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The George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) in Houston is Texas’ busiest airport, seeing thousands of passengers pass through the five terminals each day. Despite its reputation, there is only one airport hotel within the airport precinct, which is located between Terminals B & C. You can find several hotels around the airport complex that offer you the best stay possible, whether that’s the night before you fly, during a layover or simply for rest and relaxation.

At many George Bush Airport Hotels, you can expect and receive premium service, convenient and comfortable amenities and be within walking distance of the airport. However, if the hotel is a little further away, many airport hotels also offer free shuttle service transfers to the terminals.

Booking your George Bush IAH Airport Hotel with Enjoy Travel is the perfect way to ensure you are as comfortable and happy as possible before your flight. We set about immediately finding the best deals for you, and our helpful hotel comparison platform ensures you will find your perfect hotel in a matter of minutes. Using our toggle tools and filters, narrow down your searches based on what you prioritize from your chosen hotel, whether that’s amenities, price, or location.

How to Choose the Best George Bush IAH Airport Hotel for You

If you are unfamiliar with IAH Airport and aren’t sure of what to consider when booking your hotel, don’t fret– we are here to help you cover every aspect of the hotel selection process. Read through our top tips on what is most important to think about when booking your airport hotel at IAH.

Consider Your Budget and Preferences

One of the most important, if not the most important steps in choosing a hotel is to establish a budget. Knowing how much you can spend can determine the type of hotel you choose, and can help you save money by not exceeding your budget. Use our helpful toggle tools and filters to narrow down your hotel based on price.

Compare the Location and Distance from the Airport

If you have a lot of luggage or are traveling with kids, you may want to select an airport hotel that is only a few minutes away from the airport. Hotels that are on-air tend to be more easily accessible. Try to choose a hotel that offers free airport transfers, for a more convenient and efficient journey.

Check the Availability and Amenities of the Hotel

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve found the perfect hotel, only to discover it’s sold out on your flight dates. Of course, one of the first steps is to ensure your hotel is available on the days you fly– to have a better chance of securing a room, try to avoid traveling during peak tourist seasons.

Also make sure that your hotel offers the amenities you are looking for, whether that’s a spa or pool, restaurant and bar, fitness center or conference/meeting rooms.

Read the Reviews and Ratings of Other Guests

Also make sure that your hotel offers the amenities you are looking for, whether that’s a spa or pool, restaurant and bar, fitness center or conference/meeting rooms.

What to Expect from George Bush IAH Airport Hotels

Amenities and Services

Mid-range and upper-scale hotels tend to feature luxury amenities like pools, spas and fitness centers. But generally, airport hotels at IAH include restaurants/bars, a larger room capacity, meeting/conference rooms, fitness centers and breakfast (this can be complimentary or be available for a cheap price). Services offered can include dry cleaning, laundry, valet parking and shuttle services.

Rooms and Facilities

The rooms in airport hotels tend to feature the basic amenities you would expect, such as ergonomic workstations, TVs, plush beds, bathrooms and a mini refrigerator. Some rooms are accessible, which include roll-in showers, bathtubs with grab bars and closed-captioning on TV. Some rooms, such as suites, also feature living spaces and sometimes kitchen appliances like microwaves.

Policies and Cancellations

IAH Airport Hotel policies tend to include pet-friendly policies, child-friendly policies like ‘kids eat and stay free’ schemes, and age requirements. Airport hotels tend to have more flexible cancellation policies and check-in/check-out times, to accommodate delayed or canceled flights, or those who have very early morning or late flights.

Walking Distance from George Bush IAH Airport Hotels

Can you walk from Houston Airport Marriott to IAH Airport?

Walking is possible from this hotel to the airport and would take around 5-10 minutes. This hotel is conveniently connected to the airport via an underground tram system, which may be more convenient for people who have a lot of luggage.

Can you walk from Ramada by Wyndham to IAH Airport?

While walking is possible, it would take a while and there isn’t always a path, plus there are very few crosswalks along the Will Clayton Parkway road that Ramada by Wyndham is found on. Because of this, it’s advisable to take advantage of the free airport shuttle service offered by this hotel.

Can you walk from La Quinta Inn and Suites to IAH Airport?

Located around 4 miles from the airport, walking would take approximately an hour, so it’s advisable to consider finding alternative transportation– this hotel offers a free shuttle to the airport.

Can you walk from America’s Best Value Inn & Suites to IAH Airport?

Walking from this hotel would be difficult, as there isn’t a proper designated sidewalk or crosswalks. Instead, use the free airport shuttle service provided by this hotel to access the airport in a more efficient and easy way.

IAH Airport Hotels with Free Shuttle Service

Ramada by Wyndham– complimentary shuttle service

America’s Best Value Inn & Suites– free airport shuttle service

Houston Airport Marriott– underground tram and free shuttle service

La Quinta Inn & Suites– complimentary shuttle service to IAH Airport

What to do near George Bush IAH Airport

Explore the Nearby Attractions and Activities

IAH George Bush Airport is conveniently located a short drive away from downtown Houston. This means that if you have some time to kill during a layover, or you’ve arrived early and want to explore your surroundings before you fly, you’ll have easy access to some of Houston’s most well-loved attractions.

How to Save Money on George Bush IAH Airport Hotels

Explore the Nearby Attractions and Activities

Thanks to its proximity to downtown George Bush IAH, SAN Airport is surrounded by many things to do, see and partake in. George Bush IAH Harbor is close by, where you can head on a boat ride; visit the zoo, head to a beach, or go shopping in the downtown area. Spending time around George Bush IAH is the perfect way to kill time before boarding your flight or after your flight!

Visit Houston Space Center

Around a 40-minute drive south of the airport, this space center-come-museum combines science with immersive and interactive exhibits that are perfect for space fanatics. This experience is great for all members of the family, and if you’re a tourist, you can find out more about Houston’s world-famous space centers, space shuttles and its space exploration history, as well as visit the NASA Johnson Space Center!

Learn about Moon/Lunar Rocks

Houston Space Center provides visitors with the lowdown on all things space– from space crafts to space materials like moon rock. Moon rock is found on the surface of the moon, and can be viewed via several displays and samples at the space center.

Visit Houston Zoo

Did you know, Houston Zoo is the second-most visited zoo in the USA? Only a 30-minute drive from the IAH Airport, you can see thousands of animals from over 800 different species around the world. This activity is perfect for entire families, solo travelers or groups of friends who are looking for a fun and insightful experience before or after flying.

Learn About the Galapagos Islands and its Animals!

Recently introduced to the zoo is an exhibit that showcases animals found on the Galapagos Islands, from giant tortoises and penguins to sea lions and sharks and their natural habitats!

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FAQs about hotels at George Bush IAH Airport

Most frequently asked questions about booking a hotel in the George Bush IAH Airport

If you have flexibility with your dates, try to avoid booking airport hotels during peak tourist seasons, such as summer, Thanksgiving/Christmas and Spring Break. If you do travel during these times of year, make sure to book your hotel around 2-3 months in advance to avoid sold-out rooms due to increased demand.
IAH Airport is surrounded by hotels, vacation rentals and motels, however, some of the best-reviewed hotels include the Houston Marriott Hotel, La Quinta Suites, Ramada by Wyndham and Hyatt Regency Houston Hotels.
It’s easy– you can either use Enjoy Travel’s site to go through and cancel your reservation, or you can go through to the hotel’s main website if that’s where you made your booking initially. Airport hotels tend to have more flexible cancellation policies, but double-check on the website before canceling.

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