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Find the Best Deals at Indianapolis Airport Hotels

Indianapolis Airport (IND) is the main airport serving Indiana’s state capital Indianapolis. This airport sees hundreds of passengers each day depart and arrive from its single terminal, with vacation destinations reached via both international and domestic travel. Because of its prime location and close proximity to busy downtown Indianapolis, the airport is also a popular place to stay. The airport has numerous airport hotels in its surrounding area that provide guests with a comfortable and extremely convenient place to relax, recharge and unwind ahead of or after their flight.

Book your airport hotel now with Enjoy Travel, and get the best deals on IND airport hotels. Whether your aim is to find a luxury airport hotel or a more budget one, we can offer hundreds of deals on the hotel of your dreams, made easier by our helpful hotel comparison platform. Use the toggle tools and filters to narrow down your search until you find the perfect hotel for you. It really is that easy.

How to Choose the Best Airport Hotel for You

While booking your airport hotel can be a fun experience, you may be wondering what to look out for and consider, especially if you haven’t booked an airport hotel before or are unfamiliar with Indianapolis. At Enjoy Travel, we are here to give you the lowdown on the best things to consider and decide before making your booking.

Consider Your Budget and Preferences

Determining your budget is one of the first and most important steps when booking your airport hotel. Deciding and understanding how much you can spend, and what your limits are, is the best way to ensure you save dollars and time. You can find hotels to suit every type of budget, whether that’s luxury or affordable.

Compare the Location and Distance from the Airport

If you’re looking for convenience, choosing a hotel that is close to the airport is the best decision. You can also hop aboard a shuttle bus and be at the airport within minutes– some of the hotels at Indianapolis Airport offer free shuttle service.

Check the Availability and Amenities of the Hotel

Make sure the hotel you have your eye on is available on the dates of your flight or vacation. Also, ensure that the amenities offered by the hotel align with your personal preferences and needs. For example, if you’re the sort of person who needs a substantial breakfast in the morning, choose a hotel that offers free breakfast, etc.

Read Reviews and Ratings

Reviews from previous or current guests can be really insightful and informative when it comes to the amenities, value for money and services of the hotel. Depending on what you prioritize most, the reviews can center around cleanliness, amenities, comfort and convenience.

What to Expect from Airport Hotels

Amenities and Services

The amenities offered at most airport hotels mirror that of typical downtown hotels, although there may be an absence of certain amenities like pools and spas, etc. Generally, you can expect to find pools, fitness centers, restaurants/bars and business conference spaces at most airport hotels in Indianapolis. Services like laundry and concierge services can also be available, as well as onsite parking.

Rooms and Facilities

Airport hotels tend to have a smaller capacity than normal hotels but feature the same basic essentials to keep you comfortable. In the rooms, you can expect to find TVs, bathrooms with accessible features like a roll-in shower or bathtub, desk and chair, and comfortable bedding. Some rooms may also have balconies or runway views. The typical essentials like minifridges and telephones are also available. Some hotels offer a free airport shuttle.

Policies and Cancellations

Most hotel policies tend to center around pets and check-in age requirements. Many hotels require you to be aged 21 and over to be able to check in, so bear this in mind. You can also expect airport hotels to have earlier/later check-in and check-out times to accommodate people with delayed or canceled flights, or early morning or late-night flights. Double-check the policies surrounding cancellations before you cancel your reservation, as this can lead to fines or extra charges if you don’t follow the requirements.

Walking Distance from Indianapolis Airport Hotels

Can you walk from Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Airport?

Walking from this hotel wouldn’t be very practical or convenient as it may take over an hour. However, this hotel offers complimentary shuttle services to the airport on a regular basis. Airport shuttle is safe and convenient, and you can arrive at the airport within minutes.

Can you walk from Comfort Suites Hotel to Indianapolis Airport?

Located around 5 miles from the airport, walking from this hotel would be inconvenient. Because of this, it’s recommended that you take advantage of the shuttle service offered by this hotel. You will be charged a fee of $5.00 per person for the shuttle.

Can you walk from Hilton Garden Inn to Indianapolis Airport?

Walking from this hotel is possible, but there may not be any designated pedestrian walking routes or crosswalks. You can use this hotel’s free shuttle service to get you to and from your hotel in a more convenient and efficient way.

Can you walk from Courtyard by Marriott to IND Airport?

Located around 10 miles from the airport, it’s an easier and more convenient option to use the free shuttle service offered by this hotel to transport you to the airport. Alternatively, you can bring your own vehicle or get a taxi– the close proximity of this hotel to the airport would make the fare not too expensive.

Airport Hotels With Free Shuttle Service

Crowne Plaza

Hilton Garden Inn

Courtyard by Marriott

What to Do Near Indianapolis Airport

Explore the Nearby Attractions and Activities

Whether you have just flown into Indianapolis and are wondering how to spend your time, are on a layover and are looking to kill time or are simply just curious about what Indianapolis has to offer, take a look at some of the best attractions in the city. A short distance from IND airport, downtown Indianapolis has much to do and see.

Visit Indianapolis Zoo

Perfect for families or groups of friends who are traveling together, Indianapolis Zoo is a botanical garden, zoo and aquarium all in one. Located in downtown Indianapolis, this zoo is easily accessible from Indianapolis airport.

Learn about the animals and their habitats

There are over 1,200 animals housed at the Indianapolis Zoo, including snakes, alligators, flamingos, tigers, bears, and more. Many of the animals found at the zoo are not native to the US, so this zoo is the perfect place to see animals up close that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see.

Visit Indiana State Museum

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana’s state capital, this museum showcases the city and state’s lively culture, art and history scene through exhibits, shows and guided tours of the museum. This attraction is a great way to learn more about the city as you await your flight.

Learn more about the city

Indiana State Museum holds information about pretty much everything that makes up the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana. Stroll through the dozens of portraits and paintings, learn about the history of Indiana, learn some scientific facts and information and immerse yourself in the culture.

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FAQs about hotels in the Indianapolis Airport

Most frequently asked questions about booking a hotel in the Indianapolis Airport

As with many large cities across the US, Indianapolis’s airport can get busy very quickly. Avoid traveling during peak tourist seasons like summer, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, as this is when you’ll likely find sold-out rooms in your favorite airport hotel. Remember to book in advance too.
Based on their proximity to the airport, free airport shuttle and how easy it is to get from the hotel to the airport, the best airport hotels are the Hilton Garden Inn, Crowne Plaza Hotel and Courtyard by Marriott. These are well-known mid-upscale hotels that are comfortable and convenient.
Leave that to us. You can simply head to your Enjoy Travel account page (or the account you used to make the booking), and click amend or cancel. Make sure you are up to date and familiar with your chosen hotel’s cancellation policies to avoid any unwanted hassles or stresses.

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