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7 Of The Best Bars In Santiago, Chile

Here are the Best Bars in Santiago, Chile

When it comes to alcohol in Santiago, Chile, you can’t help but think of the great wines this country produces. But aside from the wine, there are plenty of fantastic bars in Santiago where you can get some of your favourite non-wine libations.

These are the best bars in Santiago.

The best bars in Santiago, How do these rankings work?

1. Chipe Libre

While Chile may be known for their wines around the world, they are also known for producing pisco, a type of brandy. At Chipe Libre, you’re going to get pisco in your cocktail and lots of it.

Try the Pisco in the Air cocktail which also features basil, raspberries, and papaya.

Chipe Libre

2. La Piojera

La Piojera, which was happily visited by former Chilean President, Alessandri, is one of the more popular bars in Santiago. It has been serving libations for over 120 years and is still going strong.

At this institution in Santiago, you must order the Terremoto, which is Chile’s national drink.

La Piojera

3. Liguria

One of the more charming bars in Santiago, with now three locations, is Liguria. A locals favourite thanks to the throngs of Chilean memorabilia that is proudly on display on the walls. Live music is always blaring here late at night and that is when the locals come to enjoy their beverages.

Enjoy what a real Santiago bar experience is like at Liguria.


4. Bocanáriz

Bocanáriz is the de facto place that locals come to for their favourite wines. This bar specializes in their extensive wine offerings that you can pair with some Chilean dishes.

Bocanáriz is the best wine bar in Santiago and to sample a bit of everything, try a wine flight here.

5. Sarita Colonia

5. Sarita Colonia

Sarita Colonia is the most welcoming bar in Santiago and ushers in all different types of crowds here. This bar is always lively as people quickly fill in the rooftop area as well as the bar area thanks to the great and quirky ambiance and the great drinks.

Come to Sarita Colonia for a fun night out at a bar that welcomes all sorts of crowds.

Sarita Colonia

6. Restobar KY

Restobar KY is a beautiful cocktail bar with an interior decor that no one bar in Santiago comes close to matching. With vintage chairs, Chinese lanterns, and vintage chandeliers, this is the perfect setting to enjoy a cocktail with an Asian influence.

Try one of their fusion martinis here at this fantastic Asian speakeasy bar.

Restobar KY

7. Red2One

Red2One is where those who seek a modern yet elegant vibe go to for their cocktails. It is located on the roof of the W Hotel so you know you’re going to get a classy bar with unbelievable panoramic views of Santiago.

Get up high at Red2One, have a perfectly-made cocktail and enjoy the amazing views of Santiago.


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