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Parking at Karratha Airport

So you’re flying from Karratha Airport soon and need to find the perfect parking space?

Onya mate – whether you’re on a stopover flight to Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or anywhere else, KTA is a great place to start. Grab a cuppa and by the time you’ve finished dunking your Tim Tams, you’ll have scooted through this guide and have all the info you need on finding the right KTA parking.

If you’re driving in from further afield, Karratha is also a pretty sweet place to spend a day before you fly. As you might know, this city in Western Australia’s Pilbara region dates back to 1968, when it was built to house workers originally serving the Hammersley Iron mining company and in the 1980s, the workforce of the North West Shelf Venture petroleum and natural gas industry.

Top things to see and do here include visiting the Staircase to the Moon – this is a jaw-dropping natural illusion that’s triggered when the full moon rises over the mudflats at every low tide. Then you’ve got the Burrup Peninsula, home of the largest collection of rock engravings in the world – some of them are 40,000 years old and include human figures birds and extinct animals. If you’re a nature lover meanwhile, the Millstream-Chichester National Park has birds, wallabies, kangaroos and some spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. And a boat trip on the Dampier Archipelago takes you to some beautiful fishing and diving spots. Meanwhile, the Red Earth Arts Precinct has lots of studios, art galleries and performance spaces that showcase local artists, and Karratha Town Square has supermarkets, department stores and unique boutiques. Don’t forget Karratha’s sublime beaches too – there are several heavenly spots to swim, surf and sunbathe.

Karratha has lots to recommend it in terms of food and night life too. For instance, Empire 6714 serves contemporary Australian cuisine with fresh seasonal ingredients, Bollywood Lounge is the place to sample authentic Indian flavours and Blanche Bar has a brilliant reputation for juicy burgers. If you’re a beer aficionado meantime, North West Brewing Co. has a select number of amazing beers (brewed onsite) and pub grub like pizzas and burgers, while Karratha Tavern is the ideal place to mix with locals. If you want to let your hair down, there are clubs here too – try the likes of The Venue, The Shed and The Underground.

KTA Airport
KTA Airport

Find the best deals at Karratha Airport

Like most things these days, it’s easy to start looking for a good deal on Karratha Airport parking with an internet search. But the problem is that you’re often served up results that take ages to sift. To narrow down your search and save time, take a few of our tips on board.

First off, being as flexible as possible with your requirements might let you bag a better deal – for instance if you’re willing to park a little further out. Wherever possible, booking in advance often unlocks a better deal on airport parking and you can also consider offsite options as well as the official offering.it

Compare parking at Karratha Airport

You won’t be stuck for parking at KTA – there are over 1000 spaces, including long-term, short-term and accessible options.

Karratha Airport is around the same age as the city it’s named after. Originally named Dampier Airport when it was opened in 1966, it was renamed Karratha Airport in 1970, once the city had been established. A single-runway airport with a 2630m runway, it serves a peak 1.5 million passengers annually and carriers include Qantas, Airnorth and Virgin Australia.

Welcoming tons of tourists to the Pilbara region and acting as a gateway to the rest of Australia and beyond (via Perth), Karratha Airport’s now a major economic contributor to this part of the nation.

ASP Facilities
ASP Facilities

What kind of parking is there at Karratha Airport?

There are plenty of good parking spots at KTA and sometimes it pays to shop around – take a look at comparison sites and apps for deals you might not find elsewhere. Fir instance, Looking4Parking offers discounted offers on long-term parking, early bird parking, weekend parking and (for scheme members) Avis Preferred Parking.

For the moment though, let’s crack on with your official parking options at KTA:


  • Short-term parking is convenient as it’s closest to the terminal and this is the perfect choice for quickly dropping off and picking up travellers.
  • Long-term parking is a little further from the terminal, but the rates are very affordable – it’s the best pick when you’re away for more than a few days.
  • Valet parking is a premium, meet-and-greet service where you also get help with your luggage. If you don’t mind paying a little extra, this option makes the whole process a breeze.
  • Disabled parking spaces are located close to the terminal and reserved for travellers with valid disabled parking permits.
  • Multi-storey parking is close to the terminal and there’s a daily parking rate.

You can pay for parking at Karratha Airport with cash, credit or debit card on the day and also pre-book online to save hassle and cash.

Getting to Karratha Airport

The address for your Satnav is Karratha Airport, Bayly Avenue, Gap Ridge WA 6714.

