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At Enjoy Travel, we're here to kick off your vacation in the best way, guiding you in selecting hotels, rental cars, and the hottest spots for your trip. Las Vegas is recognized globally as the 'Entertainment Capital of the World,' a title bestowed upon it by many.

With its vibrant nightlife, casinos, top-notch dining, entertainment options, and theme parks, Las Vegas is a go-to vacation spot for both locals and tourists. The city is renowned for its array of resorts and hotels, giving you plenty of options for a fantastic stay in the Silver State.

Whether you're in Vegas for business or leisure, Enjoy Travel is your one-stop-shop to simplify your booking experience. We ensure a seamless travel journey for all our customers and partners, proving that travel doesn't have to be a hassle.

Cheap hotels in Las Vegas

Discover a diverse range of hotel options in Las Vegas with us, ranging from budget-friendly accommodations without compromising quality to luxurious resorts providing a premium experience. When it comes to excellent hotel deals in Las Vegas, your search ends at Enjoy Travel.

At Enjoy Travel, we meticulously select the best hotels and accommodations to ensure our customers enjoy a happy and comfortable stay. Don't worry about hidden fees – our service is fair, transparent, and efficient, with no unexpected costs. Whether you prefer a hotel close to desired amenities like restaurants, bars, airports, or downtown, we'll only offer the best options. Opt for Enjoy Travel today and make sure your holiday is nothing short of a dream experience.

How to Find the Best Las Vegas Hotel Deals

● Book in advance

Don’t wait until a few weeks in advance to book your hotel. It’ll leave you with a limited selection, and they’ll most likely be the most expensive options. Las Vegas is a tourist hotspot, meaning most of the hotels will likely sell out very quickly. Being organized and booking months in advance can raise your chances of securing your ideal hotel for a good price.

● Be flexible with your dates

Being flexible with your dates can help you secure better deals. Hotel prices in Las Vegas tend to be more expensive in the spring and fall months – knowing the best times to book could land you a great deal.

● Use travel platforms to book your getaway

Rely on travel platforms to book your trip away to ensure you receive the best deals. Enjoy Travel’s helpful booking system and filters can help you streamline your booking process and secure your dream hotel easily and efficiently.

● Sign up for newsletters or loyalty programs

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Discover Las Vegas Secrets and Surprises

Las Vegas is globally renowned for its vibrant casinos, bustling nightlife, and numerous tourist hotspots. Yet, within this iconic city, there are hidden gems and local favorites that may escape the notice of out-of-towners. These include:

Venture just a short drive from Las Vegas, and you'll discover the Valley of Fire, a landscape of red sandstone reminiscent of Arizona's Grand Canyon. This Mojave Desert marvel offers a serene escape from the bustling city, showcasing a side of Las Vegas often overlooked by tourists.

The Ghost Donkey Speakeasy remains a well-kept secret for non-locals. Tucked away in the Cosmopolitan building's Block 16 Food Hall, this hidden bar serves up enticing tequila and mezcal cocktails. If you find yourself in the Cosmo, keep an eye out for this exclusive experience—it's a guaranteed good time!

Seven Magic Mountains, an art installation featuring vibrant boulders stacked in the Nevada desert, is a hidden gem just a 20-minute drive from Las Vegas Blvd. Though locating these seven towers may pose a challenge, the unique and creative display is well worth the effort. Grab your camera and capture the essence of this extraordinary artwork on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

Dining out in Las Vegas

It’s no secret that Las Vegas is stacked full of bars, fine-dining restaurants, and bistros, and you’re guaranteed to find your country’s cuisine or your favorite dish in this world-renowned city. Las Vegas is home to six Gordon Ramsay restaurants, two of the most notable including Gordon Ramsay Steak and Hell’s Kitchen. At Horseshoe Hotel & Casino, you can also find several prestigious restaurants, owned by the likes of Guy Fieri and Jack Binion.

You can find numerous fine dining, bistros, steakhouses, and grills in Las Vegas, all serving a combination and blend of popular international cuisines, including Italian, American, Asian, and Mexican.

Drinks and nightlife

Las Vegas is brimming with nightclubs and bars, offering a chance to savor popular local cocktails such as daiquiris, martinis, and margaritas. Alternatively, you can explore premium wines and craft beers. For those seeking a night of dancing, make your way to one of the numerous nightclubs or live music venues lining the iconic Las Vegas Strip. And if you're feeling lucky, why not test your skills at poker or blackjack in one of the many casinos along the strip?

Must-see sights (what not to miss!)

As an American tourist in Las Vegas, you might find yourself faced with a plethora of options – whether to hit the casino, check out a club, visit a landmark, or dine at a restaurant first. If you're feeling a bit indecisive about how to fill your day or night, here's a curated list of the top attractions and sights to make your decision-making a bit easier:

Bellagio Fountain: A man-made water attraction where musical attractions and shows are performed to entertain visitors. A beautiful and entertaining sight indeed.

Mob Museum: A historic museum in downtown Las Vegas, officially known as the Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement. Architecturally pleasing, with unique and varied exhibits.

Fremont Street Experience: A popular entertainment and gaming attraction in downtown Las Vegas, which showcases light shows, interactive exhibits, and entertainment, and hosts many casinos and live music concerts.

Red Rock Canyon/Valley of Fire: Both found in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, these natural wonders formed by red sandstone are a short drive from downtown Las Vegas. If you want a break from the bustling downtown streets, head to these natural attractions for a refreshing dose of nature.

High Roller: This large ferris wheel in the Las Vegas Strip is open for public use, and gives its riders scenic citywide views from the skies of Las Vegas. You can even drink on the Ferris wheel.

How to choose the perfect Las Vegas hotel for your stay

Finding the perfect hotel for you in Las Vegas can be a lot of work, given the high number of hotels and accommodations you can find. You may be unsure of which hotel to select, but Enjoy Travel is here to make your life easier and take the burden off you when booking hotels.

We will make it easier than ever for you to find your ultimate dream vacation accommodations, using our helpful filters. With these, you can narrow down your choices and select what you intend to prioritize, such as a hotel location, price, local and nearby attractions and amenities, and what’s included in your stay plus more.

How to choose the cheapest Las Vegas Hotel for your stay

Here, you won’t need to compromise or sacrifice your comfort in the name of a lower price – you can expect the same level of comfort, luxury, and service at all hotels when you find your deals through Enjoy Travel. Here are our top tips for finding the best and cheapest hotel in your chosen destination:

● Plan ahead: Securing your hotel well in advance is crucial! Booking months ahead enables you to snag the best rates and deals offered by your preferred hotel. Compare prices on Enjoy Travel to find the ideal accommodation for your stay.

● Time your vacation strategically: Las Vegas is a bustling tourist destination year-round. However, keep in mind that prices tend to spike during popular American events like the Superbowl, Labor Day, and the 4th of July.

● Explore all options: Beyond hotels, consider alternative accommodations such as guest houses, bed and breakfasts (B&Bs), hostels, and apartment rentals. Maintaining flexibility in your choice of lodging can increase your chances of finding suitable accommodations when needed.

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Most frequently asked questions about booking a hotel in the Las Vegas

Rely on helpful travel platforms like Enjoy Travel and use our helpful filter tools to see a list of available hotels in your chosen area.
There are almost too many to name, but some of the most popular include the Valley of Fire/Red Rocks Canyon, Fremont Street Experience, and the High Roller Ferris Wheel.
You’ll find the best Las Vegas hotel deals when you visit mid-week. Booking around 90 days in advance can significantly increase your chances of securing your perfect hotel.

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