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The 7 Best Places For Brunch In San Jose

Here are the Best Places For Brunch In San Jose

If you’re on a mission to hit up all the best brunch spots in America then you simply can’t pass up the chance to indulge in these delightful brunch spots in San Jose. The city is brimming with places to treat yourself to a tantalising brunch and a Bloody Mary (or two!).

Whether you’re a fan of sweet brunch dish like pancakes and loaded waffles, or you’re looking for a savoury, sumptuous meal of biscuits, eggs, omelettes, and skillets, San Jose has it all.

Oh, and get ready to sleep in this weekend, because brunch is served ’til late in this city. Roll on out of bed and head to any one of the seven best brunch spots in San Jose to enjoy a delicious meal you’ll never forget.

Best Brunch in San Jose, How do these rankings work?

1. The Breakfast Club

With 30 years of family expertise on signature breakfast, brunch and lunches dishes you know are are in safe hands here. The many happy customers who keep coming back here tells you all you need to know.

There’s a big menu with lots of different choices, but their pancakes are really hard to look beyond. Brunch spots in San Jose don’t get much better than this.

The Breakfast Club

2. Bill’s Café

With locations all over the area, you are never too far away from one of their brunch dishes and that is a good thing.

They keep things classic in terms of the menu and serve up big portions with super friendly service. Great value and good honest food. Coming here for a feast is the perfect way to start the day.

Bill’s Café

3. Benedict’s Café & Bar

This cosy spot is nestled between the neighbourhoods of Cambrian, Almaden Valley, and Los Gatos. Benedict’s brings a love of food by incorporating home-style scratch cooking with fresh local ingredients.

The menu is packed with lots of serious treat dishes, but their waffle stack is one of the best you’ll ever taste. They also get special marks for their great coffee.

Benedict’s Café & Bar

4. The Table

The Table prides themselves on sourcing the very best ingredients, and doing so from local suppliers. This is brunch with a fine dining edge to it but they keep the atmosphere casual, with the room always buzzing.

Expect perfect portion sizes, inventive dishes and food cooked by chefs who are absolutely on top of their game.

The Table

5. Left Bank Brasserie

A French-style brasserie where their food is superb all week long, but the brunch takes things to another level. Everything is classic in style and feels elegant. It’s the sort of place you’d bring the family to celebrate something special or have a treat yo-self brunch.

The one thing we will say, is make sure to try one of their house cocktails.

Left Bank Brasserie

6. Scrambl’z

A great fun place to come at the weekends with a large group of friends or family. It’s all about the chilled out atmosphere and the great food.

They have a pambazo chorizo Benedict: a split English muffin topped with chorizo patties, poached eggs, enchilada sauce and cilantro! Easily one of the most exciting and innovative brunch dishes you will taste.


7. Mimosas Cafe

Anywhere that is names after one of the most famous brunch cocktails is going to get a vote from us. Indeed, their cocktails are a key part of the experience which makes this the perfect place to start the weekend off in style.

Great honest food with big portions and lots of classic brunch fare on the menu.

Mimosas Cafe

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