KTA Facilities
KTA Facilities

>Facilities at Karratha Airport


There are lots of great facilities and amenities at Karratha Airport to make your pre-flight experience more pleasant.

For starters, there’s free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal so you can keep on top of your emails and social media, charging stations for your electronic devices and ample toilets and baby changing facilities.

The airport’s open 24/7 and you can check-in beforehand through your airline’s app or on the day at the check-in counters – same principle applies to your baggage. As you’d expect, there’s stringent security screening, which means you’ll pass through a metal detector and have your carry-on luggage checked thoroughly.

As well as wheelchair-accessible parking spaces, there are also accessible lifts and restrooms, while the airport’s information desk is the oracle for absolutely anything you need to know about facilities, amenities and things to do.

If you want to keep calm and cool before the start of your voyage, don’t forget the basics – one of which is food. When you and the rest of your travel companions are satisfied, it makes for a much more positive vibe and although airline food has improved vastly over the past few years, there’s never a guarantee it’ll please everyone.

There are several places to tempt your taste buds at Karratha Airport. These include The Bar @ Karratha, where you can relax with beer, wine, spirits and hot food like burgers and meals. Alternatively, Espresso serves coffee, light snacks and pastries, and Pizza & Grill serves flame-grilled burgers as well as its fiery Italian fare.

If you want to give your credit card a workout, head for the duty-free shop for great prices on high-end fragrances and liquor, while the newsagent does what it says on the sign, with page-turner books, newspapers and magazines. You can grab souvenirs at the gift shop, snacks and drinks at the convenience store and gadgets at the electronics store. Grab all your pills, potions and medications at the pharmacy and the booking office is the place to book flights, tours and accommodation.

Speaking of which, staying overnight before you fly can make the start of your trip very relaxing and there are lots of excellent hotels you can choose from. For instance, Karratha International Hotel is a walk away from Karratha city centre and is also close to the city’s golf course and the Pilbara Coast. With an outdoor swimming pool and lush tropical gardens, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Alternatively, Comfort Inn Karratha is 15 minutes from the Jaburara Heritage Trail and has BBQ facilities, an outdoor pool and children’s playground. This family-friendly facility also has a camp kitchen internet room and camp kitchen.

So there you have it. All the facts about parking at Karratha Airport you need to make an informed choice and a shedload of info on the city’s attractions and the best facilities, amenities, shops and eateries at KTA.

Wherever you’re off to, parking safely at one of the airport’s official car parks provides peace of mind and when you return home you can hop in without any hassle and hit the road for home. Bon Voyage and remember to bring us back something nice!

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FAQs about car hire at Karratha Airport

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car at Karratha Airport

Karratha Airport offers short-term, long-term, covered, disabled, and premium parking options for travelers seeking various parking needs.
To ensure the best parking arrangements and possible cost savings, it is advisable to make advance reservations for a parking space at Karratha Airport, either through the official airport website or alternative platforms like Enjoy Travel, which guarantees availability and the chance to enjoy discounted rates.
To make changes or cancel your parking reservation at Karratha Airport, it is crucial to adhere to the online procedure at least 24 hours before your designated entry time, keeping in mind that cancellation policies may differ based on the selected parking option; therefore, it is highly recommended to carefully review and comprehend the terms and conditions in advance to avoid any possible issues and ensure a smooth experience.
The parking rates at Karratha Airport were approximately $20 AUD per day for both short-term and long-term parking.
Karratha Airport parking is designed to prioritize safety, and while no parking facility can guarantee absolute security.
To ensure a reserved parking spot and potentially benefit from lower prices, it is advisable to pre-book your parking at Karratha Airport, allowing you to have a wider selection of parking options tailored to your preferences and requirements.
Yes, you can park at Karratha Airport overnight. The airport offers both short-term and long-term parking options, allowing you to leave your vehicle parked overnight for extended periods.
At Karratha Airport, there may be shuttle bus services available to transport passengers between the parking areas and the terminals. These shuttle buses provide convenient transportation for travelers, especially if the parking areas are located at a distance from the terminals.
Yes, Karratha Airport provides designated parking spaces for disabled individuals. These parking spaces are conveniently located near the terminal building to ensure ease of access for passengers with disabilities.
To overcome limited parking availability and rising fees, it is advisable to pre-book your parking at Karratha Airport. Reserving in advance through platforms like Enjoy Travel ensures a designated spot and potential cost savings, providing a hassle-free parking experience.

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