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The 7 Best Places For Ribs In Memphis

Here are the Best Places For Ribs in Memphis

This is a city that is packed full of amazing foodie options, but we’re gonna focus on the best Memphis ribs. The racks that are so big they fill the plate, and so tasty that you’ll be licking your fingers and savouring every single mouthful.

From sports bars and diners to high-end BBQ joints, there is something for everybody on this list.

It’s time to grab your friends, work up an appetite and dig into some of the top places to eat the best Memphis ribs…

Best Places for Memphis Ribs, How do these rankings work?

1. Corky’s Ribs & BBQ

Corky’s Ribs & BBQ has four locations in Memphis, which is great news, as it means you are never too far away from a portion of their magnificent ribs.

They serve amazing comfort food in general, including nachos pulled pork and burgers but the ribs are the true star of the show. Beautifully sticky, with a rich charring and meat that falls off the bone.

Corky’s Ribs & BBQ

2. Cozy Corner

Their barbecued pork spare ribs are what they are best known for; once you taste them once you will be hooked for life.

They cook them to the point where the meat just falls off the bone, and then coat them with a wonderful sticky and succulent sauce.

Cozy Corner

3. Marlowe’s Ribs

They’ve been cooking up their famous ribs since way back in 1974 so it is safe to say them know a thing or two about BBQ.

The whole rack of ribs with lots of their traditional sides is the ideal meal for two people to share. The portions are huge though, so make sure to come hungry!

Marlowe’s Ribs

4. B.B. King’s Blues Club

With a rich southern heritage of soulful blues, classic soul and rock and roll this is the ideal place for great music combined with food. Their Southern cooking and ribs in particular are an absolute delight.

The place is always buzzing and they have several other venues in other states that you can also visit.

B.B. King’s Blues Club

5. Elwood’s Shack

They do amazing subs, sandwiches and nachos but really you should be focusing in on the ribs. They come served with a BBQ sauce and traditional sides of your choosing.

The vibe in here is super chilled with great service. You’ll always find yourself leaving with a big smile on your face.

Elwood’s Shack

6. Tom’s Barbecue

They are absolutely fanatic about BBQ here and that can best be seen with their sensational ribs.

It all starts with a focus on sourcing the very best ingredients, which they are passionate about. Then after hours of smoking, the meat is placed over hot coals of hickory wood and charcoal to give it that distinctive flavour. By far some of the best ribs in Memphis you will ever taste.

Tom’s Barbecue

7. Central BBQ

As they say themselves, “smoke is our sauce” and they aren’t lying. You’ll find great pulled pork, brisket and turkey on the menu as well as a large selection of rib options.

The dry rub they use along with their slow and precise cooking methods make these ribs taste sublime. You will instantly be hooked to the taste.

Central BBQ

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