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At Enjoy Travel, we will help you begin your vacation in style by assisting you with choosing hotels, car hire vehicles, and the best places to go on your trip. We’ll give you the lowdown on all things vacation, from the best accommodation options to affordable and luxury hotels – you won’t know what to search for first!

Known for its sun-drenched beaches, promenades, and vibrant art scene, Fort Lauderdale is the perfect getaway destination. Its beaches aren’t just lined with palm trees, but luxury hotels too. Probably one of the most internationally renowned Floridian vacation spots, Fort Lauderdale combines nature with urban city charm. You’ll find state parks, gardens, and canals standing alongside its abundant shopping scene and bustling downtown district, which comprises uniquely colored and shaped architecture.

No matter your reason for relaxing on one of Fort Lauderdale’s gorgeous beaches, or your desire to experience some of the best hotels in the state, Enjoy Travel will streamline your hotel booking process to make your vacation as enjoyable as possible before you even arrive. We don’t believe that booking a vacation should be stressful, which is why we operate a seamless service that helps you avoid any burdens or inconveniences when booking your accommodation or transport.

Cheap hotels in Fort Lauderdale

Explore our abundance of options for hotels in Fort Lauderdale, from affordable hotels that don’t compromise on quality, to luxury resorts that offer guests a premium stay. Look no further than Enjoy Travel for great offers on hotels across the city, from Port Everglades to Lauderdale Beach. Let us help you arrive in Fort Lauderdale and back home with complete comfort and convenience.

At Enjoy Travel, we source only the best hotels and accommodations to keep our customers as happy and comfortable as possible. We operate a fair, honest, and efficient service – with zero hidden fees. Whether you’re looking for a hotel that is close to amenities you want, such as restaurants, bars, airports, or downtown, we will source nothing but the best for you. Choose Enjoy Travel today for the vacation of your dreams.

How to Find the Best Fort Lauderdale Hotel Deals

● Book your hotel in advance

Waiting until a few weeks before you head off on your vacation can mean that your favorite hotel is no longer available, or you end up paying a high rate. Make sure you’re organized and book months in advance of your chosen dates.

● Be flexible with your dates

Being flexible with your dates can help you secure better deals. School holidays and peak summer can mean higher prices, so opting for weekdays or different times of the year can help you secure your favorite hotel.

● Use travel platforms to book your vacation

Rely on travel platforms to book your trip away to ensure you receive the best deals. Enjoy Travel’s helpful booking system can help you streamline your booking process. Use our toggle and filter tools to narrow down your ideal hotel facilities and features, from spas to free Wi-Fi and complimentary breakfast.

● Sign up for newsletters or loyalty programs

Sign up for our newsletter to receive regular alerts and notifications for when hotels are offering discounts. It’s the best way to stay in the know about exclusive deals and promotions.

Discover Fort Lauderdale Secrets and Surprises

Away from the attractive beaches and thriving downtown centers, Fort Lauderdale hosts some hidden gems that can take you away from the busy tourist hotspots. Probably only known to locals or people who like to explore, the best places to add to your Fort Lauderdale itinerary include the LauderAle Brewery, numerous escape rooms, canal and river gondola rides, and Bonnet House Museum and Gardens.

Head to Butterfly World to view some of the native Floridian Wildlife, or head to Roosevelt Gardens to experience shopping, amusement parks, and a play park. For some interesting tours and insight into Florida’s military history, visit the Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale Museum.

Dining out in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a great place to dine out, with a large concentration of restaurants, bars, and cafes to satisfy your food cravings. Thanks to its large strip of coastline, Fort Lauderdale has numerous beach bars – perfect for you to enjoy an ice-cold drink before heading to the beach to relax.

Fort Lauderdale has a broad culinary scene, with a mix of Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese, Indian, Thai, and authentic American restaurants. You're sure to find your favorite dishes in Fort Lauderdale.

Drinks and nightlife

Fort Lauderdale has a lively nightlife, showcased through its numerous bars and clubs. You’re guaranteed to have a good time, whether you head to a local bar for a great selection of ice-cold beer and cocktails, or to a pumping club to dance the night away in style.

Downtown Fort Lauderdale and Central Beach have some of the best nightlife in the city, with most of the popular bars and clubs located in this area. You’re guaranteed a good time anywhere in the city, but these areas are lively and vibrant before and after the sun goes down.

Must-see sights (what not to miss!)

The places you’ll most want to visit in Fort Lauderdale include Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas Blvd & beach, Fort Lauderdale Beach, and nearby Dania Pointe/beach. For your daily dose of history, head to Stranahan House Museum or Bonnet House Museum.

Stroll along the river at the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, or marvel at the art in the NSU Art Museum. Cruise down the waterways with the Jungle Queen Riverboat, or entertain the kids and whole family at the Xtreme Action Park.

How to choose the perfect Fort Lauderdale hotel for your stay

Finding the perfect hotel for you can be hard, as you may be unfamiliar with the area and its nearby attractions. We at Enjoy Travel will make it easier than ever for you to find your ultimate dream vacation accommodations, using our helpful filters and toggles. With these, you can narrow down your choices and select what you intend to prioritize, such as a hotel location, price, local and nearby attractions and amenities, and what’s included in your stay plus more.

How to choose the cheapest Fort Lauderdale Hotel for your stay

Don’t worry, you won’t need to compromise or sacrifice your comfort in the name of a lower price– you can expect the same level of comfort, luxury, and service at all hotels when you find your deals through Enjoy Travel. Here are our top tips for finding the best and cheapest hotel in your chosen destination:

● Book in advance: Perhaps the most important factor to consider when booking your hotel! Booking months in advance can allow you to be in receipt of your chosen hotel’s best rates and deals.

● Compare prices on Enjoy Travel: Our helpful booking platform can give you awesome deals, comparisons, and advice surrounding your chosen hotel. If you’re looking for transport, we also offer some great vehicles for car hire across Florida.

● Time your vacation appropriately: Head to Fort Lauderdale during off-peak seasons to secure the best deals and avoid large crowds of tourists. Off-peak seasons include the winter and fall months when the weather isn’t as humid and kids are still at school.

● Read reviews: Be sure to take time to read the reviews of previous guests. They provide invaluable insight into the service, cleanliness, and amenities of a hotel. While affordability might be the top priority, it shouldn’t come at the expense of your comfort. Look out for phrases like ‘great value for money’ to spot a good deal.

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Book through Enjoy Travel to get the best deals, discounts, and advice on where to book. Stay up to date with new hotels, hotel prices, and industry news.
Head to Las Olas Beach and Blvd, Fort Lauderdale Beach, and Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. Entertain yourself at the Xtreme Action Park, or cruise down the Everglades or ocean with the Jungle Queen Riverboat.
Check out Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, Rolo Beach Hotel, Plaza Hotel Fort Lauderdale or Ocean Beach Palace for some great affordable hotels with high-speed complimentary internet access.
Hotels with spa facilities in Fort Lauderdale include Plaza Hotel Fort Lauderdale, Chateau Mar Golf Resort and Ocean Manor Beach Resort, among many other relaxing and luxury options across the city.

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