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The 7 Best Spots For Chicken Wings In London

Here are the Best Spots For Chicken Wings in London

If there’s one dish that brings pleasure to the masses, it has to be a humble portion of chicken wings. Something so simple, yet with so many varieties that never fails to deliver happiness. The fact that you usually wash them down with some beer is just an added bonus…

London has some great spots for wings, so we wanted the find the best of the best. Those chicken wings that are so good you’d travel all the way across the city for them…

Best Chicken Wings London

1. StickyWings – Spitalfields

StickyWings were officially the second best wings in the world at The National Buffalo Wing Festival in New York Sept 2018, which tells you all you need to know. It’s all about that perfectly spicy and succulent sauce that they are smothered in. As close to the perfect bowl of wings as you are ever likely to eat.


2. Randy’s Wing Bar – Hackney

With two locations in the city, this is the place to come to if you want lots of exciting choice and plenty of different flavours. Their passion for what they do along with their wonderful service makes this a wonderful place to spend some time. Be warned though: once you taste them you will be hooked for life.

Randy’s Wing Bar

3. Patty & Bun – Marylebone

Now with nine locations in and around London, the best thing is you are never going to be too far away from their wonderful wings. Patty & Bun are best known for their burgers but the wings themselves are a thing of joy. They confit them (cooked slowly in fat) which gives them maximum flavour.

Patty & Bun

4. Chick ‘n’ Sours – Islington

Chick ‘n’ Sours is a great restaurant masquerading as a chicken shop! A whimsical menu of herb fed fried chicken, serious seasonal sides, sour cocktails, local beers & cracking soft serve ice cream creations.

Couple this with great tunes, loads of fun and you can see how they are such a success. They’relso wildly popular on Deliveroo for the perfect hangover treat.

Chick ‘n’ Sours

5. The Blues Kitchen – Camden High Street

Proper soul food in every sense of the word. They do amazing BBQ and wonderful burgers, but not to have the wings would be a travesty. That perfect mixture of crunchiness, tender meat and one of the most intense and addictive dipping sauces you could ever wish for.

The Blues Kitchen

6. Ninth Ward – Farringdon

The perfect place to come with a group of friends for a great night out (they take bookings for six or more people). Their combination of brilliant cocktails, big fat succulent wings and a cracking atmosphere make this a must visit.

Ninth Ward

7. The Orange Buffalo – Spitalfields

Two locations in London, this was the UK’s first dedicated wing truck which has been running since 2012. Its a cliche when it comes to wings to say they are “finger licking good” but trust us – you will lick every single last drop of their delicious sauces off your fingers and walk off with a huge smile on your face after tasting these.

The Orange Buffalo

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