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The island of Rhodes exists entirely independently from mainland Greece and differs from other Greek islands because of the lush green interior, contrasting greatly with the surrounding rich blue Aegean Sea and beach fronts. Rhodes very much caters for all tourists, with such attractions including a rather beautiful coastline, plenty of culture and a very lively nightlife.

However, it is the endless beaches of Rhodes that make this an ideal holiday destination. Even during high season it is possible to find secluded beaches away from the main road. Other attractions include a visit to Rhodes Town to explore the Aquarium or a glass-bottom boat trip on the shore. Many historical sites can be found in the Old Town area of Rhodes, in particular, the medieval structures within Knights’ Quarter. This gives an insight into the island’s history including temples and castles which date back as far as 7th Century BC.

To make the most of your holiday, the best way to explore Rhodes is to hire a cheap car. The truly memorable views on offer from this historic city can be toured with your own vehicle, you can enjoy the entire island and not miss a thing.

Car Hire in Rhodes can work out cheaper than public transport, plus cheap car hire in Rhodes makes your life easier so you can enjoy your trip even more. The average price of a car like a Toyota Cololla in summer is around £12 to £20 per day, but the cheapest sold on Enjoy Travel was £2.91/day for a Suzuki Celerio frpom Rhodes Airport. You can normally pick up a VW Up or similar from around £5-£9 per day depending on the time of year.

Guide to Rhodes

Tsampika Beach Rhodes Island
Enjoy Lindos Island Rhodes

The northern part of the island is the most touristy and is where most hotels are located, including the all-inclusive options.For the more adventurous amongst you, head inland for hiking and mountain biking in luscious green environments and to the southern part of the island, Prasonisi for kite and windsurfing. If you are looking for a wild time, I would recommend Faliraki where the nightlife will keep you entertained by night with a variety of big clubs and relaxed beach bars, as well as a host of activities to keep you busy in the day: from a giant water park, bungee jump and great beaches.


Mythologically, Rhodes was said to have emerged from the sea as a gift from Zeus to Helios, god of the sun. Helios’ wife, Rhodos, daughter of Poseidon, bore him seven sons. Three of Helios’ grandsons, Ialysos, Kamiros and Lindos, were the eponymous heroes of the island’s main cities. The island has been occupied by the crusade Knights of St John for almost 200 years, the Ottomans, the fascist-era Italians, as well as the Germans before it was returned to Greece in 1947. The rich history of the island makes its cultural identity all the more unique.

Things to do in Rhodes

The island really does have a wide variety of activities to offer, which should appeal to anyone and everyone.

Rhodes Old Town
Lindos st Pauls Bay


Rhodes is renowned for its stunning beaches and sandy coves with crystal blue waters and hence is a top holiday destination. Here are a few of the island's top beaches, which we would reccomend visiting:

Rhodes Town

Rhodes town has a long list of impressive sights worth visiting and most certainly deserves its title of UNESCO world heritage site, being one of the largest and best preserved medieval cities in Europe. Its structure of a medieval port has remained the same and takes you back in time just by wandering the cobbled streets of the Old Town, dotted with minarets, reminiscent of Turkey, its neighbor. The palace of the Grand Master is the city’s main attraction, where you can spend hours wandering the halls of the palace which was built as a hospital for pilgrims and was then transformed into a palace when the crusaders retreated after the Holy Wars.


Lindos is an immaculately maintained whitewashed picturesque town, which is famous for its ancient acropolis. The acropolis is built on a huge rock 116 metres above the sea and surrounded by fortified walls. It is likely that it was a temple dedicated to the greek goddess, Athena. However, the town has lots more to offer including a maze of streets formed from the idyllic flat-roofed houses with interior courtyards, divine restaurants and beautiful beaches.

For the culture-vultures...

If the above has not satisfied your need for culture, the Panagia Tsambika monastery is worth a visit, which is supposedly a pilgrimage for women wishing to bear children. It is a 300 step trek to reach the top but well worth it for the incredible views over the Aegan sea onto Tsambika beach. Furthermore, Monolithos Castle was built in 1480 for the Knights of Saint John and what remains today is mostly ruins but it is still well worth a visit.

Valley of Butterflies

Valley of Butterflies is amongst the best things to do in Rhodes and is something that will appeal to all. You will see hundreds of native butterflies covering all of the Oriental Sweetgum trees filled with native butterflies as you stroll along the paths all the way to the monastery at the top of the hill.

Kalithea Thermal Springs

Follow the mosaic pathways through the public baths built by the Italians in 1929, which lead you to the crystal clear waters which are slightly more refreshing than the warm sea.

Eating out & Nightlife in Rhodes


Greece is renowned for its amazing cuisine and Rhodes is not dissimilar. However, Rhodes is a classic stop for cruise ships and therefore there is an abundance of sub-average restaurants to cater the mass of tourists that come in off the ships. This not only means that food in the Old Town tends to be overpriced but also that good food is slightly harder to find.

