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The 7 Best Places For German Sausages In Melbourne

Here are the Best Places For German Sausages in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the world’s biggest foodie destinations. As home to some of the globe’s best fine dining establishments to literally every other type of cuisine imaginable, you’ll find that if you love food, this Australian city is the perfect getaway for you.

And, the same goes for when you’re in search of the best German sausages in Melbourne. They’re everywhere. Okay, maybe not everywhere, but you’ll at least find them at these seven great spots for German dining, beer and other mouthwatering delicacies.

Craving German sausage but don’t have the time to fly all the way to Munich or Berlin? We’ve got you covered. These are the spots in the city where you can find the absolute best German-style sausage in Melbourne. Get ready to indulge.

Best German Sausages In Melbourne, How do these rankings work?

1. Bratwurst & Co.

Located at the iconic Queen Victoria Market, Bratwurst & Co. is Melbourne’s leading bratwurst shop. Yes, an entire shop dedicated to just German-style sausages. And, you’ll find that they serve ’em up just as tasty as anywhere in Germany. Indulge in a spicy bratwurst, black pepper bratwurst or even a tasty cheese sausage. They’re all some of the best German sausages in Melbourne, easily.

Bratwurst & Co.

2. The Kaiser’s Sausages

Melbourne foodies, rejoice! The Kaiser’s Sausages is Melbourne’s leading sausage food truck if not just one of the best food trucks in the city in general. They use only premium sausages to craft some of the tastiest food truck meals you’ll ever eat. Their German-style sausages and world-class hot dogs are some of the best in the world, making this food truck one of the hottest spots in Melbourne’s foodie scene.

The Kaiser’s Sausages

3. Hofbrauhaus

When you’re craving more than just a taste of savoury sausage and want to take a dive into German culture, check out Hofbrauhaus. The staff here dress up in Bavarian dress as they serve plate after plate of schnitzels, sausages and German steins. And, while you can treat yourself to an array of tasty German dishes, it’s their sausage that’s particularly impressive and flavourful.


4. German Club Tivoli

For a mixed atmosphere of trendy Melbourne restaurant and traditional German restaurant, check out German Club Tivoli. They serve hearty comfort food and massive steins that’ll satiate any cravings you’ve been having for German food and drink. Order the Sausage Duo, which comes with both a classic German bratwurst and a frankfurter served with potato salad and sauerkraut.

German Club Tivoli

5. Munich Brauhaus

More than a mere German restaurant, Munich Brauhaus is billed as one of Melbourne’s biggest party venues. Head in most nights of the week and expect to enjoy music from live traditional German bands, Bavarian beers and some of the best German sausages in Melbourne. Order the Sausage Tasting Platter to dive straight into amazing, flavourful sausages.

Munich Brauhaus

6. Hophaus Bier Bar Grill

European beer halls are one of the most fun ways to indulge in the local culture. And, in Melbourne, you can get those same vibes but in a more modern sense at Hophaus Bier Bar Grill. Enjoy German, Czech, Belgian and other kinds of beers as you devour the tastiest food in the city. They serve a sharing plate with fantastic snacks on it. And, one of them is a tantalising sausage that’s totally drool-worthy.

Hophaus Bier Bar Grill

7. Bierkeller

With some rustic decor and a pretty impressive German and Austrian menu, there’s a lot to love about Bierkeller. Timber furnishings set the stage for a fantastic evening of indulgence as you graze your way through some great German-style sausages. Order a tasty beer and pair it with any one of their sausage dishes (of which there are many). Opt for the Sausage Fest, which comes with Weisswurst, Knackwurst and Käsekrainer.


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