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FAQs about car hire in Sarajevo

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car in Sarajevo

Car hiring prices in Sarajevo start at £8.22 per day .
The minimum age to hire a car in Sarajevo is 21 (must held license 2 years).
The distance between Sarajevo city centre to Sarajevo airport is around 8.2 km (around 5.09 miles) - 0 hr 15 minutes drive.
The distance between Medjugorje to Sarajevo is around 153.9 km (around 95.62 miles) - 2r 33 minutes drive.
Being the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo is actually quite affordable. You’ll spend around 46 BAM per day..
You can find a Volkswagen Polo in the off-peak season for 23.47 BAM per day.
Yes because it’s incredibly economic to rent a car in Sarajevo and explore the city in it.
While in Sarajevo you should visit the Baščaršija (centre), the Latin Bridge, the Statues of Sarajevo and the old Sarajevo bobsleigh track 84.
The best time to visit Sarajevo is from July to September.
It is 86.94 BAM for a week, or 12.42 BAM per day.
It’s 511.28 BAM for a month, or 17.04 BAM per day.
Price of fuel in Sarajevo is between 1.91 BAM and 2.13 BAM per litre.
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