Mavrikos in Lindos is one of the best restaurants on the island. It is owned by the Mavrikos siblings who welcome you into their homely, traditional restaurant which they inherited from their grandfather. The restaurant's quality has been recognized by many celebrity guests including Jackie Onassis, nelson Rockefeller and Barbara Streisand.

Marco Polo Mansion in Rhodes is an Ottoman restored residence which has a lovely Mediterranean restaurant surrounded by lemon trees, jasmine and honeysuckle. A true foodie experience, as you put your faith in the hands of the owner and chef Edi Dede with his slow cooked octopus, sea bream risotto and skewered lamb with rosemary and pistachio.

For a more authentic experience, Mezzaluna offers a traditional menu, including the most delicious and a lovely patio. To Megiston specializes in the most delicious, fresh seafood as well as a warm environment and is particularly popular amongst the locals.


L’Eternel French bar is a rooftop terrace bar in Rhodes, where you will be served fine wines in abundance, accompanied by jazz music and stunning views of the old town. Reflection is another bar in Rhodes which offers cocktails and more of a cozy feel.

If you are looking for an after dinner treat in Lindos in the form of cocktails, champagne and rooftop views, head to Cozze & Champagne. The Lindos Ice Bar is also with a visit, being Greece’s first ice bar and designed by artists from Canada, it remains at a constant temperature of -6 degrees.

If you are in the mood for dancing, head to Faliraki where most of the club/ dance bars tend to be. Amphitheatre Club is the most famous outdoor club on the island and has a capacity of 2,000 people. Similarly Colorado Club in Rhodes has two dance floors and varying music on each floor. Bed Rock Bar is a famous karaoke and cabaret bar which remains open till the early hours of the morning or Bondi Bar is a R&B/ house music bar with a large drinks menu.

Rhodes Transport

Rhodes Airport (RHO)

Rhodes Diagoras Airport is among the four busiest airports in Greece and is served by both domestic and international airlines and is located 15 km from Rhodes town. Many people opt for airport car hire in Rhodes. With Rhodes Airport car hire, you'll have transport straight away from your arrival at Rhodes Airport.


Rhodes is one of the main ferry hubs of the Dodecanese. The main ferry port is a 20-minute walk from town. Local ferry connections are to Kastellorizo, Chalki, Symi, Tilos, Nisyros, Kos, Karpathos and Kalymnos. Longer connections include Athens which takes about 18 hours, Crete, the Cyclades and Patmos. There are also international ferries to Turkey.

Driving Tips

A hire car is recommended to explore this large island, as many of the small villages, slightly less touristy beaches and historic monuments worth visiting are slightly off the main road. Driving in Rhodes is much more relaxed than in mainland Greece and the drivers are courteous and laid back. The old Town of Rhodes is pedestrianized and parking can be a bit of a nightmare, so we recommend that you make a plan before getting there.

How to Find Budget Car Hire in Rhodes

Rhodes is a popular tourist destination in Greece, and is close to Turkey, which means that there may be an influx of tourists from both countries. Because of this, it’s important to book your hire vehicle in advance to ensure it is available when you need it. Rhodes Airport is a popular and convenient car hire destination, with costs ranging from £5.13 to £21.72 a day depending on the type of car you select. You can expect similar prices when booking a vehicle from downtown Rhodes.

As we mentioned, being organized is important, as vehicles that are booked too late can rise in price. Prices can increase to £26 per day the closer you book to your travel dates, so to keep the cost of your vehicle hire from Rhodes Airport cheap, ensure you book weeks to months in advance. This can also leave room for cancellations or to make any amendments to your booking, should you require. A final tip on how to get a cheaper vehicle is to book a small car, as not only the prices of hire but fuel will be lower and therefore incur better savings.

Rhodes Driving Rules and Regulations for Car Hirers

Getting Around Rhodes

Hiring a car is the perfect way to get around Rhodes, as it allows you to get around based on your timings. We offer an array of vehicles to suit your needs, from economy cars to luxury vehicles and minivans.

Range of Vehicles for Car Hire in Rhodes

The types of cars you can hire in Rhodes include small cars, medium cars, large cars, and minivans that can seat 7-9 people. The prices per day of each vehicle vary depending on which vehicle you select; however, to get a cheaper deal, think about opting for a small car.

Working With the Best Car Hire Suppliers in Rhodes

We collaborate closely with trusted car hire companies in Rhodes to bring you the best selection of vehicles. The companies you can expect to rent in Rhodes include Avis, Sixt, Thrifty, and Budget, among others. Our dedicated team works to source only the best vehicles to suit your needs.

No matter your need for a hire vehicle, Enjoy Travel has the perfect car ready and waiting for you. Don’t hesitate to reserve your hire vehicle today and embark on an unforgettable experience and road trip through Rhodes.

Top Tips when hiring a car in Rhodes

● If part of your plan to visit Rhodes is to to go for a hire car, then you ought to make sure you're sufficiently prepared.

● It is strictly forbidden to use a mobile phone, even if it's for navigation, while driving. You run the risk of being fined. Your alternative is to rent a GPS tool referred to as Sat Nav.

