and amenities you need, as well as lots of friendly staff dedicated to making your experience the best it can be.

Check-in and Security for all airlines operating at the airport includes self-service check-in kiosks for eligible passengers and a security screening area with the usual procedures for carry-on and checked baggage.

Baby care facilities include a changing table and nursing room – handy when you’re travelling with tots in tow. And there are also accessible toilets and facilities for passengers with disabilities.

You’ll find baggage trolleys available for arriving and departing passengers, oversized baggage storage for larger items, and there’s a lost and found for misplaced items.

When you want to find out any info about travel to and from KGI, the friendly and well-informed staff at the Information desk are always delighted to help, there’s a currency exchange services for international travelers, and the terminal has lots of public telephones available.

Angie's Bar and Kiosk is the main dining choice in the terminal, and it serves a little something for everyone. This is the place to grab your hot, cold and alcoholic drinks, as well as toasted sandwiches, pies, pasties, and sausage rolls. And you can also choose confectionery, chips and biscuits if you’re stuck.

Other food options include vending machines with snacks and confectionery, as well as those with soft drinks and bottled water. And there’s some lovely public artwork at Kalgoorlie-Bouler Airport that elevates your pre-flight experience.

For instance, you can’t miss the Golden Gecko at the airport’s entrance. This symbol of the Goldfield region, the gecko stands for resilience and adaptability, mirroring the spirit of the Goldfields community.

There’s also a dynamic mining mural showcasing historical gold mining scenes and paying tribute to this influential industry.

A series of aviation-themed artworks with vintage aircraft and aerial views of the region lines the terminal walls, and there’s also lots of Indigenous artwork, with stunning traditional symbols and motifs.

And you’ll also notice lots of huge photographic displays showing the diverse landscapes and unique natural beauty of the Goldfields region.

So there you have it – a comprehensive guide to Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport parking and complementary info on airport facilities.

KGI is a small airport on the global scale but (as you can see) it punches above its weight in customer service and amenities.

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FAQs about car hire at Kalgoorlie Airport

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car at Kalgoorlie Airport

Kalgoorlie Airport, a regional airport in Western Australia, typically offers short-term and long-term parking options, with designated areas for both, providing convenience for travelers depending on their parking needs.
To guarantee your parking space and take advantage of reduced rates, it's recommended to make advance parking bookings at Kalgoorlie Airport, which can be accomplished through the airport's official website or by utilizing third-party platforms like Enjoy Travel.
In case you must make changes or cancel your online reservation for Kalgoorlie Airport Parking, it is of utmost importance to ensure these adjustments are made at least 24 hours prior to your planned entry time. Please be aware that cancellation policies can vary depending on the chosen parking package, so it's advisable to carefully examine the terms and conditions before finalizing your booking.
It generally ranges from approximately $2-4 per hour for short-term parking to around $10-15 per day for long-term parking.
Kalgoorlie Airport Parking typically provides a safe environment for vehicles, with security measures such as CCTV surveillance and airport personnel patrols in place to ensure the safety of the parking facilities.
To secure your spot and the potential for cost savings, it is recommended to make a reservation for your Kalgoorlie Airport Parking in advance, as doing so not only ensures availability but also broadens the range of parking choices at your disposal.
Indeed, you are permitted to leave your vehicle overnight at Kalgoorlie Airport, which provides both short-term and long-term parking options, and the pricing varies based on the length of your stay, be it for hours, days, or weeks.
Kalgoorlie Airport is a regional airport, and the parking areas are typically within walking distance of the terminal.
Certainly, Kalgoorlie Airport typically offers designated parking spaces specifically intended for travelers with disabilities.
To circumvent the challenges of finding available parking spots and facing higher fees, it's prudent to plan ahead by reserving your parking at Kalgoorlie Airport. While it's feasible to park without a prior booking, it's a more sensible choice to secure your parking space in advance through platforms like Enjoy Travel or similar services, which may also provide cost-saving opportunities.

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