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Find the best deals on Airport Hotels across the US

Saving dollars has never been easier with Enjoy Travel’s online hotel comparison platform. Browse thousands of airport hotels and select the best one for you within a matter of minutes. And don’t worry about compromising on quality in the name of a cheaper price– you can find hotels of exceptional quality for a price that fits your budget.

Traveling into or out of the US, and looking for somewhere to catch up on sleep before you fly? Try an airport hotel. We understand that finding the best deals on airport hotels in the US can be difficult, especially if you’re unsure of where to start, or unfamiliar with the area. However, Enjoy Travel is here to help you decide on the perfect airport hotel for you from our extensive list of hotels on or near your chosen airport.

Airport hotels are usually located on or within close proximity to airports around the USA, from JFK and LAX to Orlando International Airport or Chicago O’Hare. Some special short-stay hotels can also be found inside the terminal you are flying from, however these tend to be found more in international terminals or airports. These specialist hotels are perfect for relaxing and catching up on sleep if you have an especially early flight the next morning, or are great for a quick nap and unloading your luggage– the choice is yours.

Airport hotels tend to be more flexible and accommodating for passengers, i.e. allowing for earlier check-in times or earlier breakfasts in case of a delayed or early departure, and also with their cancellation policies given the unpredictability of some flight times.

Enjoy Travel is your helping hand for securing the best deals on and experiences in airport hotels. We will help you find your perfect stay, no matter where in the US you are flying from. Whether flying for business or leisure, or for a spontaneous getaway with your family or friends, we will set about finding nothing but the best deals and ensuring all your needs are met.

How to choose the best Airport Hotels in the US

It’s easy with Enjoy Travel. Input your preferences and our comparison platform will narrow down your choices, and offer you a selection of hotels that are perfect for you. It can be overwhelming and a challenge to select the ultimate perfect hotel, so here are a few of our tips on how to ensure you have the best stay possible:

Consider your budget and preferences

Establishing your budget before you find your hotel can help you work out how much to spend. This will make the selection process easier, as you can filter your search to hotels that are within or below your budget. Then, the choice is yours. Staying within your budget can mean you have more money to spend on your upcoming vacation.

Check reviews and ratings from previous guests

It’s important to make your own decision and not solely rely on the accounts of others, but previous guests’ first-hand accounts of the cleanliness, value for money, amenities, accessibility and services provided by your chosen hotel can be extremely helpful.

Compare the location and distance from the airport

If you want to ensure you are mere minutes from your gate for peace of mind that you’ll make your flight in time, choose a hotel that is inside the terminal or located a 5-minute’s walk away. If you have a little more time until your flight, choosing a hotel off-airport or further away may be a good option for you.

Decide what Amenities you want in your Hotel

Deciding what you prioritize for a comfortable stay, whether that’s a gym, coffee or free breakfast, can help you decide on your hotel. Business travelers will surely be looking for meeting space or conference rooms, and couples or family travelers may enjoy a spa, pool or children’s playroom. Decide on the essentials, and whether there are any inclusive packages such as breakfast included in room prices. This will make it all the more easy to decide on the best hotel for you.

What to expect from US Airport Hotels

Amenities and Services

The amenities and services offered by your hotel entirely depends on the type. Transit hotels (hotels located within airport terminals) usually only offer basic essentials such as a bathroom, bed and a desk, as they are only intended for short-term stays.

Larger airport hotels, such as Hilton or Hyatt hotels, are more likely to include amenities like fitness centers, restaurants or bars, spas and pools, and meeting or event spaces. Some hotels may also have complimentary onsite parking and be pet-friendly too.

Rooms and Facilities

With transit or in-airport hotels, the rooms don’t tend to be as spacious as normal hotels, as they may only be intended for single use, however you can find ones that accommodate larger groups if necessary. Larger airport hotels usually include plush bedding, desks and chairs, and are accessible. Expect TVs and basic kitchen facilities in some rooms too, such as a mini-fridge and coffee machines or facilities.

How to get to the Airport from your Hotel

Compare the different modes of transportation available

There are numerous cheap and easy ways to get to your designated airport terminal from your hotel. If you are staying in a transit hotel, these tend to be either inside the terminal, or connected to it via a walkway, making the walking distance mere minutes. However, for hotels that are further away, the main modes of transport you can choose include:

Shuttle: This is a popular mode of transport to and from the airport to hotels or downtown. Shuttle buses can be free, or cost no more than around $30-$40 per person, and run regularly. They tend to operate 24 hours a day to accommodate every passenger and flight time.

Taxi Cab/Uber: Cabs and Ubers can be expensive, but the fare and costs tend to remain low if your hotel is right across from the airport, or no less than a 5-10 minute drive. Taxis are easy and convenient, and are always at or around airports for quick and efficient transportation.

How to Save Money on US Airport Hotels

Book a hotel and parking package with Enjoy Travel

Parking at airports is known for being exceptionally expensive, however Enjoy Travel offers some great parking packages to ensure you secure a space for your vehicle. Take a look at our parking and hotel packages.

How to Enjoy your Stay at an Airport Hotel

Explore the Nearby Attractions and Amenities

Airports across the US are known for their prime location and proximity to some of the best attractions and landmarks. If you have a long layover, or want to start your vacation or trip early, make sure to research things to do in the city.

Take Advantage of the Amenities and Facilities

Staying in an airport hotel can be a luxury experience if you make it so. Enjoy the recreational facilities like pools, spas and fitness centers that may be at your hotel. Enjoy free parking through a parking package, and enjoy the breakfast or food provided on a (sometimes) complimentary basis, as food is expensive at airports and on planes!

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FAQs about hotels in the USA

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a van in the USA

Christmas, Thanksgiving and spring/summer breaks can be extra busy, as people are usually wanting to visit family or head on vacation as the weather warms up. If you happen to be traveling during these periods, book your airport hotel months in advance to avoid sold out rooms or higher rates.
You’ll usually find a number of airport hotels across the country, but the most popular hotel brands include the Hilton, Hyatt, Courtyard by Marriott, Hampton Inn, Best Western, and Waldorf. These tend to be the main hotels in or near to airports across the country.
Breakfast can be included in room prices and is more synonymous with well-known or luxury airport hotel brands or chains. You can expect either hot or cold food to be served at most airport hotels, but some may cost extra. Check the website of your hotel to see if breakfast is included.

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