● Additionally, keep in mind cheap car rentals in Rhodes often price the cars differentially and airport Rhodes car rentals could turn out cheaper.

● Rhodes International Airport can be found 14 km southwest of the central part of town. The drive there is very scenic and will only last around 20 minutes. The Rhodes car hire options found in the Airport terminal are on average better deals than those found in other locations in Rhodes such as the Rhodes Port or the capital city.

● Make sure yo check and compare the best rental options for your rental car ahead of time, before your arrival.

● A good percentage of users encountered hire car offers in Rhodes for £18 or less.

● If you book your hire car in Rhodes at least 1 day in advance before your trip, you are more likely to get a better deal.

● Mini rental cars in Rhodes are very popular and are usually cheaper than other car types.

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FAQs about car hire in Rhodes

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car in Rhodes

The distance from Rhodes to Athens is approximately 300-400 miles. You can access the Greek capital by flight or ferry. Flights take around 1 hour, and ferries to Athens can take up to 20 hours. Rhodes has its own airport, so you can catch a direct flight to Athens without having to change over or stopover anywhere.
This depends on the type of car you intend to hire. The cheapest rate you can expect from a vehicle hire in Rhodes is around £5.13 per day for a VW UP! If you book a small car, the booking rates are likely to remain low. Booking a larger car will cause the rates per day to increase, but the prices will remain reasonable.
The journey from Rhodes Old Town to Rhodes Airport takes approximately 25-30 minutes by car, and the distance is around 14km. Using your hire vehicle, you can easily get to and from the airport quickly and efficiently, without using too much fuel. If you use a small vehicle, you can keep both vehicle hire price and fuel rate low.
The maximum speed limit in Rhodes is 50 mph along major highways, and around 30 mph in built-up inner city areas. On motorways, the speed you drive should not exceed 50 mph anywhere. This is the same for all major roads and highways across Greece. Exceeding the speed limit in any part of the country is illegal.
Fuel prices on average in Rhodes are unleaded: €1.47, diesel: €1.14. To keep fuel prices low, consider travelling shorter distances in a hire vehicle, and opting for public transport for further distances. Another way to keep fuel costs low is by choosing a smaller vehicle when hiring a car with Enjoy Travel.
In Rhodes and across Greece, you drive on the right side of the road and overtake vehicles on the left. This is the case when driving on any road in the country or city, whether a motorway, highway or built-up inner city area. Remember not to exceed the speed limit when driving, and ensure that all occupants of the vehicle are wearing seatbelts.
Currently, there are no toll roads in Rhodes. Across mainland Greece, there are several toll roads and bridges, where the prices can go up to €10 for tolls. Toll prices can be paid in cash or by card. While mainland Greece has toll roads in certain areas, Rhodes is currently toll-free on all major and provincial roads.
Compared to other Greek islands and cities, Rhodes is considered to be less expensive. In peak seasons, you can expect to spend around €108-€150 per day. Sticking to less tourist-dense areas is the best way to ensure the costs remain low, and budgeting your money is another important factor to consider.
It is worth renting a car in Rhodes– while public transport is available, you cannot always rely on it to take you to places you need to go at the time you want. Therefore, hiring a car can give you the freedom you need to move about the island according to your own timings or itineraries. Enjoy Travel has you covered with a large array of hire vehicles.
See all of the medieval sites like the Medieval City and Lindos. The best way of getting around Rhodes is by car. If you want to keep things energy-efficient and sustainable, stick to travelling by bike. If you don’t have access to your own vehicle, consider hiring a car with Enjoy Travel for low-cost, efficient and reliable car hire.
For the best weather, Rhodes is best visited during the summer months of June, July and August, when you can expect temperatures to hit 30°C. If you want to avoid large crowds of tourists, try to visit the island in cooler months like December-January. Weather can be around 15°C in colder months, which is still pleasant for activities.
Generally, a week-long car hire would start from €35 for the cheapest rate, and from €160 for the cheapest rate. Smaller vehicles incur the cheapest rates, while larger vehicles like minivans or 7-9 seaters can cost a higher fee. The highest rates can be at around €1,400 for large and luxury vehicles like Audis.
Booking in advance is the best way to ensure the cost of your hire vehicle remains low. Generally, you can expect prices to start at around £5 per day for small cars, and £22 for larger vehicles. This can increase the closer you book to your travel dates, so to keep costs low, ensure you book your vehicle weeks or months in advance.
With Enjoy Travel, 7-9 seater minibuses or vans are available to hire, with rates starting from £24 per day or £166 per week. Minibuses or vans are a popular choice for travellers in large groups, including families or friends. You can expect these vehicles to be efficient and reliable and hold enough space to accommodate every passenger.
Currently, the cheapest car you can hire in Rhodes is a VW Up!, which costs around £5.13 per day, or around £35 a week. You can also expect cheap prices on small cars like the Hyundai i20 or a VW Polo, which can cost around £5-£7 per day, and around £40-£45 per week. Sticking to smaller cars is the best way to ensure cheaper prices on vehicles.

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