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Miami Beach is a must-visit destination on Florida’s southeast coast, separated from the mainland only by the Bay of Biscayne. You may be wondering what differentiates this island city from the well-known Miami. They are two separate cities, sharing only a name and a bridge. Miami Beach deserves just as much international recognition as its mainland counterpart, which it has received from discerning and well-traveled celebrities and tourists.

Miami Beach comprises sun-drenched beaches, botanical gardens, historic art districts, and pastel-colored buildings. Miami Beach also has an international reputation among celebrities, who favor its glistening beaches and relaxing way of life, compared to the busy mainland Miami. Whether you’re visiting Miami Beach for business or leisure, Enjoy Travel will streamline the process from arriving to heading home.

Cheap hotels in Miami Beach

Explore the hotels that line the shores of Miami Beach, from luxury five-star hotels to more affordable accommodation options. As a prime vacation destination, Miami Beach is rife with hotels that offer picturesque Atlantic Ocean views and all the amenities you’ll ever need, giving you the assurance that you’ll find your perfect vacation accommodation here.

At Enjoy Travel, we source only the best hotels and accommodations to keep our customers as happy and comfortable as possible. And don’t fret about dreaded hidden costs – we operate a fair, honest, and efficient service with zero hidden fees. Choose us today to experience your ultimate dream vacation, from before you fly to after you arrive home.

How to find the best Miami Beach hotel deals

● Book your hotel in advance

Waiting until a few weeks before you head off on your vacation can mean that your favorite hotel is no longer available, especially if you are booking during peak tourist season like summer. Make sure you’re organized and book months in advance of your chosen dates.

● Be flexible with your dates

Being flexible with your dates can help you secure better deals. School holidays and peak summer can mean higher prices, so opting for weekdays or different times of the year can help you secure your favorite hotel.

● Use travel platforms to book your vacation

Rely on travel platforms to book your trip away to ensure you receive the best deals. Enjoy Travel’s helpful booking system can help you streamline your booking process.

● Sign up for newsletters or loyalty programs

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Discover Miami Beach Secrets and Surprises

Amongst the white-sand beaches and palm-tree-lined streets, there are several hidden gems that you may be unaware of. Learn more about Miami Beach’s culinary scene on a food tour, or stroll down the Art Deco District on an art tour.

For a more relaxing vibe, head to North Beach or Bal Harbor Beach. Tee off at the Indian Creek Country Club, or head to the Miami Beach Cinematheque to watch some independent movies. The Botanical Gardens give visitors a refreshing dose of wild and plant life.

Dining out in Miami Beach

The place that many celebrities and famous faces love to visit, of course, will be filled with premium dining spots, from underground speakeasies to Michelin-star restaurants. Here, you can expect to find a combination of Mediterranean, Japanese, and American cuisine, as well as seafood, steak, pizza, and burger dishes. Whatever your favorite cuisine is, you’ll find it in Miami Beach.

Drinks and nightlife

Sticking to the tropical theme, here you’re sure to find an array of cocktails, from favorites like piña coladas, martinis, mojitos, and other tropical rum-based drinks. Miami Beach’s nightlife mimics mainland Miami’s, with numerous popular bars, such as the Clevelander and Nikki Beach, as well as yacht parties.

For a good time, head to Broken Shaker for some authentic cocktails, Swizzle Rum Bar, and Mango’s Tropical Cafe Club to dance the night away. Your glass will definitely not run dry at this vibrant vacation spot, that’s for sure.

Must-see sights (what not to miss!)

Miami Beach is rife with hidden gems, popular tourist spots, and lively nightlife. A few of the must-see places include, of course, South Beach. Yacht cruises are unbeatable to experience the gorgeous Miami skyline and Atlantic Ocean views at dusk. Meanwhile, the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is the perfect setting for a gorgeous wedding or party venue, as well as hosting interesting and insightful exhibitions and tours.

You won’t want to miss the Art district of Miami Beach, home to numerous art museums and galleries, as well as some colorful street art pieces dotted around the city such as Wynwood Walls. If you want to escape the bustle of the city center, head to North Shore or the Botanic Gardens. You can also browse the numerous goods on offer at the Bayside Market or go fishing at the popular South Pointe Park.

How to choose the perfect Miami Beach hotel for your stay

Finding the perfect hotel for you can take a lot of work, as you may be unfamiliar with the area and its nearby attractions. Enjoy Travel will make it easier than ever for you to find your ultimate dream vacation accommodations, using our helpful filters and toggles. With these, you can narrow down your choices and select what you intend to prioritize, such as a hotel location, price, local and nearby attractions and amenities, and what’s included in your stay, plus more.

How to choose the cheapest Miami Beach hotel for your stay

Don’t worry, you won’t need to compromise or sacrifice your comfort in the name of a lower price – you can expect the same level of comfort, luxury, and service at all hotels when you find your deals through Enjoy Travel. Here are our top tips for finding the best and cheapest hotel in your chosen destination:

Book in advance: Perhaps the most important factor to consider when booking your hotel. Booking around 3 months in advance can allow you to be in receipt of your chosen hotel’s best rates and deals, and avoid your desired hotel or room type being sold out. Make sure to remain updated about any new deals or discounts throughout the year!

Compare prices on Enjoy Travel: We offer some great deals on hotels and make it easier than ever to secure these. Why experience hassle and stress when booking, when you can come to us instead? Our hotel comparison platform and guides give you the lowdown on all your favorite hotels and destinations.

Time your vacation appropriately: Head to Miami Beach during off-peak seasons to avoid missing out on your ideal hotel, secure the best deal, and avoid large crowds of tourists if you’re looking for a more relaxing trip away. Miami Beach is far more laid back than its urban city counterpart and the off-peak seasons tend to be chilled and relaxing.

Switch up your accommodation: There are other accommodation options available, such as guest houses, B&Bs, hostels, and apartment rentals. Hostels are a great way to meet new people, especially if you’re a solo traveler.

Read reviews: Take time to read through the reviews and ratings of past guests for invaluable insight into the service, cleanliness, and comfort. Booking a cheap hotel doesn’t mean you should compromise on the things you need – look out for phrases like ‘good value for money’ to spot a good hotel at an affordable price.

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FAQs about hotels in the Miami Beach

Most frequently asked questions about booking a hotel in the Miami Beach

Book your Miami Beach hotel online with for the best deal on your booking price. Remember to book in advance to secure the cheapest deal for your chosen hotel.
You’re sure to find free Wi-Fi at many of the hotels you choose to stay in. But, for well-reviewed and affordable hotels with complimentary internet, opt for Riviera Suites, The Goodtime Hotel, or Marseilles Beachfront Hotel.
Some hotels offering free breakfasts to their guests in Miami Beach include the Hotel Breakwater South Beach and Shepley South Beach Hotel.
Flexible cancellation can be extremely helpful, especially if you can’t make your trip. Try the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, Hotel Victor, and Mondrian South Beach for free cancellation policies.

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