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The 7 Best Mezcal Bars In Mexico City

Here are the Best Mezcal Bars in Mexico City

Sampling the unique flavours of mezcal in Mexico is just as much of a rite of passage as tasting wine in Tuscany or trying Port in Portugal. You can’t travel to this historic destination country and not try mezcal.

And, if you’re the kind of person who thinks that tequila tastes the same as mezcal then you definitely need to check out the best mezcal bars in Mexico City. They’ll set you straight and help you make sense of all of the similarities and differences between the two agave-based spirits.

Mezcal can be made from more than 30 types of agave, which means there’s a variety of different flavours and styles just in Mexico City alone. Thirsty yet? We thought you’d be. Plan an evening at one of Mexico City’s best mezcal bars and prepare to indulge.

Best Mezcal Bars In Mexico City, How do these rankings work?

1. El Palenquito

El Palenquito is the perfect spot for a very simple yet thorough introduction to Mexican mezcal. The bar itself is dimly-lit and equal parts charming, trendy, and somewhat divey. However, it’s that authentic charm that makes it so popular amongst visitors and locals alike. The mezcal menu offers a pretty in-depth description of the production process of each option. However, the staff is so knowledgeable that we suggest striking up a conversation with them and asking for their suggestions.

El Palenquito

2. La Clandestina

Serving up a sampling of about 50 different varieties of mezcal, La Clandestina is one of the best mezcal bars in Mexico City for travellers interested in sampling a wide variety of tastes, flavours, and styles. While, at first glance, this spot seems to be a hole in the wall bar, it’s actually vibrant, hip, and brimming with life. Like other great mezcal bars in Mexico City, the staff here knows a lot about the spirit. So, don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions.

La Clandestina

3. Corazón de Maguey

Topping the list as perhaps one of the trendiest, most charming mezcal bars in Mexico City, Corazón de Maguey is a great spot to end a day of exploring all of the cultural sites and historic landmarks in the city. Instead of sampling mezcal straight up, which they definitely do still offer, we suggest ordering one of their well-crafted mezcal cocktails. They’ll use their own brand, called Alipus, to whip up an impressive, inventive version of a mezcal negroni. Order it and thank us later.

Corazón de Maguey

4. Mano Santa

Mano Santa is one of the calmer bars on this list. It’s small, cosy, and relaxing. And, seeing as it’s usually filled with locals, we think it’s a great starting spot for your journey into the Mexican spirit. Practice your Spanish skills and strike up a conversation with the bartenders who’ll likely oblige in offering up some quality suggestions. Their own award-winning mezcal should be at the top of your list when ordering, however, as it’s some of the best in Mexico City.

Mano Santa

5. La Botica

La Botica is famously known as one of the original mezcal bars in Mexico City. Now, with six locations to choose from, you’ll find that you’re never too far from the charming vibes that spill out of the doors at any one of La Botica’s bars. The handwritten menus add a special, local charm to the affair. And, you can rest assured that you’re supporting local distilleries when ordering here. That, combined with the spot’s own mezcal label make it well worth a visit.

La Botica

6. Antolina

For the perfect pairing of local food and mezcal, head over to La Condesa and spend the evening wining (or mezcal’ing) and dining at Antolina. The restaurant and bar acts as an ode to native Mexican cuisine, with nods to Oaxacan ingredients and culinary traditions. The mezcal offerings and mixed drinks truly pay tribute to traditional mezcalerías that once filled the streets of little pueblos all over the Oaxaca.


7. Bósforo

It wouldn’t be a list of the best mezcal bars in CDMX without mentioning the famous Bósforo. An elegant red curtain draws you into a space that feels both trendy and charming. As it’s located in the historic centre of the city, it seems like a fitting place to dive into Mexican mezcal history. Snag a spot on the second story mezzanine and settle into a glass of some mezcal that’s been sourced straight from the producers themselves.


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