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7 Of The Best Bars In Tokyo

Here are the Best Bars In Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the most populous Metropolitan cities in the world. So, you can be damn sure that there are a lot of great bars where you can enjoy a drink and have a great time.

Slick cocktail lounges, Lost in Translation-style karaoke bars and everything in between, you won’t go thirsty here.

There are hundreds of great bars in Tokyo, all with their own quirks. Here’s seven of the very best…

Best Bars in Tokyo, How do these rankings work?

1. Albatross

Albatross has three locations in Tokyo but definitely come to the Golden Gai location. It has earned a reputation for the one of the hippest bars in Tokyo. Their multiple signature chandeliers warms up and brightly lights up their bars as patrons drink and chat the night away.

Heads up, if you’re a foreigner, expect to pay a small cover charge. The interesting vibe and dive bar feel will make up for it though.


2. Tokyo Whiskey Library

If you’re coming to a whiskey library, one would expect a large collection of whiskeys. That’s exactly what Tokyo Whiskey Library has!

Sporting over 1,000 international whiskey varieties, if you’re a fan of whiskey, there’s a good chance you’ll find something to your liking here.

They also have a long list of cocktails here at this vibrant, yet classy, bar, but the whiskey (any whiskey) is a must here.

Tokyo Whiskey Library

3. Y.Y.G. Brewery & Beer Kitchen

Y.Y.G. Brewery & Beer Kitchen features a rotating line-up of local craft beers. This pub has three floors where you can roam about and check out their brewery.

With seating indoors and outdoors, try one of their signature domestic beers, the Niigata Swan Lake. The prettiest brewery we’ve ever seen? No doubt.

Y.Y.G. Brewery & Beer Kitchen

4. Sky Lounge Stellar Garden

Way up off the ground level, the Sky Lounge Stellar Garden sits on the 33rd floor of the Prince Park Tower Hotel.

The panoramic views of the Tokyo skyline are quite amazing, especially with the close-up view of the Tokyo Tower.

Come to this swanky establishment and pay higher-than-normal prices for their great cocktail selection and those incredible views. It’s worth it.

Sky Lounge Stellar Garden

5. The SG Club

The SG Club is a trendy cocktail club that features two floors where you can grab a libation. The S and G in the name stands for “Sip” and “Guzzle” and these are the names of the floors of this hip spot.

Don’t be shy about saying LOL out loud here – it’s one of their most popular Scotch concoctions and is absolutely dee-lish.

The SG Club

6. Bar High Five

Once ranked #3 in Asia’s 50 Best Bars, bring your high expectations to Bar High Five for some well-concocted cocktails. Located in the upscale Ginza district, this bar features NO menu.

Instead, come here and let the bartender know the type of spirit you’re craving and watch them make a tailor-made cocktail of their choice (not yours) right before your eyes.

Bar High Five

7. Brewdog

Brewdog is one of Tokyo’s most down-to-earth bars that features over 10 different craft beers and 40 different types of bottled beer. Its vibe is hip and trendy, so expect to see a lot of college students hanging out here.

Come here and have one of their Brew Dog beers and pair it with regular pub food. The sort of bar you could easily spend an entire afternoon chilling out in.


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